Monday, December 14, 2020

The Antrim County Audit Of Dominion Voting Machines

This is a hot story this morning, so I'll just offer this quote--since I can't think of anything original to add:

Michigan Voting Fraud accusations are supported by the Dominion Voting Systems Forensic Examination report from ASOG!

The deep dive forensic exam of Dominion Voting System machines and software conducted on-site December 6, 2020 in Antrim County, Michigan and still continuing today, has resulted in damning accusations of hard evidence and several smoking guns of intentional vote manipulation- and fraud!

The 22-page preliminary report compiled by the 7-member team from Allied Security Operations Group can be read here in it’s entirety [i.e., at the link].

Top Bombshell takeaways from the report—
1.) ASOG’s bottom line is found on page 1: We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

A quote from Vox Populi--to me, the missing logs are especially damning:

  • The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.
  • Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years, but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing.
  • Likewise, all server security logs prior to 11:03pm on November 4, 2020 are missing. Other server logs before November 4, 2020 are present, therefore, there is no reasonable explanation for the security logs to be missing.
Tabulations. The columns are Date, Registered voters, Total voters, Biden voters, Trump voters.

Nov 3 22,082 16,047 7,769 4,509
Nov 5 22,082 18,059 7,289 9,783
Nov 21 22,082 16,044 5,960 9,748


UPDATED: H/T aNanyMouse--

BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court says election officials were wrong; ballots may not be counted

The opinion, which was released this morning, says local elections officials were wrong to suggest that voters could claim the status of "indefinitely confined" based on COVID-19. The majority decision also held that if voters falsely claimed they were indefinitely confined "their ballots would not count."

MADISON — The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Mark Jefferson and the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

But the court noted that a determination must be make [sic] in every case before tossing a ballot, as President Trump has sought in a separate lawsuit.

Under Wisconsin law, a voter may receive a ballot by mail and bypass Wisconsin’s voter ID law, if the voter, by his own determination, concludes he “confined” based on age, physical illness, or infirmity. This fall, roughly 215,000 voters in Wisconsin said they were indefinitely confined, nearly a four-fold increase from the 2016 election.


  1. Links to Epoch Times articles on this audit were posted on the preious thread before this main post went up.

  2. Latest on the hack:

    Dominion Voting Systems Uses Firm That Was Hacked

    A company that provides voting systems in 28 states uses an Internet technology firm that was hacked.

    Dominion Voting Systems uses SolarWinds software, according to a Dominion web page.

    SolarWinds does not list Dominion on its partial customer listing but says its products and services are used by more than 300,000 customers around the world, including all five branches of the U.S. military and more than 425 of the U.S. Fortune 500.

    1. Well now we know the CIA was up to its eyeballs in this. And we know that POTUS is going to play the National Security Card and the bad guys are trying to get out in front with cover or this is the cover they've been allowed to adopt. Keshavarz-Nia was checkmate on them, surprised we haven't heard about his demise, but there was no way around the preference cascade he will have created in the technical community, so now the "backfilling" of an explanation to allow for well, the machines were hacked but ....

  3. For other good news, from the WI Supremes, in favor of the GOP of WI, see (linking to ).

    OTOH, DJT's campaign loses a case there, see (w/ .PDF of ruling).

    1. ANan, that other case asked for a blanket invalidation of all of those mail-in ballots. They must be verified one by one. It’s not over.

  4. It doesn't matter.

    The 'story arc' from the MSM/Democrat/Marxist left and RINO's will be....

    'Who hired Allied Security'? 'This report is generated by a former Republican candidate from Texas who is clearly pro-oil and gas and a former military leader who was part of the Boy Scouts. They're both Republican”


    We're beyond the law now, we're beyond critical thought, we're beyond 'expert testimony' we're way past 'rhetoric'...NONE of it matters.

    The only thing that matters now is what the Republican legislators DO NEXT in the contested states, and if the brief, sorted history of this thing is any predictor?

    NOTHING will happen.

    It's been said about Socialism that we 'vote our way in but have to shoot your way out' has proven true in every single instance throughout history.

    Folks...we're already there despite at least 1/2 the country NOT voting in Socialism.

