Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Briefly Noted: The Middle Class Beatdown Will Continue

The previous attempt at a middle class beatdown--global warming, or, wait, climate change--was a dismal failure. What that episode did reveal, however, was the Left's Stalinist view of science: Science is whatever advances the Socialist Cause.

The Left isn't about to drop its campaign to redefine science, and so we have its embrace of Covid. The campaign to universally impose a vaccine that is, at best, rather pointless and at worst possibly dangerous or even sinister has been running into some headwinds. As a result, the Left is consumed with their favorite pastime: fantasies of coercing recalcitrant Right wingers. However, having seen how successful hoaxes can prove to be in this age of fake news inculcated by an omnipresent social media, the redefinition of words has its own fascination for the left. I suppose it all started with "Ms."

In any event, the better to trick the recalcitrant into vaxxing, the WHO has redefined "herd immunity". You can read all about it here:

Experts, including Stanford epidemiologist Dr Jay Bhattacharya, say the new definition is wrong

Dr. Bhattacharya is right, of course, but he's missing the point. The point is to get people used to saying black is white--or something like that. The further point is to smoke out dissenters--those irritating people like Dr. Bhattacharya who insist on saying black is black and white is white. The technique is the Big Lie. Dr. Michael Yeadon, calling out a lying colleague, tweets:

Then they get into outright lying. Plenty of practise I suppose. “The vast majority of people in most countries remain susceptible to this virus”. Oddly enough, this is precisely the wording used by Sir Patrick Vallance at a press conference a couple of months ago.

Pat: you know, and I know, and you know I know, that statement was never true, was it?

So here's how it works. The standard definition of "herd immunity", as also accepted by the WHO, used to run like this:

Herd immunity is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection. This means that even people who haven’t been infected, or in whom an infection hasn’t triggered an immune response, they are protected because people around them who are immune can act as buffers between them and an infected person [emphasis added].

You can see the problem with that, right away. Some trouble makers might suggest, Hey, what's the point in vaccinating the entire world population if the risk from Covid is actually so miniscule? Mightn't the risks--especially with a rush job like this one was--outweigh any conceivable benefits?

Classic Wrongthink! As Karl Marx might have said, well, actually he did say this in a slightly different context: Socialist Man doesn't ask those types of questions. In fact, Socialist Man doesn't even think those kinds of thoughts--he simply asks his masters what they want him to think. And so our globalist masters at the WHO have come out with this new definition, all unbidden:

‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.

Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it...

With herd immunity, the vast majority of a population are vaccinated, lowering the overall amount of virus able to spread in the whole population.

Line up, or you'll be accused of opposing 'settled science'!

OK, so this is supposed to get us to virtually total, population wide vaccination. To encourage the less enthusiastic among us, Leftists are pursuing their fantasies of kicking people of public transport, refusing entry to restaurants, etc., if you don't have the soon-to-be mandatory Covid Vaxxer Card--which will double as a Global Identity Card.

But, then, why are we also being told that we'll still need to mask up even after vaxxing? Haha! Because, Wrongthinker, as Rand Paul has said, "It's all about submission." And if you ask questions like that it means you haven't learned your lesson.

Furthermore, as Monica Showalter points out today in Joe Biden advises 'our darkest days are ahead of us':

It suggests what anyone paying close attention to COVID and the election has always suspected: That Biden's "presidency" is going to be the presidency of permanent COVID. You've heard of 'permanent revolution' from the communist set? Biden's the president of 'permanent COVID.' That's the glue that will hold such a presidency together. ...

COVID, after all, has empowered blue-state governors and blue-city mayors with power beyond all of their wildest dreams. It's allowed public health officials to shut down the mighty U.S. economy, much to China's delight. It's allowed teachers unions to dump teaching and take a break with ZOOM, too bad if the science doesn't support their claims about kids spreading COVID or the kids stop showing up, commit suicide, lose chances to make friends, or flunk. It's made Democrat-donating billionaires, such as Jeff Bezos, very, very rich, sweeping out his bothersome upstart competition. Power's where it's at baby, and perpetuating it. Joe Biden is just the rickety vehicle to give it.

As for the rest of us, just slops and $600 gruel.

A powerful COVID lobby has emerged, COVID now, COVID forever, and too bad about all the lost small businesses.

