Wednesday, August 18, 2021

C'mon, Man!

Worth far more than a thousand words:

Supposedly people are seriously talking 25th, but the implications are almost unthinkable for the Dems. Kama Sutra, meanwhile, has cut and run for ... Vietnam? Anywhere else and she might have to take questions from the press, and she's failed at that repeatedly? Dunno if she'll visit Saigon--can't expect her to understand those optics, so it's possible.

What's virtually impossible is to recover from this degree of stupid and incompetent--not when people have started openly laughing at you. There are so many levels of difficulty here. How to get a new VP through the Senate--because that's what you need: a majority from a 50/50 chamber. GOP can just say no--and where's the wiggle room for Schumer without that 51st vote? And of course it's much worse than just that. Kama Sutra's polling is, incredibly, worse than Zhou's: lower than whale sh*t, and deservedly so. If you pull the trigger on the 25th and the GOP balks at confirming a VP, trying a do-over of the 25th may not be possible--even if they dared try. Only 8 months into an illegitimate regime and they're already looking for an escape mechanism? Is time to bring the military back to the Imperial City? I'd like to see Milley strutting around, now, with that rainbow collection of stuff on his chest.

Banana Republic territory. A Rocky Road ahead.


  1. Do you really think the GOP would block a VP vote?

    1. It's a real possibility. They did it with Garland's SCOTUS nomination. This is about power--and money. Which, of course, also means that a deal could be in the works, too. However, you have to balance the political interests here. The Dems are in crash and burn mode for now, and without prospects for improvement. Why do a deal? It's not simply about "blocking a vote," by the way. If they're united, they can have the vote as long as the Dem VP nominee doesn't win.

  2. They can try an Australia on the public. Permanent curfew.

    Actually I wish they try.

  3. As much as I despise Joe Biden, this isn't a partisan thing IMHO. The fall of Afghanistan is the most clear marker of US Gov't corruption we could have ever imagined.

    1. It's now clear the Taliban take-over was always a foregone conclusion. An orderly withdrawal, or chaos like we're seeing the one thing that's glaringly obvious now that... 2) The US Gov't and top military brass have straight-up lied to American's for the past 20 years in terms of 'progress' made in Afghanistan.

    The entire 'surveillance state' machine was predicated on, built and tested on Afghanistan. There is absolutely no way in hell the military intel communities and the US Gov't didn't know how bad things were in Afghanistan to see this pace of collapse - and that includes Trump admin, Obama regime(s) and Bush the Lesser.

    Not. A. Chance.

    They've lied about it, over, and over, and over again.

    It's been one, big, giant GRIFT of US Taxpayer lives and treasure.


  4. Today, a reader at Jen Dyer's page (on "Afghanistan: It can’t really be incompetence, and other observations") gives gripping views:

    < OldArmyBrat59 •....
    1. Note that the Democrats (as the new NeoMarxist Party) have painted themselves into a corner, and are relying on keeping up the constant COVID panic, in order to pollute the 2022 Congressional elections.
    They have to, they have no choice. It's their only remaining tactic.. stuffing the ballot boxes, and electronically cheating the edges of the counts.
    No mail-in ballots, no ballot box stuffing.. and only the low percentage edge cuts in the counts work.
    The level of popular anger at the Democrat Party is ensuring, that low percentage edge cutting will not result in a Democrat House and Senate in January 2023.
    It will be a GOP (mostly Trumpist) gully washer... and with it all the power the Deep State currently wields reduces greatly.

    2. Dilemma #1 Oust Zombie now and install Harris, in order to have a chance to complete, or hold something legislative. OR hang in with the Zombie, hoping that the Gamma Theta or Omega strain scares will allow the 2022 election to be poisoned. Neither is a *high* percentage proposition.

