Tuesday, December 1, 2020

How Much Do They Hate Normal?

Yesterday I went to the dentist and today I was at a different doctor's office. Both experiences ended up being similar. Both doctors carefully sounded me out--then vented. Yes, you already know what they were venting about. Covid. But it quickly went further, went political, because we all know that's what it is. 

The dentist's wife is a nurse at a major area hospital. The hospital has lots of Covid "patients", but these are people who are admitted for "observation" or given a bit of oxygen and then released within two days. It helps keep the Covid numbers up and gets the hospital extra federal money--Trump's biggest mistake. In effect, hospitals are payed to inflate the numbers. It also helps justify keeping schools shut down.

The other doctor, after briefly asking how I was, continued (from behind his mask): 'What do you think about this Covid nonsense?' I responded: 'You mean the Covid bullsh*t?' and he shook his head: 'Centuries of medical progress--out the window! What will future generations say about this?' He was worried about the social and personal development of his two kids, both in their early teens. An immigrant, he was also worried about the deepening political corruption of his adopted country.

Both recognized that--whatever the origins of Covid--it had quickly become a political pandemic. A pandemic that was intentionally nurtured for political goals, key among those goals being to crush the American middle class to prepare for the Great Reset.

So, how much do liberals hate the normality that Trump was slowly restoring to America? The title of this article tells you:

When Covid-19 closed schools, Black, Hispanic and poor kids took biggest hit in math, reading

An analysis of 4.4 million student test scores showed most children fell short in math — and the most vulnerable students likely fell further behind.

What, you ask, do they mean when they say that "the most vulnerable students likely fell further behind?" Why 'likely'? Couldn't they identify those 'most vulnerable students' and measure their progress--or (likely) lack of progress? The answer is, yes, they know exactly who those most vulnerable students 'likely' are--they're the 25% of students who didn't even bother taking the standardized test.

Of the students who actually did take the test, this is what we know:

The latest is a report from NWEA, formerly the Northwest Evaluation Association, which analyzed the results of tests given to nearly 4.4 million U.S. students in grades three through eight this fall and found that most fell short in math, scoring an average of 5 to 10 percentile points behind students who took the same test last year.

While a majority of students did better than expected in reading — scoring at levels similar to typical nonpandemic years — this wasn’t true for Black and Hispanic students and those who attend high-poverty schools. Those groups of students saw slight declines, suggesting the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing educational disparities, possibly setting children who were already behind their white and more affluent peers even further behind. 

“It's a reason for concern and it’s a reason to really focus our attention on helping catch kids up,” said Megan Kuhfeld, an NWEA senior research scientist and the lead author of the study.

Question: We just read in the middle paragraph that those kids "were already behind their white and more affluent peers." So does "catching up" in these cases mean catching up to the same behind the curve level? I think so. After all, if "catching up" were a real possibility wouldn't our hard working--in non-pandemic years--educational establishment have helped those kids "catch up" to their proper grade level of achievement in the first place? Who are they kidding?

I don't think they're kidding the white parents whose kids are achieving as normally as can be expected in our government schools. Maybe the educational establishment--solidly Dem--think they're kidding the Black and Hispanic parents whose kids are falling farther and farther behind and will 'likely' never catch up.

Now you know how much Progs hate the normal that Trump was working to restore to MAGA. They hated normal enough to screw their most loyal constituency without the slightest twinge of conscience. Because, please--don't try to tell me this outcome was foreseeable. In the name of "science" they turned a pandemic that didn't affect kids into a weapon that would destroy the futures of their most loyal base demographic--to "get Trump." And it turned out that that wasn't even enough. They had to destroy our fundamental guarantee of representative government as well to even have a hope of getting the job done--The Big Steal.

Here's some more. It paints a bleak picture of what the Dems have in store for America. But that bleak future, whatever it turns out to be, will be cheered on by the Media.

But more worrisome than the findings themselves is the fact that they only capture part of the picture. The study was limited by the fact that a high number of students — 1 in 4 — who typically take the NWEA’s widely used MAP assessment in the fall didn’t take it this year.

Students might not have been tested because they couldn’t connect with their online classes on test day. They might have been absent from school because of illness or quarantines. They might attend schools that decided not to test at all this year, given the many new challenges schools face because of the pandemic. Or the students missing from NWEA’s data might not be in school at all.

Many districts across the country have reported significant drops in enrollment this fall, with one study estimating that 3 million of the nation’s most vulnerable children — those who are homeless, in foster care, have disabilities or are learning English — could be displaced from school.

That means that while NWEA researchers found some good news ... it’s hard to know how significant that is.

It’s possible students are learning remotely better than had been feared, or that parents have been able to supplement their learning with extra lessons, Kuhfeld said. But another big factor is the students who didn’t take the test — and who would have been more likely to post lower scores.

“The students we’re most worried about are likely the ones who are missing,” Kuhfeld said.

But if they're really worried, why are the schools still closed?


  1. My family has a similar story. My niece has 2 girls in elementary school. The 4th grader has dyslexia and is actually still in kindergartin level for reading and writing. Her sister in second grade hates school. Here in Delaware it was all ZOOM school. Finally they partially opened and each of my nieces daughters went to school twice a week. Now that has ended She is totally frustrated with the fool governor. The ICU in our local hospital is empty and most "hospitalizations are just overnight stays for observations.

    Rob S.

    1. @Rob S.


      How do your friends and neighbors feel about Ol' Joe moving to the White House?

    2. We prefer to see him in Big House.

      Rob S

  2. one of best covid "studies" is the comparison of death rates pre- and post- wuhan...of course, some forces made the university pull the study right away, because there was NO difference in the death rates. Determined people can still find the study online if persistent.

    1. Link to Johns Hopkins study:

  3. Let me offer a slightly different take...

    -->In the name of "science" they turned a pandemic that didn't affect kids into a weapon that would destroy the futures of their most loyal base demographic--to "get Trump."<--

    Those of us who keep abreast of the coronavirus by means other than the MSM know that the young--school age children & adolescents--are the least vulnerable to this virus. But the vast majority of the public do not read sites (like our host's herein) offering in-depth, rational, and comprehensive discussion of the WuFlu. They rely on the MSM and its offering of panic porn.

    And since many schools across the land have experienced extended periods of school closures ("for the children"), the public at-large can only conclude that children must be especially at-risk. Why else would schools close??

    As an anecdote: My elderly mother utilizes the services of home healthcare aides, two of whom have school-age children. Don't you dare suggest to them that children are at low-to-no risk--they'll cite chapter and verse, including the affected child's name who have 1) had symptoms; or 2) tested positive; or 3) rumored through the grapevine to have either. If the schools were closed, the school district had good reason!!!!!

    The MSM has a monopoly on misinformation. And it serves their partisan agenda.

    1. Very true. So many millions of people still watch standard media that its difficult to break through.