In fact, Leftists being the eternal optimists, they're already looking past the vaxxing and envisioning World Domination, unless I've terribly misunderstood what I read this morning:

That's right--they really think they've won it all. "Lord" Malloch Brown thinks the central global problem is that we don't have nearly enough government, and he has big plans to deal with that problem:

The battle is clear to see. It’s between good and evil. It’s between the truth and lies. It’s between freedom and slavery.

We know that Lord Malloch Brown oversaw Smartmatic and acknowledged its connections to Dominion voting machines. These two companies are a significant piece behind the massive fraud in this year’s election that took place to steal the election for Joe Biden. If we had a Department of Justice they would already be arrested and in jail.

Shortly after the 2020 election when the Democrats and Soros thought the election was stolen, Soros as a reward, named his mate Lord Malloch Brown the new Chairman of Soros’s Open Society, the group that oversees and funds many of Soros causes, that have destroyed America as we know it.

Now we know why Soros and the former head of Smartmatic voting machines are such good friends.  Lord Mallach Brown penned a piece of work in 2011, where the introduction to the work says:

In The Unfinished Global Revolution, former United Nations deputy secretary general Mark Malloch- Brown diagnoses the central global predicament of the twenty-first century-as we have become more integrated, we have also become less governed. National governments are no longer equipped to address complex global issues, from climate change to poverty, and international organizations have not yet been empowered to step into the breach.In this book, Malloch- Brown wrenches the discussion away from terrorism, nationalism, and Iraq and calls for a new global politics-a bigger league, with greater opportunity for all…

…The Unfinished Global Revolution chronicles how over the past few decades domestic problems- from unemployment to environmental distress– increasingly have international roots. As national politicians lose control to impersonal global forces, they will be forced to become more effective participants in international mechanisms, such as the United Nations, that may offer the only viable solutions. Increasingly, ad hoc arrangements among NGOs, civil society, and the private sector are filling in the gap created by the failures of individual governments.

In the wake of the worldwide economic crisis of 2008, many have been forced to acknowledge that a global economy needs global institutions to govern it. What is true for finance, Malloch- Brown argues, is surely true for public health, poverty, or climate change. In The Unfinished Global Revolution, he calls for us to embrace more powerful international institutions and the values needed to underpin a truly globalist agenda-the rule of law, human rights, and opportunity for all.

"The rule of law, human rights, and opportunity for all"? Sorry, those are words that have already been redefined "Lord" Malloch Brown's world. It's his world now, with Trump out of the way. You'll find out soon enough what those words mean now--and it may come as a surprise to you. More likely it will come as a dismaying shock.

Do you get the feeling that, ultimately, Covid as it has played out is mostly about Donald Trump? Or, as Rand Paul says, It's all about submission. It's impossible to stress that enough. The middle class, with their resistance to global government, is the enemy that must be beaten into submission. Its defenders must be ousted from all positions of influence.


  1. I will not submit. Too old to live on my knees.

    My wife told me this afternoon..."I sure hope some of these young folks step up, we're too old to be leading the charge." But if you want something done right....

    1. @Mojlnir

      Leading the charge is not nearly as important as the leadership and organizing that goes into it.

      Also, the knowledge and wisdom that comes with the bumps, scrapes and bruises we aquire trudging through our lives is often valuable and worth sharing.

      Im betting young and old all have parts to play in keeping each other off of their knees.

      So please keep up the good fight!

  2. I could say a lot of things like; the large American middle class appeared after WW2 and was a fluke in our human history, that other nations building their own middle classes such as China is not sustainable considering an Earth with limited resources, or that there has been a constant struggle between the middle class and nobility since the Magna Carta...

    Instead I want to point to a cold naked truth. Everytime they poked the Bourgeoisie, millions died and it was ressurected even stronger either in numbers or in affluence.

  3. Absolutely on the mark, Mark. To many take aim at the Democrat Party. They, like the CCP, WHO, IMF, GOP, et al, are wholly owned organs. Some may think they act independently, but in reality they are puppets of larger forces. The only explanation for how their interests and applicable force can suddenly and complete focus on the same end, then, just as enigmatically disperse to ostensible opposite ends of the arena.
    Tom S.

