Thursday, December 17, 2020

Why Vaccinate Healthy People Who Aren't At Risk?

Good question, right? We know that only a tiny fraction of the population is actually at risk from Covid, so why inject them with mRNA from the virus? It doesn't seem like common sense, and to a lot of respectable scientists it doesn't seem like ... science. For example, Michael Yeadon, an acknowledged 30 year expert in the field, late of Pfizer, says:

There is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines. You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from a disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.

Yeadon is far from being a voice in the wilderness--at least not scientifically speaking. What's happening is that voices like his are being drowned out by a mass media cacophony:

Though their voices are systematically suppressed by media and big tech corporations, tens of thousands of doctors, scientists, and medical practitioners agree with Yeadon’s broad conclusions either explicitly or implicitly. The Great Barrington Declaration is the best example. These over 51,000 medical and health science professionals affirm that due to the relatively mild danger of COVID-19 to the vast majority of the population, “those who are at minimal risk” should be permitted “to live their lives normally [and] build up (herd) immunity to the virus.” Other examples include an extraordinary letter from almost 3,000 doctors and health professionals in Belgium, and hundreds of physicians in Spain and Germany calling COVID-19 a “fake pandemic” having the purpose of creating a “world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse.”

Also, most aggressively suppressed, is the fact that inexpensive, safe and very effective treatments are available for COVID-19. Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, an anti-biotic and vitamins is one such option with a phenomenal track record. Another such treatment which is hailed as nothing less than “miraculous” is the use of ivermectin, which is said to “obliterate transmission of this virus.” 


Proposed instead are novel, expensive, and dangerous (here, here) pharmaceutical vaccines, intended for the entire population and rolled out by the military, though COVID-19 has a 99.6 per cent survival rate, which is virtually 100 per cent for those under 20 years old, and an average age of death of about 82 years, similar to the normal lifespan.

As is evident to simple common sense, and well stated by the European doctors mentioned above, “If 95% of people experience Covid-19 virtually symptom-free, the risk of exposure to an untested vaccine is irresponsible.”

These quotes--and lots more--are from this article which explains that seemingly irrational and even anti-scientific project actually has articulable motives. Motives that place much of the human race in the cross hairs of madmen:

What is the real motivation for attempting to vaccinate millions of healthy people?

According to Dr. Carrie Madej, potential motives include genome manipulation, population control, invasive high-tech branding, continual surveillance and potential manipulation.

Of course Big Pharma firms and big investors stand to rake in fabulous amounts of money, but the article doesn't mention that as a primary motivation. Rather, there is a list of four motivating factors. I provide them below in greatly shortened form:

1.) New mRNA Vaccines may change your DNA, permanently

Please note--that's a feature, not a bug:

According to Dr. Miklos Lukacs de Pereny, a research professor of science and technology in Peru, the COVID-19 pandemic was manufactured by the world’s elites as part of a plan to globally advance “transhumanism” — literally, the fusion of human beings with technology in an attempt to alter human nature itself.

Several scholars have been raising warning flags about this imminent possibility in respect to the coronavirus vaccines aggressively being rolled-out, particularly the Bill Gates-backed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


Both of these vaccines use a new “messenger RNA” technology (mRNA), which ... “could potentially alter our DNA, our genome.” ... “one little change one little protein inserted, one taken out, can actually create a congenital defect or a hereditary disorder.”

This process is called “transfection” and is the “same technology being used to make a genetically modified organism, such as a tomato or corn in the grocery store,” Madej said. Such modified organisms “are not as healthy as the organic the wild type that you see out in nature,” thus, potentially, “we would not be as healthy.”

Dr. Lukacs points out how similar DNA modifying experiments have been performed on human embryos already. Culture-of-death scientists have been “mixing genes with humans from monkeys and rats, with pigs because we want to harvest organs…” and then killing the embryos after 14 days.


2.) Population Control

As a major population control advocate, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has been an enthusiastic supporter of these mRNA vaccines, and has spoken in the past about using vaccines as a means to reduce the world’s population. 

Interestingly, in a recent petition to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Dr. Yeadon, and another physician made the case for suspending all COVID-19 vaccine studies in Europe, citing known risks from previous studies which still remain, including infertility in women.


3.) ‘Branding’ of all individuals with a digital ID using ‘Luciferase’

Another possible motive behind the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Dr. Madej, is the potential to insert a digital code, barcode or type of personal “brand” under the skin. 

Scientific American published an article late last year reporting that Bill Gates had commissioned the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to build an injectable “quantum dot dye system” to tattoo stored medical information beneath the skin of children, and potentially, adults as well.

