Sunday, December 6, 2020

Hanky Panky In Virginia Election?

One of Sidney Powell's central claims has been that vote tabulations nationwide--not just in a few "swing" states--were manipulated by means of software. Without having any expertise in statistics my seat of the pants view has been that that makes sense--incredible as it may seem. It just seems too difficult to explain the apparent anomalies any other way. Now, that doesn't mean that no efforts were made to paper over this fraud by the use of more traditional means of voter fraud--only that those means would have been applied after the fact as a matter of necessity. In other words, the argument is that the Trump/Red wave was so large that it threatened to overwhelm the pre-planned fraud, and seat of the pants measures were then taken to compensate for that.

This morning at American Thinker I read an interesting article that presents what appear to be clear anomalies in the Virgina vote count. I took particular note of this because Virginia is one of the "non-swing" states concerning which I have harbored suspicions.

Here is the presentation of the facts:

This is the first example of a data issue for Virginia. We see the vote totals decrease twice over the space of 18 minutes. The time stamps for the decrease are 05:12 and 05:30. (Remember, this is the UTC time reported in the JSON files used by the MSM.)


Date Hr Min

Total Votes

Trump Votes

Biden Votes


















































What does this indicate? Of the first 3.6 million votes cast, 765,215, 19.3%, were removed from the total over the course of 18 minutes. I find it interesting that we reviewed something similar in the Pennsylvania analysis.

Another interesting item is that from 11040538 to 11040634, we see 107,779 votes counted in 56 minutes. I use this to establish a baseline. If we look ahead from 11040538 to 11040634, we observe that the pace picked up to 395,771 in 45 minutes. This translates into approximately 1,924 ballots per minute from 11040538 to 11040634, and then a sudden increase to 8,795 ballots per minute from 11040634 to 11040717. An increase of 4.5 times the baseline in the rate of counting is a fairly substantial burst in the pace of counting ballots so early in the morning.

The next item that we will examine is the insertion of votes back into the total. We document approximately 765,215 removed from the totals above; now we see in two sequential vote total reports 658,800 votes added back to the totals. And with these two ballot dumps, we see that the net result is a Biden vote increase of 354,696. I have to question the timing and the size of these reports.


Date Hr Min

Total Votes

New Ballots

Trump Votes

Biden Votes















To make the anomaly even clearer, if you run the percentages you find that in the first large vote dump Trump gets only a 19.5% share of the vote. Presumably the votes in this dump--totally about 10% of the total at that point--came from a fairly large number of precincts. That some precincts would be lopsided is normal, perhaps, but in this large a sample it calls for explanation. 

In the second large dump Trump does better, but it's still very lopsided--he receives 25.5% of the vote. Combining the two dumps, Trump received only 22% of the reinserted votes--nothing like the way he was running when the votes were deducted.

Obviously what makes this so suspicious is the combination of

1) enormous deduction of votes in a very short span of time when Trump appears to be running well, coupled with,

2) the reinsertion of most of those votes in a very short span of time, but now heavily favoring Biden.

The deduction of large numbers of votes is, on its own, inexplicable (to me). Combined with the reinsertion ...?

To me, this seems most easily explained by software manipulation of the totals, followed up by manufacturing absentee and/or mail in ballots to cover over what happened--but with the telltale clues still appearing in the tabulation record.

Does anyone have a better explanation?


  1. I’m thinking every state that used Dominion Software had issues...

    Democratic areas probably backfill the needed ballots.

    I wonder how big the voter fraud was?

    1. Obviously, even with the Dominion system in place, this wasn't done on a statewide basis--since few states are totally Blue statewide. They would have done it where they had control (think--the major metro areas in the swing states, but now also outside the swing states). The difference, according to Powell, would be quite a few millions of votes--votes deducted from Trump as well as added to Biden. Add to that, my belief is that the Dems could not be content with an electoral college win based on stealing the minimum number of states. They would have wanted a huge popular vote win to try to discredit Trump that way as well. So they systematically padded the lead in safe Blue states to run up the popular vote to totally improbably levels. The fraud had to have been massive.

    2. I find some similarity in the Washington State Governor's election between Culp and Inslee. The SoS Kim Wyman has turned a cataract eye to the apparent manipulation of King and other Counties to determine the election even before the polls closed. Dominion computers evidently were in play even while Wyman proclaimed the State's National Guards were vigilant overseers. Inslee's lockdown actions and overall ineptness can only tally so many votes from a state that is not that stupid unless you read the Times. Yes, Seattle seems a socialist enclave but people have accepted the reality that voter manipulation is common practice and they find going to the craft brewery a more pleasant choice than expecting opposition from a GOP of 3th graders.

  2. The votes removed where all Trump votes because the plan to silently take votes from Trump wasn’t working. So they put those votes in their back pocket until it was time for the vote dump so they had some Trump votes to put in the system when they were adding the fake Biden votes.

    If the votes “lost” more or less equal the votes Trump got in the vote dumps of fake Biden voters it would explain a lot. It would also explain why Republican areas vote counts match the official totals. Which would mean you need to find a Republican area that “lost” 100 votes for Biden and Trump but when they were added back in Trump got 90-100% of those votes because there were his to begin with.

    What we know for sure is that they believed their own BS and didn’t think people would show up for Trump.


  3. There are potentially anodyne explanations for some of this (not sure if it all can be explained away.)

    For example, vote deductions could occur when a reporting entity (precinct, county, etc.,) realizes the previously reported totals contain a transcription error, for example. The proper way to fix this is to generate a inverse tabulation that cancels out the wrong data (negative votes in the same amounts as were erroneously reported earlier,) then creating a new entry that has the corrected values.

    That's how I would do it so there is an audit trail, and no data record that already existed would be edited.

    I do not know if that is how they do it or not; but we can't rule it out without further transparency into the process that was followed.

    1. @ Mark, do you have the actual JSON files for VA or are you pulling those samples from an article?

      Myself and a few others have been looking for RAW data and it seemed to have just about vanished a few days after the election.

      @ EZ, agreed on using negative values, that would be an honest way of doing it.

      But I'm throwing a red flag due to the size and scope of an election and what would need to be automated to have that running for a whole state.

      Which leaves me to ask the question of why anyone behind the wheel would need to be editing data manually.

      I can think of a parcel explanation that I think may also explain SOME of up down variances. Reporting out on two different APIs from two different servers that are not running in sync with each other. This would cause data bounce and what looks like reconsolidation.

      It would be very helpful to know their network.

    2. As you can see, I took it from the linked AmThinker article.

  4. Would be interesting to know who 'they' is/are and pay them a visit...

    There are too many 'coincidences' and statistical anomalies.

    Who told election officials in 5 states to stop counting simultaneously?

    There is undoubtedly a very human element to this massive fraud. If Mr. Barr is still at the helm, here's a project for him to dive into...

    And here's a lead: this morning on Bartiromo, Rudy Giuliani said it was 'somebody in Washington' who made the call. Maria asked him who and he said he didn't know.

    I might send someone up to Chappaqua to ask a few questions.

    1. Maybe Pelosi. Rudy doesn't know? I doubt it--he's far too savvy to just drop gossip. The really interesting question is, How does whoever knows know that?

    2. Cassander wrote: "Who told election officials in 5 states to stop counting simultaneously? "

      That for me has always been a huge "smoking gun" that implies coordination, rather than coincidence.

      To extend the Auric Goldfinger quote:

      "Once is happenstance, twice, a coincidence. Three times, it's enemy action.... and FIVE TIMES SIMULTANEOUSLY IS A COORDINATED CONSPIRACY!"

    3. I saw an excellent theory that makes a lot of sense, imo, though it's still pure speculation: there were two predetermined triggers - the first was Biden talking about the largest fraud operation in history. That was the trigger to tell the operatives around the country that the fraud op was a go. As to timing - Fox calling Arizona was the trigger to the five metro areas to stop the count.

  5. Another point: just because the reported total changes XXX votes in YYY minutes does not mean XXX/YYY votes per minute were being tabulated by voting machines; these are vote reporting changes, not necessarily based on vote tabulation rates.

    AS I used in my previous example, if a correction to an erroneous earlier total propagates through the system, you could see a massive number of votes change in a small unit of time; but that does not mean they are all COUNTED (tabulated) during that small unit of time.

  6. Fox News, as much in on the fix as any outwardly Democratic group was, called VA basically the minute the polls closed, just like AZ. There was positively zero need to call either of those states so fast, and I refuse to believe Fox's motive was anything close to pure.

    It's just a single data point, I know, but it's enough to point my placement of burden of proof on those who say no way could anything have happened there.

    1. This goes to the purpose of the media ZOOM conference on the upcoming election in which Toobin was caught on camera fondling his "Toobin."

      Why did the media people need to game out their planned reporting on the election?

      Because they knew the fix was going to be in, and had to coordinate ahead of time with each other to aghree how to handle various aspects that could happen on election night, such as agreeing to characterize a simultaneous cessation of counting in 5 states as perfectly reasonable and above board. Similarly, agreeing to quick calls in Biden's favor on projected winners, while delaying calls as long as possible for states that could go to TRump, was likley gamed out and planned in these media game simulation exercises.

      There is no other reasonable explanation for media people from different media outlets coordinating game simulations of the upcoming election.

      This leads to my hypothesis that the MSM (at least swaths of it) were part of the conspiracy to steal the election, likely bought off, if not by Biden, Biden supporters, then by CCP.

    2. "likely bought off, if not by Biden, Biden supporters, then by CCP", or blackmailed by the "Intel community".
      Blackmail has been the IC's wheelhouse since J. Edgar showed how much diff such tactics could make.

    3. Great points by both of you. EZ, I’d forgotten about the media and other political players gaming out election night and beyond. While their low motives can’t be definitively proven, the totality of the known evidence -including what sort of hacks these people have all been for so very long- is plenty for me to assume, absent strong evidence to the contrary, things are just as they appear.

  7. I read over at TGP that the Trump campaign has gained access to 22 Dominion voting machines by court order in Michigan to analyze them. Should anything untoward be found on just one or two of the these voting machines, it seems the allegation would then be that all Dominion voting machines are suspect and should be examined. That seems like a good offensive move and probably what Team Trump is thinking as time winds down.


    1. At , F. Salvato reports that

      "The Michigan State Republican Party Friday sounded an alarm about an ethically questionable memo authorized by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that “is pushing for the mass deletion of election data.”
      Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox in a statement Friday, said that Benson’s office issued orders to clerks in Michigan counties to “*delete Electronic Poll* Book software and associated files” even as calls to audit the election persist...."

    2. Yeah, not a good look for the state if this is true.

      But I'm also im disbelief that the state doesn't have laws on the books for preservation... And FFS at the hillbilly bassackward'ness of that if not!

      It's 2020... So... Assume SNAFU!!!

  8. Sidney Powell has claimed that they believe they have reproduced the algorithm that was used to switch the votes. That is apparently why she is so confident in claiming Trump one in a landslide and how Trump can confidently say they stole 3.7 million votes from him. You can not reproduce naturally occurring (random) results with an algorithm, by definition. There was nationwide data manipulation affecting the vote totals in this election. All of that manipulation appears to have been to the advantage of one candidate. This whole post-election charade has been one massive game of chicken over the question of the peacefully transfer of power.

    1. I have seen this claim as well. And she will produce it when? As to the Virginia anomalies, only a judge can force them to explain and how will
      that be achieved? I am truly amazed how few attorneys are pursuing these claims on Trump’s behalf-at least publicly. RNC apparently did not have attorneys lined up by state in anticipation of this fraud. Difficult to avoid the conclusion that much of Republican leadership wants Trump gone as well.

    2. "U.S. Representative J. Hice, from Georgia, has twerked that Ware County ran Trump/Biden ballots on a tabulator, and it assigned Biden more votes than they fed it."
      Robb Hurst, CPA

      "Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm:
      Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden."

      This claim about election fraud is disputed
      6:11 AM · Dec 6, 2020

    3. MJH - My understanding is that She will produce the evidence of the digital manipulation at one or all of the civil fraud trials. We have the affidavit of DR. Kesharvaz-nia which, quite frankly, is more than enough assurance for me that she has lined up credible expert testimony which I am sure would include someone who could explain / demonstrate the algorithm to the judge. If they have not been working on simulations/reconstructions of what happened then they are not as good at their jobs as I assumed.