    It's looking more every hour that the time for talking is just about over: we won't 'reason' or 'wordsmith' or 'rhetoric' our way out of what's being crammed down the throat of America.

    I called BS for 3+ years when someone in a forum would say 'end of the world'...'start prepping'....'lock and load'....'they're coming for your freedoms'...'they're coming for your guns'....'they're cheating at local/state/national level elections'...

    And here we are. It's like we've been watching a slow-motion car crash for the past 4 years - staring slack-jawed in disbelief, paralyzed beyond the capacity to act.

    If you think rhetoric and playing by the 'rules' (law) is going to turn the tide of this level of corruption, you're simply not living in reality (and I'm pointing to myself here as much as anyone).

    It's time to organize and arm up because that's what it will take; they're not 'coming for your way of life' - they're already inside the wire.


  5. Re: missing logs -- I hope somebody gave election officials a SPOLIATION Notice.

    1. They didn't need a speciation notice. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that evidence is or will be subject to litigation.

    2. Why? Who would enforce or demand such things in this climate?

  6. Who would have thought a ballot dispute over a local marijuana dispensary in a backwoods Michigan county would have led to this?

    That is probably the only reason this case flew under the radar long enough to allow discovery.

    This backs Powell who has had this right all along and I honestly thought she was in some ways out in a limb. Instead she has whittled that limb into a baseball bat and is waiting to swing.

    The USSC needs to heed to stupidity and hear her cases!!!

  7. I read the preliminary summary and it's pretty damning but where does this go from here? Is this cause for DOJ or FBI to act?

    1. I have read the entire report and I am a computer nerd. The way they performed their analysis is reproducable, they first copied the entire system, then analyzed the identical copy. So no one can argue their analysis is fake, it's still possible to go back and check the original systems.

      And the absence of audit trail / logs is unacceptable. Whether by law, by science, or by anything. It's unacceptable and enough to throw the entire outcome out of the window.

      I worked for one of the Software giants in the world and if I allowed that in my job, I would be fired, sued and prevented from finding another job the rest my life.

    2. I work in global networks and Internet peering, etc... If logs are missing liek that there is just no other way to describe it than intentionally done to hide something. It does not happen.

  8. After reading the full 22-page report, I was left wondering where the rest of it is. There were some damning findings, but there's got to be more. And the report was a little light on proof, or evidence. They don't describe, for example, what caused the high error rates to occur; which software module did what, when. “This is caused by intentional errors in the system” but they do not indicate anywhere how they determined the "errors in the system" were “intentional” rather than sloppy design, code, and test. It's still damning, but I'd like to see something more.

    1. Yes, I felt they purposely left out a chunk, about how the adjudication happened or where it happened.

  9. DJT should issue a statement (ahead of Biden’s planned statement tonite), on how direct proof of election fraud has been uncovered on Dominion Voting Systems machines in Michigan, on that there were attempts to tamper with and destroy the evidence, and thus that the 2020 election results are now invalid, for any and all votes cast on Dominion Voting Systems machines.
    The US military should be deployed nationwide, to secure and impound all voting machines and ballots in every state.
    He should add, that the Courts have “no standing” in a National Security issue!

  10. I hate to break this to everyone, but this so-called "audit" has red flags sprouting all over it:

    >> <<

    It's long on conclusions and short on methodology. Example: it claims that they found a 68-some % error rate, but I do not see how they arrive at this conclusion. That's not a forensic audit; it's a gratuitous assertion.

    The report wonders off into the realm of Executive Orders by the POTUS; an audit report has no business getting side tracked into such issues.

    Lastly, a glance at the backgrounds of two of the people on the team does not create a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of one's stomach. I don't see evidence of extensive forensic software audit experience on the team, and worse still, the fact that the head of the organization has run for political office recently as a GOP candidate opens up the results to allegations of politically motivated bias.

    To be clear, I am not saying the findings are wrong; they could be right, and many of them very likely are. But this report, and the team that generated, it have lots of question marks that serve to reduce confidence in their conclusions.

    I do not say things things as a mere lay bystander; I have extensive professional experience in the realm of Software Quality Assurance programs (both commercial as well as military,) and in design and implementation of audits of such programs to meet contractually mandate requirements in the DoD environment.