  4. I'll bet you meant "It's his world NOW, with Trump out of the way."
    On covid etc., check out K. Denninger yesterday, at :

    "... notice what's not "raging" -- the flu. In fact, Covid-19 has apparently vanquished the flu, consuming it. Indeed, since September, only 666 cases of the flu have been recorded anywhere in the United States, and just slightly more than one instance per state last week....

    There are only two reasonable hypothesis on that: Covid-19 wasn't really -19 at all; in 2018, I remind you, hospitals were full to the top with *flu patients*, yet we were not locking down and wagging our fingers, nor was anyone wearing a mask.
    Wait -- they were treating people in tents in 2018? Why yes, yes they were - in January of 2018..
    This of course implies, that either Covid "19" was actually around for the last several years, and simply called flu, or we're ignoring the flu."

    1. So like laundry detergent on a store shelf, they rebranded the flu, put it in a box with different color, and we are paying more for the same sh*t via vaccines, tyranny and taxes.

      Nice trick.

    2. And, enabled huge election fraud.
      The Trick of Tricks.

  5. In the text I just sent, Denninger has links to
    (about Covid-19 apparently vanquishing the flu), and
    (about how, in 2018, hospitals were full).

  6. Trump issued another round of pardons today. Appears to be a fighting retreat, but a retreat none the less. Not that I mind. I still think Trump should pardon everyone, and I do mean literally everyone.
    Tom S.

  7. There are states with power enough to say no, we won't do that. I can see how this may lead to a hard division. A huge part of the population won't put up with globalization and all it entails. Just how do you coerce an armed population to bend to your will? I don't think it's possible.

    I'm 73, in relatively good health, and am opting out of the super, speedy vaccination. Similar to never buy a new car model its first year, bugs haven't been worked out.

  8. Turn and face the strain. It begins to grow

  9. sorry/ot -God Bless Americas Anchorman

  10. Covid equals psychological ops vector. Trump knows this.

  11. Related -

    Our local Cabelas received enough ammunition to completely stock their shelves for the first time in 60 days: and sold every item, every caliber inside an hour.

    Ammunition manufacturers have added $275M in backorders to their running backorder total of $5 billion+.

    The American people will never submit to the Left, and will never ever submit to organizations run by people like Soros or Malloch Brown, or any other globalist cabal...ever.


    1. Republican traitorous hacks such as McConnell, Sasse, Thune and govna Charlie Baker must never be elected again.

  12. Every read the warning label on a vaccine?

    Which makes me think, "I'm in fear for my life"... and appropriate reaction should follow!

    I wouldn't be a good Marxist, I've no idea how people fall into these things.

  13. We're being prepared to enter the "Matrix". Dystopian thought will drive control of the middle class and beyond mainly based on fear and threats.

  14. Floggings will continue until morale improves - Unknown XO
    Tom S.

  15. A stretch on the topic here in a sense, but it figures in the world domination sweepstakes. That Brexit deal Boris Johnson seems to have agreed to looks like a complete sellout to the EU. Boris's party wins a smashing election victory and he just throws it away. How do you fight these piranha bureaucrats?

    Who are these people? Johnson, Barr, et. al.

    1. How do you figure Boris and friends threw their victory away? They got their new offices, job titles, and perks, didn't they? Isn't that what the campaign rhetoric was about? Isn't that what we're seeing here now?

    2. The British people secured their freedom from the EU.

    3. @Cassander, I'm not so sure. There's a lot of thimblerig in this deal. If Macron and the EU like it, de facto, it isn't good for the UK.

      We'll have to wait and see, as too many details aren't as yet out in the press. Or as they say, the devil is in the details.

    4. @Titan

      The way I look at it...Britain is an island nation or nearly so, and it will always need to negotiate trade deals for export of its products and import of desired goods. Some deals will prove profitable for the UK and others less so. Macron may win some and lose some.

      But from this day forward the government of the United Kingdom, elected by its subjects, will be the highest government of the United Kingdom.

      I think this was the point of the referendum and of Brexit. I think the Leavers won.

  16. Bro

    I am a professional musician who relies on Christmas private parties to make it through the tough teaching season.

    The rulers have literally bent over small entrepreneurs and are using no lube.

    If I didn't have rich boomer parents I'd be homeless.

    Fuck the CCP, and domestic quisling fear mongers.

  17. Vaccine shot in Fauci's left arm, causes soreness in his right arm: