Tuesday, December 15, 2020

OMG: Read This!

Zerohedge has a super blog up: 

This is something that I've been hashing over with my wife for the last several weeks. My argument to the Silver Fox has been that this dramatic shortfall in the Flu is related to the Casedemic that's being foisted on us. Here's the early part of this long blog, setting the stage for what follows.:

... influenza-related infections, hospitalizations and confirmed cases over the past couple of months have been much, much lower than the 'experts' had anticipated. ... 
... people may be afraid to seek treatment, or get tested, if they have the flu, and that this could be one reason for the drop. But given the similarity in symptoms, we imagine most people who get the flu will probably panic and get tested, and that - doctors being doctors - they will get tested for COVID, and, failing that, the flu (and given what we know about the massive false positive farce in PCR testing), the "lack" of flu 'cases' seems quite oddly coincident with the "surging wave" of COVID 'cases'. Some among the more vulnerable might panic and seek emergency care, only to learn that what they're suffering from is a mild case of the flu, not the onset of a potentially lethal bout with COVID.

Here's what the author doesn't explicitly state. Two points:

#1:  The likelihood is that of those Flu sufferers who go to their doctor, a certain number will yield false positive Covid results--that's how the BS testing works. That will boost the Covid numbers and depress the Flu numbers, because the doctor will test for Covid first and will stop there with any positive result coupled with "flu-like symptoms."

#2:  Another--and perhaps much larger number--will test "positive" because the BS test picks up any fragments of inert virus. And there's a ton of that floating around in the general population by now. Once again, the doctor will stop there. No testing for Flu if there's a "positive" Covid test.

Now, wrap your head around what follows. Yes, I know it's speculative, but that's where we are in America these days, since there's a lockdown on reliable information we go with what's available:

Now, are we supposed to believe Dr. Fauci & Co. weren't able to anticipate this back in the summer?

Or were the warnings about the "twindemic" instead pushed subtly by big pharma to keep sales growing and, perhaps, provide more "buffer" to pour into development of the new COVID-19 vaccine...or at least maybe that's what they would like you to believe.

Paul Craig Roberts from the IPE expanded on all of this in a recent piece:

Is there no flu this year or is flu “the second wave of Covid?” Don’t expect any honest answer from health authorities. They have the fear running strong, so strong that people are submitting to needless lockdowns that are causing economic havoc to their lives and to mask mandates that do more harm than good.

What is it all about?

Is it simply about vaccine profits for Big Pharma?

Or is it about getting people accustomed to arbitrary orders unsupported by legislation? Isn’t what we are experiencing a takeover of our lives by the executive part of government?

Or is it about reducing human fertility? Experts report that the American vaccine contains anti-fertility elements that will make a percentage of the female population infertile. Why is there no public discussion of this? There are also expert concerns about the novelty of the way the vaccine is supposed to work. It is an approach never before used and has not had sufficient trials to know the consequences.

Just some food for thought.

Who are big supporters of vaccines of all sorts? Bill and Melinda Gates. Who are fanatical depopulation proponents? Bill and Melinda Gates. Not for themselves--it's the proles they're concerned about.

A commenter recently suggested that I was infected with a Bill Gates as "boogieman" mentality. But what's with Gates' preoccupation with giving people shots? Then consider this:

Many people are asking, what is the endgame of this contrived coronavirus epidemic?  What is government attempting to accomplish?  Complete control of individuals? Total destruction of private enterprise? Abolishment of Constitution protections? Foment racial discord?  Outlaw guns?  Demolish religion?  Sweep the President from office?  Cull the world’s human population?  Yes, all of those are likely objectives. ...

The hidden leader of the band

Then there is Mr. Double-Speak, vaccine entrepreneur Bill Gates, masquerading as a benevolent humanitarian, who claims vaccination will save more lives, but then reveals in a TED Talk (at 4:21 in the TED Talk):

 “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines… we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.”

Make no mistake about it, Mr. Gates was saying one of the following factors he had on his photo slide at the TED Talk (CO2, people, services, energy per service and CO2 per unit of energy) has to come down to zero.  “Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near zero,” he said.

Gates said the aggregate of those factors has risen to 1.3.  So, “people” are on the Gates chopping block to save the earth from CO2, you know, the gas that plants and trees use in photosynthesis.

Gates predicted a killer virus would originate from China’s wet markets in a 2019 Netflix documentary.  He is a $90 billion oligarch who can buy off government agencies, the news press, and in fact skirt around governmental oversight and congressional budgets to achieve his goals.  This man can single-handedly buy an epidemic.

