Tuesday, December 15, 2020

UPDATED: Briefly Noted: Steve Hayward Surprises Me, 'Dr.' Biden Doesn't

The reason Hayward surprises me in his election retrospective is that I didn't expect two things: 1) That recovering TrumpSkeptic Hayward is rather complimentary with regard to Trump, and 2) He advocates war to the knife against any Biden administration--assuming that comes to pass:

They Stole It Fair And Square

Hayward first makes the observation that came up in the comments this morning--that Trump had warned of fraud, had claimed to have an army of lawyers ready to deal with it, but then ...

Hayward places some deserved blame on the Trump campaign, but he also singles out Republicans in the States for being "foolish if not derelict in their duty." In our "decentralized" election "system"--which Hayward aptly describes as an astoundingly chaotic way to choose a president--the State party organizations are largely responsible for policing the "system." That was the brainchild of the Founding Fathers. The Republican response to what they knew was coming was simply haphazard.

After briefly noting the difficulty in America of doing anything effective about fraud, Hayward offers some concrete recommendations:

#1 What is to be done? Step one is for Republicans to get better at “ballot harvesting” themselves. Game theory would recommend this.


He cites the example of California Republicans success in learning this time around to fight fire with fire. He also suggests that full advantage be taken of gerrymandering.

Hayward's second recommendation is just as simple: Get even:

#2 What else is to be done? Game theory (and justice) would also recommend payback to Democrats for their embrace of the Russia hoax and their “Resistance” stance that Trump was an illegitimate president. ...

In making that recommendation Hayward makes no suggestion of drawing any line of 'civility.' Biden Inc. in the White House should be a target rich environment and Hayward's recommendation is to forget about about legislation and go for the jugular. And by all means seek to exploit Dem divisions. Hayward doesn't quite say it, but it certainly would follow from his admonition to exact "payback" that he would approve of questioning Biden's legitimacy. He adds:

Prudence dictates that Republicans will be better off going on offense against the weakest incoming president in modern American history, ...

Trump’s defeat is both bitter and tragic—tragic because it took COVID-19 to take him down. Maybe this was no coincidence, but the fact that he almost prevailed in spite of circumstances and most hostile media attacks ever faced by a president is amazing. ...

Now, 'Dr.' Jill. I delightfully wicked person at Red State, Nick Arama, got his hands on Jill's “executive position paper”--the one she wrote to become a "Doctor." She sounds as dumb as Joe:

Jill Biden Wants Us to Call Her 'Dr.' So Here's a Look at Her Ed.D 'Position Paper' to Receive That Doctorate

Two examples:

First, there was this gem in the second sentence: “The needs of the student population are often undeserved, resulting in a student drop-out rate of almost one third.” Were their needs “undeserved” or did she mean “underserved,” as I suspect?

Then there were some other fun ones: “Three quarters of the class will be Caucasian; one quarter of the class will be African American; one seat will hold a Latino; and the remaining seats will be filled with students of Asian descent or non-resident aliens.” How many quarters is that, Dr. Biden?

And there's more. Unimpressive would be a kind way to put it.

Mean spirited?  Go talk to Hayward about that. Melania deserves some payback, too.

UPDATE: Steve Hayward starts the first part of a projected multi-part series on the Trumpist future with a bang. Hayward has never struck me as hyperbolic in these matters:

Some day I believe honest historians (both of them) will conclude that Trump’s administration was the most consequential and effective one-term presidency in American history, whose legacy will last for a long time. The best comparison would be Lincoln, who never got to serve his second term. Most one-term incumbents who are defeated lose because they have been abject failures, which Trump most assuredly wasn’t (which is why, unlike all past defeated incumbents who lost votes, Trump got 10 million more than his initial election).

Trump may or may not purposely dominate the political scene in the background as Teddy Roosevelt did from 1909 – 1912 and then run again in 2024, but I argue that Trumpism will dominate the scene for a long time to come, and that any successful GOP presidential nominee will need to be a Trumpist. I go further, in fact, and believe the shuffling of the issue map and the realignment of voting coalitions are as substantial as FDR and the New Deal—and it took FDR four terms to effect that change.


  1. Steve's premise is sound, assuming things don't go kinetic first (or perhaps until they do).

    No quarter asked, none given.

  2. As long as the censorship is in place, these Steve's suggestions are DOA.

  3. "going on offense against the *weakest* incoming president in modern American history".
    What's so weak about a PotUS with at least the House, maybe the Senate, and definitely an army of DS spooks (these folks armed with the knowledge that, thanks to Barr's ducking-act, they can tee off vs. Deplorables, with utter impunity).
    Even FDR, at the height of his power in WWII, could not so positively count on the DS of that time, to ruthlessly crush all effective opposition.