  9. I wonder if there is a difference in red vs blue area / dominion software?

  10. Hard to watch and even harder to understand, but supposedly the key to the al-gore-ithm:

    1. I followed his work on PA using the same idea. Still don't know what to make of it. I haven't watched the entire 2 1/2 hour video, just the first 30 minutes or so. Basically, what he claims he finds are explicit ratios that hold for specific precincts for a period of time, then those precincts are "released" only to have the exact same ratio then moved to another precinct, which then is held for a while, and then released only to be replaced by another precinct with the exact same ratio within a short period of time. What interested me is that he did claim to have filtered the data to find precisely these kinds of switches on the next time stamp or within a single hour, and only identified about 300 to 400 of these, but that almost all of them were in DeKalb and Fulton Counties, and that most of the rest were in the counties surrounding Fulton (ATL).

      It is actually very odd to see precincts in the same county keep coming up, at various times, with the exact same ratio of Trump votes to total votes. I am going to see if I can find the source for his Georgia data, hoping it is complete data for the state.

    2. He sure does explain his theory poorly.

  11. You will find the same in Minnesota

  12. I agree that there is an anomaly here, but am not sure what it indicates. Everyone is focusing on votes taken from Trump. But, in the first two vote removals, far more Biden votes were removed than Trump votes. Here's how it breaks down:
    total change Trump change Biden change
    5:12 a.m -373,642 -37,510 -330,153

    5:30 a.m. -391,573 -80,357 -308,341

    7:17 a.m. 395,771 77,492 308,051

    If you look at the 5:30 and 7:17 entries, that looks to me more like someone had removed a batch (at 5:30) that it thought was invalid for some reason and then rerun it at 7:17. Now that could be nefarious -- it could reflect rerunning the batch after removing roughly 3,000 Trump ballots. But I don't think we can draw anything conclusive from it.

    That leaves us with the 5:12 removal--which took 300,000 more votes away from Biden than from Trump. I assume we are OK with that. ;-)

    Anomalies should be investigated (no matter whom they favor), but I think AmThink might be out a little bit over its skis on this one. Andy S.

    1. The point is the votes appear to be reinserted via large implausible dumps--but it drastically different proportions than the original votes, which accumulated in more gradual fashion.

    2. Andy, my focus is different -- my focus is on why anyone would need to re-run a batch, why, in that event, it wouldn't be meticulously logged and accounted for and why of the few such data anomalies that election authorities have given a reason for they have described the reason for the anomaly as a "glitch" implying that it was the computer system and not human judgement or human error that caused the error/required correction. Surely the Voting machine manual or system software guide describes procedures for such "glitches" or for human intervention of the kind you are speculating above ("the operator thought the batch was invalid for some reason") surely they can describe such an auditing process mid-tally so to speak. Surely there are procedures and criteria for intervening in that way.

  13. Replies
    1. Yeah, that's an informative write-up. Re his mention of scanning ballots multiple times, that's exactly what the Dominion tech lady in Detroit has testified to. She says she saw batches (500 ballots in each) being scanned up to 10x. One assumes this is standard fraud practice, but now we seem to have it on camera. I see that Ruby has lawyered up, saying "This is bigger than me." Things may be falling apart.

    2. @Mark
      "Things may be falling apart."
      Pls explain.

    3. The burst waterpipe was a key part of the arrangement.

      [quote; emphasis added]

      Fulton County election officials said they are behind - possibly by about two hours - counting absentee ballots after a pipe burst near a room at State Farm Arena where some of those ballots were being held.

      According to election officials, none of the ballots were damaged in the process. No voting equipment was effected either, officials said.

      Fulton County Registration chief Ralph Jones said that the pipe burst just after 6 a.m. Tuesday in the room above where they ballots were being kept, and water was draining down to the left side of the room where the ballots were.

      State Farm did come to fix the issue - which was repaired by about 8 a.m. - but there was a brief delay in tabulating the absentee ballots while the repairs were being made, Jones said. ....

      Fulton County officials said it will continue to tabulate the remainder of the absentee ballots over the next two days - a process that requires each ballot be opened, before signatures are verified and the ballots scanned.

      According to election officials, between 40,000 to 60,000 main-in/drop-off absentee ballots were not counted on election night. The county election officials said it was not due to the water pipe issues, rather it was because of the sheer number of ballots.

      [end quote]

      The burst waterpipe was supposed to be the reason why large numbers of absentee ballots eventually were put under a table and were counted for two hours after 11 p.m.