    3. Conundrum #1 If Zombie is successfully labeled as an incompetent, and removed via the 25th Amendment (Temporarily - it takes a 2/3rds vote of both houses of Congress to remove him permanently) the NeoMarxist Legislative push halts.
    Harris in the White House as acting or actual President means, that the President of the Senate's *chair is vacated*.
    Both Houses of Congress must approve a VP candidate - in the case of a full replacement, and in the case of a temporary one, the VP can't do both duties... or *can it*?
    That'll go to court. And gum up the works for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.
    If Harris becomes permanent president under the 25th amendment, the Dems will have *abandoned* control of the Senate, to a 50/50 tie... and could well get an Establishment GOP drone installed as VP, as a compromise. That's just ugly.

    4. Then what do you do, with Harris and her low-grade fever IQ, brutal incompetence, and woke fractiousness?
    She'd have to be there for at least 2 years.. and that's more than enough time to do serious damage.
    Will the Deep State have any real control over her? I seriously doubt it.
    Wicked Queens tend to start slowly, and accelerate the madness as their power base increases.

    JE, this is just going to be brutally ugly... Lots of people are going to die, and nothing is going to be settled for quite a while. >

    1. "Neither is a *high* percentage proposition."

      Another way to put is: The whole thing is a no win proposition.

    2. Just catching up on the rest of Mark's prolific writings, but after reading Ananymouse I had to check my Roman history to make sure I was right, but Nero came after Claudius. I have a bad feeling we may get to #4 which would be Mrs. KH Nero.

  5. As the day goes on, it seems more and more people are throwing Zhou under the bus. That may be why his handlers sent him back to DC. Of course there's any amount of ass covering going on. They're all trying to somehow save themselves.

    1. Biden's response just doesn't cut it. So I am guessing his return to DC is for the reason you cite, that Biden can see support from his own party slipping away. Even a talented politician would have a difficult time digging out of this. But Biden, who was never that talented of a politico to begin with, is past his prime.

      This is a dangerous time for our country. Such visible weakness was always a problem, but to be on public display like it has been will only invite the cast of bad actors to take this opportunity to strike out against the US.

      Politically, I think we are witnessing a classic preference cascade. CNN has flipped scripts to be critical of Biden. All of a sudden, a whole lot more people will feel as though they have permission to criticize the regime. It feels like a milder version of an oppressed people under a dictatorship breaking out and realizing the powers-that-be really do not have that power over them.

    2. I'm not saying this is *the* true story but it *could* be: nothing happens in DC and the Propaganda Press without Regime say so and coordination. If cnn and their ilk are criticizing SPOTUS then it's only because they have been given orders to do so. I don't pretend to know why but it's apparently been decided that SPOTUS has to go and this Saigon Electric Boogaloo redux was engineered (and continues to be engineered) to ensure that SPOTUS won't survive.

      Best guess is that Sock Puppet came back to dc to get his orders on how when why he will resign. (Doktor Jill will get a menacing talk too). There won't be any need for 25th amendment (or it may be invoked and Zhou wont contest it so it ends there).

      So many possible reasons for this but not clear what yet. Maybe the AZ audit is going to blow the lid off and the Regime is getting ahead to appoint Pelosi as next in line after SPOTUS and Knee Pads are tossed aside? Heck, anything is possible w these people. Maybe the boosters and jabs are unleashing a new wave of unholy heck on us all that will allow for a new sock puppet to take charge, cancel elections, and lock down a la Australia?

      My point here is that we need to see that this situation is way more than an apparent screw up with typical blame shifting. We all keep trying to fit events into our old frame of reference with politics and elections and political parties... We are not living there any longer. This ain't Kansas Dorothy, so we need to look at everything w fresh eyes--- extremely skeptical ones at that. It is all out information warfare and everything we see and hear is part of it. This war IS the keyboard and people like Mark and Sundance and SWC and a host of others are critical nodes in the battle.


    3. Neb, Ever wondered why the propaganda press all seem to use the same phrase of the day and are seemingly on the same sheet of music (talking points) all the time?

      Gomer: Surprise, surprise