    The only chance to stop this juggernaut would be, if the GOPe came to face the dire circumstances which currently pertain, so that they clearly undertake to go where Hayward urges.
    I won't hold my breath.

    1. @aNany,

      "I won't hold my breath."

      Good call, my own belief is when we (the people) are sick and tired, we'll change it because one person or other entity can.

      Untill then the zombie will trudged along as it always does.

      People hoped for (in many cases, expected) too much from one man vs DC.

    2. One man vs. DC, and vs. media empires.
      Decades ago, John Ralston Saul wrote (in Voltaire's Bastards) about how what he called The Faithful Witness (i.e. the whistle-blower) was being sabotaged, by high-tech media's vulnerability to pressure from what we now call the D.S., which, after all, **knew where** TV networks had their wires etc., thru/ on which signals would be sent across the land.
      Thus, any effort to mobilize the masses against a rigged system, faced Orwellian headwinds.
      Whereas, a Gutenberg printer could fit into a large closet, and expelled no smoke etc. outside, to give away its position.
      So, Luther's pals could quickly print stacks of the 95 Theses, and pass such stacks out, before the Pope knew what was hitting him.
      Once radio, TV, etc. came about, producers couldn't hide their operation in a closet, so Der Fuehrer had no trouble grabbing the mic for himself and his pals, and marginalizing his foes (fromanywhere near the mic).
      The impact of the printed word became marginalized, compared to the instantaneously-transmitted voice of the Silver-tongued orator, and his bevy of allies w/ access to the mic.
      Ever since, it has behooved MSM brass, to suck-up to the D.S. of every major country.
      We must take away D.S. implicit power to intimidate the MSM, either by crushing the D.S., or by getting the MSM to downsize enough to be able to hide from the D.S.

    3. @Mouse: Yes weakest President coming into office. Obama and Clyburn can't wait to cut off his ankles plus the Special Council thing will haunt him. It's not about Biden, it's all about KH.

    4. Am Cardigan, in that one respect, yeah, he's the weakest, but relative only to his party, not relative to the populace on which his party will prey.

  4. Somewhat of a related election topic question regarding Sydney Powell's announcement 4 days ago of filing her four cases with the USSC.

    Does anyone know procedure for USSC emergency petitions? I'm reading rule 17 and 20 trying to answer my own question and scratching my head.

    It would seem that those would "at least" be listed in the docket by now but are not coming up. I know there was an appeals case filed somewhere. Is action on that required beforehand? It was my understanding she was going for both.

    It's really hard to keep up with everything.

    1. @Devilman; don't try to keep up. You'll spin yourself like an auger into the ground. Besides, that's why we have Mark. LOL.

    2. Devilman, next you can teach yourself Swahili!

  5. He's approved of Trump since the early days of the Russia hoax. It's Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine who is the reluctant Trump supporter.

  6. To be honest, it didn't occur to me that any of this needed to be planned for, nor that anyone needed the suggestion. Hayward is swamp-lite , a professor who makes a "science" of politics is fooling no one, and his Trumpist future is decidedly lacking in the actual Trump. I guess PDJT just disappears on Jan 20th after the inauguration. Hate to break it to Steve, but Trump isn't going anywhere and he definitely isn't asking Steve Hayward for his opinion on what to do next...

  7. Trump knows the true vote. Trump knows the crimes of Biden and the crew looking to resume power next month. Trump has FISAs up on all these people. He has everything. He knows everything. And on top of that, he swore an oath to defend the United State and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. It would be impossible for Trump to step aside, knowing what he knows. Clearly, this is the moment for total brinkmanship with the left.

    Hayward saying there's little we can do about fraud within the very method we use to choose our leaders is pathetic and unacceptable.

    -Andrew E.

  8. I view Steve Hayward’s view as a very important cultural marker.

    When a moderate gop type has this view...

    1. Bingo! I'll bet 4 years ago he never would have dreamed he'd be writing something like this.

  9. What do we have going for us? Conservative voters who see the just, rightful, lawful way to live. What do we have going against us? Republican politicians.

  10. More reason for Hayward's GOPe pals to start to wake up:
    Biden, at a Georgia Senate runoff campaign event on Tuesday, said
    "What about the one and only Stacey Abrams? Stacey if we had 10 of you, we could **rule the whole** world." .

  11. Silly me, I never noticed Steve Hayward was an ardent #NeverTrumper. I knew Steve Hayes (friend of rabid “I am a REAL Conservative” Jonah Goldberg et al) was and is. It has cost that Steve a lot, including his looks. Maybe I never paid that much attention to Hayward. Good to know that a #NeverTrumper can change his spots.