Monday, August 9, 2021

UPDATED: America's Shame: In Your Face, Deplorables!

Yesterday I wrote about Obama's Birthday Bash--Our Rulers Whoop It Up With Their Boot On Our Necks:

The corruption is on full display--the ostentatious wealth gained, how?

Americans don't like to think of our country as a corrupt, mostly non-tropical, Banana Republic. Sorry. This degree of corruption didn't happen over night.

Today, Red State simply reminds us of our shame in a brilliantly written article--Partier-in-Chief Barack Obama Is the Poster Child for DC Crony Corruption. In fairness, Obama's doing what many others have done. The difference may be in degree, although I'm not sure Obama is even the wealthiest corruptocrat. There's plenty of competition, starting with the Clintons. What is it about Progs? OTOH, he's certainly unembarrassed about flaunting it:

Former President Barack Obama just turned sixty.  To celebrate, he threw on August 7 a giant, non-social-distanced, mask-free soiree at one of his three post-presidential mansions.

Obama Variant? Footage Show Maskless Guests Enjoying Former Prez Party

The Obamas played host to the elitist of the elite.  All of whom have spent the last year-plus demanding you shut down your lives and your livelihoods.  In a way they have not ever — and did not on Saturday.

What?  Yes, I said Obama’s three post-presidential mansions.

Obamas Now Own $11.75 Million Estate in Martha’s Vineyard

Photos of the Obamas $8.1 Million Washington, D.C. House

Did Obama Just Buy a Hawaiian Mansion?:

“The commander-in-chief appears to have started planning his post-White House life by buying a $8.7 million Hawaiian mansion that was featured on the classic ’80s TV series ‘Magnum, P.I.’…”

Obama then tore down that mansion — and started all over again….

President Barack Obama’s Hawaii Beach House Being Built on Idyllic Site of ‘Magnum, P.I.’ Mansion

How does Obama — a man who has never, ever had a real job in his entire life — so easily afford three-and-a-half monster mansions?

Follow the link for the answer. Part of the answer, anyway.

Feel in need of a laugh? See if you can laugh at this--or if it simply reminds you of an America you'd rather not think about:  Woke-ism is a disease.

UPDATE: We tend to take this for granted, but it's something I wondered about, too. I mean, who thinks the G is being reimbursed for this over-the-top birthday super spread?

It's all just so in-yo-face.


  1. They flaunt it BC they’re lovers of their own selves, prideful, & are never held to account by a supplicant, fawning media.

    To put it more bluntly: they love the smell of their own farts so much they won’t come out of the bubble.

    There’s a Biblical angle here as well; God will make unrepentant sinners “drunk” on their own poison, whatever it may be:

    Isaiah 49:26

    “I will feed your oppressors with their own flesh,
    And they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine;
    And all flesh will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior
    And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”

    Jeremiah 51:57

    “I will make her princes and her wise men drunk,
    Her governors, her prefects and her mighty men,
    That they may sleep a perpetual sleep and not wake up,”
    Declares the King, whose name is the Lord of hosts.



  2. I didn't know Tony Rezko owned so many houses!

  3. Mark, I'd love to hear your musings, thoughts, postulations on what a new Anerican Republic would look like. As it becomes increasingly clear that we need to invoke the clause of the Declaration of Independence re the right of the People to constitute a new government when the old one becomes destructive of the ends of life, liberty, and happiness.

    Some serious thought must be given to what will replace our present Constitution such that the present corruption of power and wealth cannot easily be repeated. I am increasingly (and against current evidence) optimistic that we will prevail and a new birth will occur requiring a new compact to form a more perfect union. Dzn