Sunday, August 1, 2021

Don't Follow The 'Scientism'!

Below is a transcript of an excerpt from a Warroom round table featuring Steve Bannon, Robert Malone, and Peter Navarro. Rather than talking about scientific data this discussion is more focused on what you could call the political aspect of the Covid Regime.

For my money, Bannon makes the really important point. Scientism is like a cult--its adherents aren't going to pivot to the facts. In that regard Malone--heartfelt and cogent as his observations are--comes across a bit like someone in 1917 Russia arguing that the Bolsheviks need to let the economists just do their job. Also, characterizing Scientism as a 'religion' misses the point and mischaracterizes a Neo-gnostic cult for something that it isn't--it isn't 'religion', not in any recognizably Christian sense. To mischaracterize it in this  way, like calling Bolshevism a 'political party', is to seriously underestimate the danger.

I'll follow the transcript with some tweets that kinda riff off these themes--the disregard for data, the cultish nature of the Ruling Elite's approach:

Navarro: What we've learned today in this hour is that we cannot vaccinate an entire population into the teeth of a pandemic and expect to solve the problem. The whole strategy that is being adopted in the United States--and followed by places like Australia--is fundamentally wrong. As Dr. Malone said, the authoritarianism that we are witnessing now is inconsistent with the science. So, I would simply say to the White House, to the Mass Media, to everyone in between, This is a life or death situation. Quit the politics, look at the science, and for the science we have here the best person in the world--Doc Malone, what say you?

Malone: Thanks, Peter. I really wanna underscore what you just said. We've gotta stop this authoritarian messaging. It's driving people into their foxholes, it's making them less likely to accept vaccine. This is absolutely counter productive and it doesn't work with the science. We've gotta get back to evidence based medical practice, and it's quite clear from the CDC's own slide deck--if you have a reproductive coefficient like chickenpox, about 8 for an R naught, our current vaccines plus rigorous masking will not stop this virus from spreading. It's in the CDC's own slide deck. That's what's got the Media in such a tail-twist. It's, when you look at those data, we can't get there from here! So we're doing stuff that is gonna drive viral evolution to be able to further escape vaccines, we're doing it in an authoritarian fashion. All the rules are being broken. The fundamental rules of clinical ethics have just been thrown out the door--and it's not good science! What we need to do ...

Navarro: They're forcing people to take a vaccine that can do great harm to you--is that not correct? 

Malone: In some people it can cause great harm--that's true. We don't yet know how to predict which those are gonna be, so it's a roll of the dice.

Bannon: Let me jump in here. You guys are missing one of the fundamental points. What Dr. Malone is talking about, what--remember, he's not an anti-vaxxer, he's dedicated his life to vaccines--this is not science. This is Scientism. What we have is the high church's theology of Scientism by Tony 'High Priest' Fauci. That's what's got us into this situation! It's not data based. It's not evidence based. It's not science based. It does not rely upon people like Dr. Malone that are prepared to do the hypotheses and check the data and be forthright--and particularly in areas that they may feel uncomfortable about saying, Hey, we don't know about this yet! Scientism is what got us in this position, and Tony Fauci ... That's why you don't see Tony Fauci up talking about this. He's gotta figure out what the next big lie is. He's regrouping right now, Dr. Malone, as you know--cuz you know him very well. Tony Fauci right now is sitting there thinking, How ... He ain't gonna have a great pivot. He's gonna have a quadruple down. Dr. Malone, your thoughts--we got a couple minutes--about Fauci and Scientism versus science.

Malone: You're dead on! And other people--really deep intellectual thinkers--have been pointing this out from the Social Science side, is that science has a tendency to go towards a religion. And we're seeing the consequences of that type of True Believer Group-Think that has been propagated in an amazing way across the whole world, because of this interface between public policy, the interests of Big Pharma, and Mass Media--Mainstream Media and Big Tech--are all forcing Big Lie, this Group-Think, on everybody across the world. It's amazing!

What we gotta do is get back to emphasizing treating patients as soon as they get the disease with these imperfect but largely effective agents that are available. We hafta stop the censorship and blocking of communication and information sharing and retaliation of physicians that are just trying to practice their craft. And we need to get back to precision evidence based medicine that's guided by laboratory test values, not by some edict from above about how Thou Shalt Treat This Agent. And the docs can get us there--I have complete confidence--if they're allowed to and if they're not put in a position where they have to comport with the gospel truth as put down by the NIH and the NAIAD and the CDC, and reinforced by Mainstream Media and Big Tech. That's what we've got going right now and it's bad science--it's killing people. At some point people are gonna do studies and demonstrate the number of people that have died because the public policy of only focusing on vaccines, and now we've got not just me saying it, we've got Pfizer saying it. OK,what better validation do you need?

So, here's a great chart that shows how the facts and data have changed--mortality and casedemic figures are no longer in sync. But the Ruling Elite has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down:

Malone makes a very similar point--this time regarding the way Fauci and others continue to hide basic data that should be public. He's responding to Fauci's statement "Amount of virus in breakthrough delta cases 'almost identical' to unvaccinated". Almost identical? Higher? Lower? C'mon, man!

Re authoritarianism ... how's this for authoritarianism? We've been there before, but the scale of what's going on is unprecedented:

Who are these people? Cultists, not experts:

Finally, the full video of the round table is here. It's worth watching if you're one of those people--as most of us are--still trying to come to grips with the science of the virus, the vaccines, the side effects, etc. The good thing is that the science discussions are front loaded. Malone's explanations are in depth but accessible and hard hitting. Highly recommended.


  1. Fauci’s religion has gone from “the science” (if it ever was there) to the power of being the highest paid, most influential “scientist” in the current administration, and also a mover, shaker in, and no doubt beneficiary of, the world of Big Pharma. I would not put anything past him. Nothing.

    He is loving the money, the power, the celebrity, the control. High as a kite on all of it.

    Will watch roundtable later.

  2. High as a kite on exactly the things you say, Bebe. And at the same time in mortal fear of being found out by the public at large.

    A nasty combination, shared these days by too many people in power to count.

  3. Bebe is on to something. I'm wondering about characterizing the current madness as scientism. What we're encountering is much worse -- a nightmare far darker than Orwell's picture of the future. A sort of neo-gnostic pseudo-scientism in service of a totalitarian totalitarianism. If Fauci et. al. were committed to mere Scientism then they would be pursuing data driven health policy rather than supplanting God. It's satanic.

  4. If you look at the total insanity in Australia and NZ with the perpetual lockdowns it makes you wonder why? I mean in Sydney, they are having a laughably small number of cases and few if any deaths. The gov there seems to be acting like a scolding teacher where everyone will get punished because one student broke the rules. In this case, they are trying to 100% eradicate something that will come right back as clearly demonstrated in NZ.

    What I see is an attempt at a similar version of this game with Fauxi claiming that the unvaxxed are why we have the Delta and had everyone got the jab,it would’ve been gone by now, but now we all have to take a 2.0 version of the vax and start all over and this time, there will be no exceptions. As opposed to the truth which are the vaxes are losing effectiveness against all strains after useless after 6 months (and who knows what else they may be doing) and we need to try a something entirely different. I can’t see them doing that which means fessing up as they are too far in the rabbit hole now. It’s going to get ugly until we make them stop. Let’s hope that folks like Desantis are recognized for being right, even though the media is now panic porning over the “Cases in FL are at an all time high”, but like you mentioned above, fortunately the deaths are not.

    1. @Mikeyinfl, thanks for the nice summary and explanation based on the news today. I could have sworn I read Walensky (CDC) quoted as saying essentially the same as Fauci: The unvaxxed are at fault and if only they had followed our direction they would not have spoiled it for all you good vaxxed folks.

      IMO unquestioning belief in the CDC COVID narratives (whatever they may at a given time) among the populace is based on emotion and constitutes a quest for objectively definable self-worth (just as "wokeism" in general does). Call it a cult if you wish - it shares the same general impetus.

      Cults have their "high priests" and they need their scapegoats as well. The Nazis set up the Jews as a pressure release valve for any and all potential popular frustrations with their regime. Guess who the scapegoats being set up today to relieve pressure on the regime are?

  5. No matter what, they can't let off of the gas!!! Never mind sign about the bridge being out.

    Few people will notice!

    1. Great metaphor, Devilman. If I may run with it:

      They know they have to get to the other side of the canyon, safely separated from the ability of the people to exact their revenge.

      The fact the bridge is out means they just have to close their eyes, floor it and hope to make the jump, Dukes of Hazzard-style.

      Along the way, they just say and do whatever needs to be said and done to get past the moment and that much closer to the truly tyrannical state, over the canyon, where at long last they will be safe from those ghastly plebes.

      That state has a name, by the way - HR1.

  6. I beg to differ with the fundamental thesis. Whilst I recognise that you have devoted much time and study to the philosophy of religion, Christinanay and neo-Gnosticism - I maintain that Scientism is more a religion than a cult.

    Without getting into semantics about the definitions of a cult vs a religion, I'd posit that the underlying binds that have much of the US, Italy, Israel, Australia, Russia, Hungary and Japan can only be described as a religious faith to Atheism (denominated in Scientism), which compares to Christianity in that it is dogmatic, rather than a cult, which tend to be idiosyncratic.

    What united Hungary, a nationalist, religious country, and Russia, a nationalist secular country, and Israel, led most recently by a nationalist, secular leader, and Italy, a mostly nationalist, religion country, with Australia, a soft socialist secular country. How did these diverse countries, with different cultures, religions and histories, all fail so miserably with this hoax?

    A cult is too simple - but a religious worldview, shaping reality to match preconceived ideas and beliefs, makes more sense.

    Charles Z

    1. Hopefully I'm not being overly simplistic here, but those leading the woke, tyrannical charge (those who brainwash the sheep and otherwise run or help run the show) are probably better described as cultists, as Mark has imo argued effectively on too many occasions to count.

      But the sheep -the useful idiots far and wide- probably live it far more casually, more like a religion that only demands obedience on the big things - like making sure all know which team they play for (virtue signalling, getting jabbed, etc.) and by voting "correctly." They go through the motions and try not to veer too far from the one, true path, but mostly they're just going along to get along.

      So it's a cult, in reality, but with so many useful idiots following it that it seems more like a mass religion.

  7. The tell is Walensky (who?) at CDC doing away with private property. WTF.