    4. It just seems that so much is coming out--evidence of fraud--that the coverup may be unraveling. The video evidence + in GA, the witnesses in PA, the witnesses and now machine exam in MI, evidence in WI, AZ, NV, etc. This may be the sort of stuff that will give the SCOTUS the support to act decisively. Also some legislatures.

    5. So, absentee ballots were stored in a room directly above the room that we see in the video. On Election morning, at 6 a.m., a waterpipe bursts in that upper room.

      How is that time known? Was someone in that upper room at 6 a.m.?

      From that burst waterpipe, so much water flows that water was draining down to the left side of the room where the ballots were (the big room we see in the video). That seems to be an enormous amount of water flowing out of that burst pipe in the upper room.

      The repair of the burst pipe takes about two hours (6 a.m. to 8 a.m.) -- about the same amount of time that the four vote counters have to work late (11 p.m. to 1 a.m.)

      Although the waterpipe was known to have burst at 6 a.m., the ballots were not brought downstairs and put under the table in the big room until 8:22 a.m.

      Where were the ballots between 6 a.m. (when the waterpipe burst in the upper room) and 8:22 a.m. (when they were put under the table in the big, lower room)?

      When and where were those ballots removed from their envelopes?

    6. Mike, there was no “burst waterpipe”, or “busted pipe” as corrupt election official Ralph Jones described it. A urinal overflowed. Taken care of in two hours. It did not harm any ballots.


    7. Fulton County election officials said they are behind - possibly by about two hours - counting absentee ballots after a pipe burst near a room at State Farm Arena where some of those ballots were being held. ... the pipe burst just after 6 a.m. Tuesday in the room above where they ballots were being kept, and water was draining down to the left side of the room where the ballots were.

      Now I am not sure about the locations of the waterpipe and the rooms.

      * There is one big room that we see in the video.

      * There is a second room where some ballots were being held.

      * The waterpipe burst "near" the second room.

      * The waterpipe burst above the second room, and so much water flowed from the burst waterpipe that water was draining down a side of the second room.

      The waterpipe burst at 6 a.m. and was fixed by 8 a.m. Then the ballots were brought from the second room into the big room (that we see on the video), where they were put underneath a table at 8:22 a.m.

      When and where were those ballots removed from their envelopes?

      After the waterpipe burst and water began flowing down a side of the second room, when were the ballots removed from that second room and brought into the big room?

    8. The ballots were removed from their envelopes before they were brought into the big room and put under the table at 8:22 on Election morning.

      Why were those ballots not counted immediately during that morning? What is the reason why the counting of those ballots did not begin until 11 p.m.?

    9. Mike, a urinal overflowed. There was no “burst pipe”. See the link in my Comment just above yours. Ralph Jones did no tell the truth. He is known to do that.

    10. How did it happen that this burst waterpipe became a news story?

      During Election Day, Ralph Jones told 11 Alive that a burst waterpipe had put the ballot counters two hours behind in counting absentee ballots.

      The news article does not explain why some water leaking down a room's side caused this two-hour delay. The absentee ballots were simply being stored in that room?

      Furthermore, it looks like the absentee ballots in that room were stored on four wheeled carriages. After the water was seen be be flowing down the room's side, how long did it take to wheel those four carriages out of that room?

      Did it take two hours? Why did it take longer than two minutes?

      Why did Jones tell 11 Live that the water flowing down the side of a room caused a two-hour delay?

      Also, why were those four carriages of ballots stored in a separate room? Those four carriages do not take up much space. After all, all four carriages fit under one table in the big room. Why were they ever stored in a separate room?

    11. Mike, a urinal overflowed. There was no “burst pipe”.

      I doubt that a urinal overflowed, and I doubt that a pipe burst.

      I think the incident is just a fiction to explain why some absentee ballots had to be counted for two hours in the middle of the night.

    12. Can it really be that this is not being investigated by the FBI?

    13. A couple things on the evolving narrative on the water leak from a link from another site and the local news. What’s next ....,
      A court filing from the state SoS investigator
      A local news story about it

    14. A court filing from the state SoS investigator

      That link does not work for me.



      Video taken hours before shows the table being brought into the room at 8:22 a.m. Nothing was underneath the table then.

      At 10 p.m., with the room full of people, including official monitors and the media, video shows ballots that had already been opened but not counted placed in the boxes, sealed up and stored under the table.