    That said, the lack of log files is a finding that has potentially serious implications, unless they are located, and a reasonable explanation of them being missing in the image files is put forth.

    1. The document is titled "Revised Preliminary Summary", so I presume there are additional documents that go into deeper depth for each of the referenced points.

      Also the primary author is part of the ASOG management team, so he's more business than tech. I would be interested in the credentials of the technical members of the team, but I'm sure those will be outlined in the other docs.

      The missing audit log entries are damning, and having spent 20 years in cybersecurity, I cannot fathom any legitimate reason other than spoilation.

    2. More:

      A deeper dive reveals extensive editorializing in the body of the audit report; I find this disturbing, and will be seized on by critics.

      In one instance, it appears the authors conflate ballot rejection rates with vote ERROR rates, w/o defining the terminology. Is suspect under any meaningful thoughtful definition of these terms that they are not the same, nor is one subsumed by the other. I would expect the definition of vote or ballot error being the incorrect attribution of a vote in a particular election. A ballot rejected because of "ballot size exceeds limits" is not the same as a vote/ballot error. The audit conflates the two, and counts ballot rejections based on size limits as though they were vote errors, then hyperventilates about how much higher the claimed vote error rate is than is permitted under Michigan law. This is utterly disingenuous of the authors, IMHO.

    3. Sidney Powell has Dr. Keshavarz-Nia. you want to question his credentials, EZ? Foot in the door is all that is required here and the whole house of cards collapses. You can discredit the messenger for only so long before a messenger comes along that you can't discredit who validates all the messengers you did discredit. And what's going to happen is more a technical professional preference cascade and not a deposition with one tech and 15 lawyers saying but you didn't dot your i's there on page 15. Did you see the news about Solar Winds? Any guesses on why that is poppling in the news right now? Panic, is why.

    4. You completely ignored the points I raised.

      Dr. Keshavarz-Nia didn't write this audit report.

      I didn't say the report is necessarily wrong; I said it has red-flags galore, and stipulated many findings may well be true, but the report, as written, does not instill confidence in the conclusions.

      What you overlook is the evidentiary record established at the trial court is the evidentiary record the SCOTUS will ultimately rely on if this or another case relying on ASOG's audit report gets appealed up to them.

      It is folly, IMHO, to have a case resting on dubious evidentiary expert evidence like this report.

    5. The 68% error-rate calculation is shown in the report. Page 2. The calculation is correct (10,667 / 15,676 = 0.6805).

      If the logs are what they appear to be, they prove the election was a charade: The system operators created most of the votes.

      "The tabulation log for the forensic examination of the server for Antrim County from December 6, 2020 consists of 15,676 individual events, of which 10,667 or 68.05% of the events were recorded errors."

    6. EZ,

      I am not questioning your expertise, just looking at this from a different point of view.

      I simply needed to sell this to my client because regardless of failure rate it's still broken. Statistics by purpose, we may hate them but like mini skirts they distract well while hiding the important parts. (like getting this data out of the machines and onto federal courts)

      Sometimes vague is not always bad and that may be the point in "preliminary" to begin with. I had previously stated I was hoping some of Powell's people were in on this.

      I do agree they wondered off into strange territory with the EO, for me it didn't need to be there at all. But may have been added to work the national security issues with the judge (he unsealed, they still have the images so something worked).

      We'll see... They were able to pull off getting data no one else could over a disputed vote on a weed dispensary. There nothing more shady than that!

    7. "Foot in the door is all that is required here, and the whole house of cards collapses. You can discredit the messenger for only so long...."

      All the Dems need, is to discredit the messenger for less than 6 more weeks, to put DJT into a Hbson's choice situation.
      His lawyers must do all that is possible, to make his case as solid as possible, and give his foes as few options as possible.
      Thus, I welcome EZ's warnings, about possible holes in this testimony.

    8. Typo: "to put DJT into a HObson's".

    9. read p 17 section J.

      the 10,667 figure is for "critical errors/warnings"

      We do not know what the break-out is for that, IOW, what are the actual errors and warnings that produced a rejection of the ballot? (Or was the ballot counted despite the warnings?) How many caused a vote to be flipped to an opposing candidate, IF ANY? The report fails to tell us this info.