This technology, Dr. Madej tells us, is called “Luciferase,” supposedly because this enzyme “gives a bioluminescence, a light” when activated. It is not seen or felt by the host, but with a device “like a smart phone with a special app,” one can scan over that section of the skin and it will light up passing to the device a digital code, pattern, barcode and thus an ID of some kind.

4.) Constant surveillance and technological manipulation using ‘Hydrogel’ and AI

The insertion of a different new technology under the skin, may be an additional motivation for the COVID-19 vaccine. “Hydrogel” a nanotechnology, which Madej describes as “microscopic robotic organisms,” was developed by the U.S. Defense of Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), and a private corporation called Profusa. 

One primary function of this technology is to gather information from the host’s body, including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, medications, nutrients, etc. However, Madej says, “it has the potential to be used for other things” as well, such as documenting how many steps one takes, if a person is swimming, running, sleeping, menstruating, and potentially, even one’s emotions. 

This data is constantly measured by the individual’s smart device, sent to the cloud, and to some other data base, or as she describes it, an “artificial intelligence” (AI). 

No wonder Ted Cruz tweeted just two days ago:

This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult. 

It’s not about vaccines or  protecting people’s lives—it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives.

To understand what Cruz is talking about, consider this:

To build upon the foundations of invasive control mentioned above, Gates has also invested hundreds of millions of dollars into implant chip-based devices that have the ability to deliver birth-control into the blood stream when activated from an outside remote control, a corporation which specializes in tracking pandemic infections and vaccine compliance, another which plans to blanket the globe in 5G video surveillance satellites, and he has also secured a patent for the monitoring of body and brain activity which “promises to reward compliant humans with crypto currency payments when they perform assigned activities.”


I'm guessing that voting for Donald Trump would be a non-compliant activity. There would be ways of dealing with that.


Also included in his activities is joint involvement with the U.S. Military in “Gene Drive Research” or “Gene Extinction Technology,” which allows “genetic engineers to drive a single artificial trait through an entire population by ensuring that all of an organism’s offspring carry that trait.” Using such technology to, perhaps, ensure all offspring in a group of mice are male, will guarantee that “population becomes extinct after a few generations.”

Given Bill Gates’ very public support for population control, his references in the past to the value of vaccines to depopulate the world, his support for both “Gene Extinction Technology” and the rapid mass distribution of these inadequately tested mRNA vaccines that have the potential to change one’s genome, is there a single individual, who with sufficient information, would consent to receiving such a “vaccine”?

With the reality of this relatively mild virus, which has effective treatments, might our current second wave of lockdowns be ordered toward persuading an ill-informed populace to accept such a dangerous “vaccine”?

Recognizing that this entire vaccine campaign made no sense, world-renowned microbiologist and author, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, recently stated in an interview on the Ingraham Angle, that the vaccine drive is “downright dangerous. And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom.”

The Great Reset.


  1. Well they "scenario played" the 2020 elections and released TIP (Transition Integrity Project) document a few months ago, as many already know.

    There is also another document released in 2010, with scenarios covering what we are experiencing today with the fake pandemic.

    It's all written here in that document:

  2. This is very much what I have foreseen from Tribe Davos.
    1) They have absolutely no use for a world population above 100 million, probably closer to 50 million.
    2) None of them are Christian nor recognize any commandments above their own desire. Why have faith in a deity when you yourself are a god?
    3) None know, nor remember having a relationship with, a member of the neo-Neanderthals. Bill and Melinda Gates could be locked in a room for four hours with any dozen blue-collar workers picked at random from across America and not say one word to any of them, much less listen. Their universe is that different, and has been for 30 years. A working class conversation would sound like the jibbering of Rhesus monkeys to them.
    4) They are richer than God, they think, therefore they must be wise and all-knowing, ergo what they desire is good. A key desire is to return Gaia to a pristine, i.e. pre-human, state. With modern robotics, true AI (which is on the cusp of practical production. Comparing true AI to what operates an autonomous Tesla is like comparing a Cray super-computer to an abacus), and a world population of highly trained technicians, and nothing but technicians virtually tailored for their specialty, the 100,000 of Tribe Davos would have no problem maintaining their global lifestyle without the messiness of manipulating votes, having to deal with politicians, pollution, the eyesore of suburbia, etc. Imagine a gleaming city of one or two million on Manhattan island and nothing but park-like prairie and virgin forest until the next gleaming city on the shores of Michigan. With demolition and reclamation robots it could easily be accomplished world-wide in 50 to a 100 years. Imagine the sense of pride and virtuosity in such a project. The only thing in the way is a wasteful, unruly, ungrateful, and most especially unnecessary 99% of humanity.