      [end quote]

      I would like to see the part of the video where the ballots were placed in boxes, sealed up and stored under under the table at 10 p.m.

    16. After a long while, the courtlistener webpage did appear for me.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. There is always a water shutoff valve someplace...

  16. Meanwhile, back in Georgia, Judge Batten dismisses Sidney Powell’s lawsuit. Over to Justice Thomas? Thoughts?

    1. Also, in Michigan, US District Court Judge Linda V. Parker did same, on grounds that suit
      was brought too late.
      “This ship has sailed,” the judge wrote, concluding: “The people have spoken.”.

      Trump backers responded, e.g. w/:
      "AЯI ᖉ∩ƨƨ!ɐu ᗷO⊥ @ari_russian
      BREAKING: Judge Batten ISSUES verbal order DISMISSING Sidney Powell’s lawsuit in Georgia, says plaintiffs should have brought suit months earlier.
      I guess they should have filed this suit *before the actual election fraud* occurred."

  17. Ralph Jones, the election official who was working as floor supervisor in that counting room, is known to be dishonest. It was he who said it was a “busted pipe”. He was also seen on video to be on his cell phone in the counting room. Although an election official - head of Registrations - he moonlights with his own campaign consultancy company. Got caught when he was a consultant to Mayor Bowser’s campaign. The urinal overflow determination was the result of an actual investigation. Is it true? In Georgia, who knows. But there was no burst pipe.

    When we watched on TV the live hearing with the members of the Georgia legislature, an expanded version of the CDTV footage showed workers wheeling those containers full of ballots in through a door and then placing them under the table. I don’t recall seeing a time stamp.

  18. Just when you think you’ve heard it all,

    Georgia Elections Supply Web Store Hosted on Canadian Platform

    The website used to order blank ballots and other election supplies from the office of Georgia’s secretary of state is hosted on Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform that admitted it was breached not long before Election Day.

    The unique address of the website appears on the bottom of order records from local elections offices, some of which were discarded near the secretary of state’s distribution warehouse.

    The shop’s landing page is protected by a password.

    And Dominion is a Canadian company, too...

  19. The Declaration of James Watson, Chief Investigator in the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State, includes the following two paragraphs:


    On November 3, 2020, the Secretary of State's Office received complaints that staff of the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections directed clerks, public observers and media personnel to leave the State Farm Arena location where ballots were being tabulated due to a water leak at the State Farm Arena, but Fulton County staff continued to scan ballots at the State Farm Arena.

    The Secretary of State's Office opened an investigation into the incident at the Sate Farm Arena. Our investigation revealed that the incident initial reported as a water leak in the evening on November 3rd was actually a urinal that had overflowed in the morning of November 3rd, and did not affect the counting of votes later in the evening.

    [end quote]

    How and from whom did Watson's office receive such complaints on November 3? As far as the public knows, the complaints were initiated by Republican observers on November 4, after they discovered the late-night counting?

    Exactly who complained already on December 3 that clerks, public observers and media personnel were directed to leave the location due to a water leak? What was the time on December 3 when Watson's office received the complaints?

    If the complaints actually were made on December 4, then why does Watson write that they were made on December 3?

    According to Watson, people complained that, due to a water leak, they had been told to leave the counting location. Were these complaints in writing? If so, then who wrote them, and exactly what did the complaints say about when and why people were told to leave the counting location?

    1. Our investigation revealed that the incident initial reported as a water leak in the evening on November 3rd was actually a urinal that had overflowed in the morning of November 3rd, and did not affect the counting of votes later in the evening.

      Well, did someone tell people to leave the counting area because of some incident that involved flowing water?

      Or did nobody never tell anybody to leave the location for any reason?

      Or did somebody tell somebody something in between?

      If somebody did tell somebody something along those lines, then when did that communication happen -- and who told whom what?

      If there is some disagreement about who told what to whom, then please explain.


      Did Ralph Jones tell a journalist that the counting of absentee ballots might be delayed by two hours because a waterpipe had burst, causing water to flow down the side of a room where absentee ballots were stored? If Jones did tell a journalist that story, then why did Jones do so?

      If Jones did not tell that story to a journalist, then why was such a story attributed to Jones in a published news article on November 3?

  20. The 11 Alive news story about the possible delay in counting absentee ballots is dated November 3 at 8:26 PM. Then there was an update on November 4 at 10:27 AM.