Bill Gates believes overpopulation must be addressed even though we are learning that in healthy economies, women choose to limit the number of children they give birth to without government interference.  Western Europe, Italy, North America and Japan are in negative population growth.  Gates slightly alters his understanding of this phenomenon by saying, as human populations are vaccinated and therefore healthier, women will limit the size of their families.

As the author says, we seem to be at the mercy of a college dropout living in the Malthusian past. Have you seen the recent videos where he smirks and says we'll have to shut everything down for another six months and will only get to a "new normal"--as he defines it, presumably--in a few years? It's downright creepy.


  1. Remember how Dr. Frankenstein was advancing science right up to the point where the folks showed up with pitchforks?

    Maybe that was intended as a warning....

  2. That smug, tyrannical geek needs a large knuckle sandwich on rye..wait, hold the rye....with multiple servings.

  3. If history is a guide, the hubris of these people will be their undoing.

  4. Maybe the real issue is the incompetence of the experts.

    Rob S

  5. You should try to find up to date influenza data for 2020. It's like searching mud pit for a quarter.

    Can we axe adminstrative law now and ditch the CDC please? That's kinda where I'm at.

    1. Agreed and add the DOJ and FBI to that. Does anyone really believe that the CDC was caught by surprise by Covid. They knew all along what was happening in China. The countless numbers of former CDC employees who were currently working for WHO would have been passing that information to their friends back at the CDC. To accuse China of keeping that info from them is laughable.

  6. I wish I could find the tweet, but an MD tweeted essentially this:

    Me: Why don't we have any flu?
    Them: Because people are social distancing and wearing masks.
    Me: Then why is COVID so high?
    Them: Because people aren't social distancing or wearing masks.
    Me: *Says a prayer for America*

  7. During the usual dark times in human history the little people have been pawns or collateral damage when the wanna-be gods clashed over territory or even power, because the happiness/well being of the peasantry really had no bearing on the why or how of the conflict. Even in Greek mythology the Titans never made war on ordinary people if for no other reason than they had nothing the Titans wanted. We live in a time where the wanna-bes actually, actively, detest the very existence of the serfs and that same existence is the absolute enemy of the good, by their lights. The war is not against other titans, but, for the first time in history, rather against humanity itself. These are truly evil times indeed.
    Tom S.

    1. Well, Prometheus was punished for giving humans fire (freedom?). There is that. Hope Trump does not end up with Prometheus' fate.

  8. That Trump hasn't axed Fauci is an utter mystery.
    Tom S.

  9. I think that it’s important to note that the claim that people are not being tested for flu does not seem to be supported by the data.

    If you compare the most recent CDC weekly flu report week 49, there have been ~232K tests reported from clinical labs and ~169K tests reported from public health labs. This totals ~401K for the season so far (since week 40 in late September). (Source:, section “US Virologic Surveillance”). Of those tests, only 602 have been positive. 602!!

    Compare that to one year ago, week 49 2019 (source: Using the same methods, they reported ~266K clinical lab tests and ~15K public health lab tests (~281K total). Of those 281K total tests, there were ~19.5K positive tests.

    600 flu cases from 401,000 tests in 2020 vs almost 20,000 flu cases from 281,000 tests.

    Note that this is just a special set of labs that the CDC tracks every year selected to help them estimate what’s happening with the flu across the country, but I don’t see any reason to doubt that this trend doesn’t carry over to other labs.

    We’re testing *more* than usual, we’re just not finding the flu this year. Why?

    The data on masks and other interventions has always been weak for flu (see pre-COVID CDC or WHO guidelines), so I don’t think that’s it.

    The most likely hypothesis may my mind is that COVID or some other virus is competing with the flu. See this Lancet article published in September, looking at the flu and another virus that causes the common cold called rhinovirus:

  10. Time to put gates and that creep from apple out of business. In the olden days they burned books....
    Phone and computer smashing works for me.

  11. "...everything in the state, nothing against the State, nothing outside the state."
    Mussolini's definition of Fasism

    The more things change the more history circles back to the same place.
    Tom S.

  12. Between Gates and Soros it seems the world is stuck between the rock and the hard place. And because of their money, they are running the show medically and politicly. We are in trouble.

    1. No one lives forever, usually their vision dies with them. Let's hope it's the case with these two.

  13. "usually their vision dies with them."
    Not always. Sometimes their kids aren't total idiots.
    It may take decades/ centuries, for the gen'l populace to shake of the yoke of a rigged system, and then often at a huge price.

  14. Big Pharma, the CDC, NIH, Fauci, FDA, and large medical systems and hospitals murdered over 200,000 Americans because they refused to give people the hydroxychloriquine cocktail because it is cheap and they hate Trump.

    AMA comes out and admits the hydroxychloriquine cocktail works soon after the election when they always knew it worked for almost everyone. They all knew it, but lied in order to damage Trump.