    As I've said before, never in the history of man have the Titians desired to wage a war of extermination on the peasantry until now.
    Tom S.

    1. “A working class conversation would sound like the jibbering of Rhesus monkeys to them.”

      And vice versa.

    2. The difference is that their jibbering puts millions of dollars and thousands of people in motion. Louis the XIV could only dream of the actual power Bill Gates wields.
      Tom S.

  3. "It doesn't seem like common sense" - Mark

    I chuckled... I can't even find sense let alone the common variety in anything government anymore.

  4. My view was the elite hyped the Wuhan Flu to Black Plague level hysteria for their own political goals (get rid of Trump, back door deals under emergency powers, etc.), and set the goal post as a vaccine they did not expect for 4-5 years. And that hcq was deadly, no treatment, etc. only option was to lockdown repeatedly.

    And then Trump delivered a vaccine within a year.

    Due to their over the top rhetoric on the danger of Covid, everyone needs to get vaccinated.

  5. Tom S. "As I've said before, never in the history of man have the Titians desired to wage a war of extermination on the peasantry until now."

    I can think of the Khmer Rouge for one. Also the ethnic cleansing plans of the Nazi would move along the same lines. Progressively destroy the various strains of undesirables until the blood has become pure.

    Also I can recommend "The War against the Weak" by Edwin Black on Eugenics in America. Gates is an logical outcome from the loss of faith and "social Darwinism" as espoused by Spencer in the Victorian Age I am reading A N Wilson's "The Death of God" right now. Gates is just a devotee of the master race theory that pervades through history. A great little Science Fiction Story called "The Marching Morons" is a story with that viewpoint.

    The "Little Black Bag" is also a good story too.


    1. I have a different point of view. The Khmer Rouge was local and, while supposedly centered on an ideology was in fact utterly chaotic. For instance they murdered thousands for the crime of wearing glasses, loyal cadres or not, because Pol Pot thought it made them look "smarter" than him. The Nazi's were seeking racial/cultural purity. Solzhenitsyn referred to the randomness/capriciousness of the GRU and how it appeared , sometimes, that there was simply no rhyme or reason to why one person was let off and another condemned to life in the Gulag. Tribe Davos has nothing so specific or limited in mind. There is no "kill them all and let God sort them out". They are god so it will be "kill them all". AI will be very efficient in ensuring no one escapes. The purpose will be elimination, end of story.
      Tom S.

    2. @Tom S.

      If memory serves, you've often made references to the wisdom of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

      Which seems timely in these unprecedented times...

      What, in your judgment, is the most accessible way to gain access to Solzhenitsyn's thinking...short of reading all three volumes of the Gulag Archipelago?


    4. Yes. Good choice Mark. The most interesting thing is that Solzhenitsyn, after he was exiled, came to the U.S. and was basically disgusted by what he saw. Warning that we were headed down the same path as Russia he instantly went from being wined and dined by the "people who mattered" to being a persona non-grata. Seems his thoughts were valued at an abstract distance, but not so much up close and personal.
      Tom S.

  6. Mark your going to love this... Thank God this was on live TV or we would have never seen it.

  7. The question in your headline is appropriate--why push a vaccine on all population when a targeted approach to only vaccinate those at highest risk would be much quicker and safer for the general public? That is, in effect, what the early rollout will look like as those will be the first people vaccines would be available to. But I don't want to take an mRNA vaccine until it has been tested for long term effects since I am not high risk for serious covid disease if I catch it. If I was in a high risk category, I may be more willing to take the vaccine early on.

    I'd be skeptical though about some of the fear mongering over mRNA changing your genetics. RNA is not DNA, and it does not integrate into your cell's DNA. In the cell, it does hijack the cell's machinery to produce the covid spike protein--some viruses are in fact RNA viruses, but viral RNA instructions do much more by creating whole viruses rather than a single protein that is found on covid's surface. It's true it is a new method for vaccination. I would be most worried about autoimmune disease as a side effect over a long term. But this vaccine has not been studied over a long time to see if that would become a problem. For that reason, I think it should only be used for people who feel they are most at risk.

    1. Yes, the "boost" to autoimmune response is in fact what has many worried--including some who are named in this article.

  8. "According to Dr. Carrie Madej, potential motives include genome manipulation, population control, invasive high-tech branding, continual surveillance and potential manipulation."

    Wow! Who could have imagined what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Even vaccine developers? Even vaccine developers trying to find a way to save and prolong the lives of the world's sick and elderly? Really?

    So many questions!