    So, the article was written mostly on the evening of Tuesday, Election Day. I assume that he article's first paragraph was written on that evening:


    Fulton County election officials said they are behind - possibly by about two hours - counting absentee ballots after a pipe burst near a room at State Farm Arena where some of those ballots were being held.

    [end quote]

    So, no later than 8:26 PM on Election Night, a journalist was told that there might be a two-hour delay in counting absentee ballots because a pipe had burst near a room where some of those ballots were being held.

    The estimate that two hours might be necessary to catch up was quite accurate. The late-night counting took place from about 11 PM to about 1 AM.

    Another paragraph in the article says:


    State Farm did come to fix the issue [water draining to the side of the room where the absentee ballots were kept] - which was repaired by about 8 a.m. - but there was a brief delay in tabulating the absentee ballots while the repairs were being made, Jones said.

    [end quote]

    The article does not explain why the water draining to the side of that room caused any delay in tabulating the ballots.

    I think that all the above part of the article was written on Tuesday evening.

    The part of the article that was the update on Wednesday morning begins with the following two paragraphs:

    [quote; emphasis added]

    Fulton County officials said it will continue to tabulate the remainder of the absentee ballots over the next two days - a process that requires each ballot be opened, before signatures are verified and the ballots scanned.

    According to election officials, between 40,000 to 60,000 main-in/drop-off absentee ballots were not counted on election night. The county election officials said it was not due to the water pipe issues, rather it was because of the sheer number of ballots. ...

    Officials sent ballot counters home at 10:30 p.m. and said they'd return at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

    [end quote]

    In the article's overall context, I interpret the last such paragraph as follows:

    Counting some of the absentee ballots were delayed because of the some water that was draining on a side of the room where those ballots were. That problem (stopping the water and counting those particular absentee ballots) was all fixed by Wednesday morning.

    However, the counting of the remainder of the absentee ballots -- 40,000 to 60,000 absentee ballots -- would continue, because of their sheer number, until Friday or Saturday or even Wednesday.

  21. The 11 Alive article was published initially on November 3 at 8:26 PM and then was updated on November 4 at 10:27 AM.

    I speculate that the update was prompted largely by the fact that Republican observers had returned to the counting location shortly after 1 AM and had learned that the counting had continued until almost that time. Later on the morning of November 4, those Republican observers complained about the late-night voting to the Office of the Secretary of State.

    Therefore, the article was updated on Wednesday morning, at 10:27 AM. The update includes the following paragraph:


    Fulton officials said their goal was to have 100,000 absentee plus drop-off ballots counted by the end of election night. Officials sent ballot counters home at 10:30 p.m. and said they'd return at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

    [end quote]

    The readers were supposed to understand from that paragraph that the election officials had hoped to count 100,000 such ballots by the end of Tuesday's counting, but that goal could not be achieved, and so all ballot-counters were sent home at 10:30 PM.

    In other words, the Republican observers were mistaken if they said they had returned to the location at 1 AM and had learned that vote-counters had departed just a short time previously.

    (I wonder if the Republican observers were kept under surveillance, and therefore the late-night vote-counters were warned to get out of the facility as soon as the observers began their trip back to the location.)

    So, the update misinforms the public that all the vote-counters departed at 10:30.

    Possibly related to that misinformation is James Watson's false statement that complaints were made already on November 3 about people being told to leave the counting location because of flowing water.

    I speculate that Watson intended to contradict the Republican observers' complaint that they had returned to the voting location shortly after 1 AM on November 4 and had learned that some vote-counters had continued to count votes until almost 1 AM.

    I speculate that Watson was preparing the ground for an alternate story that the Republican observers had left at 10:30 PM and had returned well before midnight and initiated a complaint about being told to leave.

    Watson wants to misinform the public that nothing happened after the midnight of November 3-4. Rather, the Republicans returned well before midnight, complained about being told to leave at 10:30, and then departed before midnight. Meanwhile, no vote-counters were there after 10:30 PM.

    1. You have engaged in the most futile and indecipherable discussion for the last two days now. You might as well have been trying to determine what Tommy did to Susie on the playground during morning recess but Tommy is on the bus headed home and Susie is at piano so you have to rely on Eddie and Jane. If you are going to continue I'll need another bottle of Bourbon.