Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Briefly Noted: East Asia's Demographic Crisis

We've been hearing a lot about China lately, so the article I've linked here seems timely in offering a certain balance to accounts of China's seemingly inexorable rise. The main focus of the article is naturally on the effect that the demographic crisis will have on East Asian economies. There are also other social problems that will only get worse as the demographic crisis continues, such as the imbalance between the male and female portions of the population.

East Asia’s Looming Demographic Crisis

East Asia has so far evaded the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, sparking speculation that the region will emerge ahead of the West to dominate the post-COVID era. However, the author warns that demographic trends driving population decline threaten the longer-term well being of Asian economies.

Two charts tell the story:



  1. Imagine what the world would look like free of the propaganda news. We are only beginning to see what a bubble we've inhabited all our lives.

  2. What the news people don't understand is we CAN handle the truth.

  3. I once had a history professor who said that geography and demographics, the former even more than the later, explained human events. Ideas count too, of course (see Islam), but we forget these basics at our peril.

    Outside of Israel, only one place in the world has a roaring birth rate.

  4. I've been saying this for years: women can live with a shortage of men much better than men can live with a shortage of women...witness the aftermath of the two World Wars for example and the classic documentary from the Sixties - "Mars Needs Women" - I rest my case (of beer)

  5. Interesting ordeal with Eric Swalwell and being compromised by China.

    I think the China aspect is the smallest part of the story.

    The part everyone is missing or not understanding is the fact the IC after catching this guy in the middle of this allowed him to simply bumble forward and find his way not only to congress but on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

    How nice of the IC to cover for and then allow it's newly minted pet puppet to gain a position over intelligence oversight. Very very convenient wouldn't you say?

  6. This is the best discussion of the effects of these demographic changes on societies, in many ways, taking the long view, this is all I need to know