      We cannot assume that all 10,667 are all vote-flipped ballots because there are only 1491 ballots cast in Antrim county! Ergo, there are multiple "warnings/errors" on some ballots, but the report doesn't tell us what they are, or what the consequences of them were.

      It attributes "most" of the 10,667 warnings/errors to "configuration errors," but doesn't define what that term means, or what the consequences are, other than to assert without supporting evidencee that such errors could affect tabulation or adjudication of votes. Not did; could. IOW, they are speculating.

      The 68% error rate they calculate has nothing to do with the vote error rate (% of votes that were incorrectly counted.)

      This report is missing so much critical information one cannot reasonably interpret its findings, other than in binary cases such as the lack of adjudication log files.

      This audit report does not inspire confidence, even if most of its findings turn out to be true.

      I wish it were otherwise, but facts guide my judgement, not wishes.

    10. devilman: I appreciate you explaining your position.

      You are arguing in the court of public opinion; I OTOH< and looking at this the the POV of how court might see the evidence, adn fear how the MSM will spin this in the court of public opinion.

      My biggest fear is sloppy work can be used for discreditation purposes -- to discredit ALL evidence of election fraud in the public mind.

      It's not logically sound, but is effective on those of weak minds.

    11. EZ: Per Detroit News, Antrim County had approximately 16000 votes not 1491.

    12. "My biggest fear is sloppy work can be used for discreditation purposes -- to discredit ALL evidence of election fraud in the public mind."
      Yeah indeed, a major fear.

    13. I respectfully submit that you are all missing the point. Much bigger issues are at play -- this "breaking news" is pure propaganda / disinformation -- here we go with Russia again and who are the ones who like to blame things that go wrong in elections on the russians? Somebody SP, John Ratcliff, Kash patel, PDJT himself, is getting over the target...(But of course the hack includes dominion, of course it does)...

    14. mamabear1776 wrote:

      "EZ: Per Detroit News, Antrim County had approximately 16000 votes not 1491."

      The table on page 2 of the report does show ~16k votes for Antrim County, but the section of the report I was quoting from oddly states "1491 total ballots."

      This just goes to why I find this report disturbing; there is no explication of this discrepancy in the report.

  11. If Biden is installed as President and the weight of evidence becomes clear the election was stolen-- we are left with "what do we do?" Does Trump name a special prosecutor on the way out the door? Do we build a civil disobedience movement modeled on the lines of M L King? We know the system will not reform itself.

    1. There is no proof that Biden stacked the election deck, so we can't impeach him. We could probably bribe him to resign, leaving us with Harris and who would she nominate as VP?

      Thanks to the DOJ, FBI, CIA, we have a corrupt, 78 year old ex-senator suffering with dementia as our unelected president and the real elected president cooling his heels in Florida.

      Based upon the Antrim Michigan report, Trump could declare a national emergency, tell the Supreme Court to smoke another joint while he keeps his job as President.

      If the Dems sic antifa on the nation, well then there's going to be blood spilled, but not much.

    2. If Biden takes the controls, there will be nothing left to steer the ship away from collision with the iceberg. Anyone thinks otherwise, I'm afraid, is as naive as Pollyanna.

  12. There are only about 16,000 votes for President in Antrim County, why can't they do a hand count to see what the actual number should be. That would not take that long.

  13. As previously noted, we have little reason to believe in the saving power of the judiciary, regardless of the level of proof.

    I am much more curious on the application of EO 13848 regarding foreign interference in elections. Using the iceberg analogy of 10% you see, 90% you don't, what we can now see suggests something very large coming down the pike.

    Thank goodness for popcorn and whiskey.

  14. Barr gone

  15. I'm putting up this link not because I believe what Mr. Pulitzer is saying--I have no way of knowing if he is correct--but because several commenters on this entry indicate they possess the wherewithal to determine if Pulitzer is right.

    If he is, then we have a way to stop mail in voter fraud. OTOH, this could be nonsense. If so, I apologize for being taken in.