Thursday, December 3, 2020

UPDATED: New Non-Normal?

We know that our elite Masters hate normality, are trying to shut the normal down. This morning I came across a reference (Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the Covid-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’) to a book I think I'll buy: Corona, False Alarm? You can read about the author at the following link--he seems to be a very eminent guy: Sucharit Bhakdi

Remarkably, last night Fox allowed Laura Ingraham to interview Bhakdi. He took the opportunity to state that Tony Fauci doesn't have a clue about immunology:

In his interview with Ingraham, Bhakdi described as “utter nonsense” Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim earlier Wednesday during a live interview on The Story with Martha MacCallum on the Fox News Channel that 75% of Americans would need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to achieve herd immunity. Bhakdi added “Someone who says this has not the slightest inkling of the basics of immunology.”

Bhakdi also warns, without specifics because Laura cuts him off, that the vaccines are "downright dangerous."

It turns out, per Wikipedia, that Bhakdi's science has been totally debunked by a German journalistic fact-checking outfit and a guy who "has a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a master's degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)." And who belongs to the Aspen Institute and writes for Foreign Policy. So, all things considered, I think I'll buy the book, which is half a year old by now. What can I lose?

In the meantime here's a transcript of an interview dating from 6 months ago that appeared on Peter Hitchens blog. Since it's basically just a transcript I took the liberty of pasting it in. I will add this caveat. Being a translation from German, and having some experience in this, the translation must be read with care and reflection. The English doesn't always have the same impact as the underlying German. The dry style of the speaker is also a factor. However, the major theme of Bhakdi in this interview runs more or less as follows: 

Covid is not a truly "novel" coronavirus. Rather, it now appears to be typical of the larger family of coronaviruses that are common to humans and other animals around the world (such as the common cold). Covid has similar characteristics and similar risks to these other coronaviruses and should not be treated as unique or unusually dangerous. Overreaction has done far more harm than the virus and the overreaction has been fueled by falsehoods and unscientific hysteria.

An Expert says the Current response to the Coronavirus is 'Grotesque, Absurd and Very Dangerous.'

A recent interview with Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, an infectious medicine specialist. The Professor is one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany. He was head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, one of Germany's most distinguished seats of learning.

The transcript is below.

Those who wish to watch the German original with English subtitles may do so here:

(NB Interview dates form 18th March 2020 so please note one of the figures he gives for deaths in Germany is now out of date. It is not mistaken). 

Q: Today we will talk about the Corona Virus. This virus spreads fear over the whole world. Also in Germany, a state of emergency imposes extreme restrictions. What are Corona viruses?

Prof Bhakdi: “These viruses coexist with humans and animals around the globe. They are the cause of very common minor diseases of the respiratory tract. Very often, infections remain subclinical without symptoms. Severe courses occur almost exclusively in elderly patients with other underlying illnesses, in particular of lung and heart.

“Now however a new member is on stage spreading fear around the world. Why?

“The new COVID-19 originated in China and spread rapidly. It appeared to be accompanied by an unexpectedly high number of deaths. Alarming reports followed from Northern Italy that concurred with the Chinese experience. It must however be pointed out that the large majority of other outbreaks in other parts of the world appeared to display lower apparent mortality rates, and such high numbers of 4%, 5% or 6% were not reached. For example in South Korea the apparent mortality rate was 1%.”

Q: Why do you say “apparent” mortality rate?

Prof Bhakdi: “When patients concurrently have other illnesses, an infectious agent must not be held solely responsible for a lethal outcome. This happens for COVID- 19 but such a conclusion is false and gives rise to the danger that other important factors are overlooked. Different mortality rates may well be due to different local situations. For example, what does Northern Italy have in common with China? Answer: Horrific air pollution, the highest in the world. Northern Italy is the China of Europe. The lungs of inhabitants there have been chronically injured over decades. And for this simple reason the situation may not be comparable to elsewhere.”

Q: What about Germany?

Prof Bhakdi: “The virus has also spread to us. It is spreading in Germany. One most important consequence being that we now have sufficient data to gauge the true nature of the virus in our country. The highest alert level has been proclaimed and extreme preventive measures have been installed in the desperate attempt to retard spread of the virus.

“Yes and this is the incredible tragedy. Because all these adopted measures are actually senseless.

“Namely, the pressing questions are answered.

“The first one: Does the virus generally cause more serious illness in young people and kill patients who have no concurring illness? This would make them different from other everyday Corona viruses of the world. The answer is clearly: NO.

“We have 10,000 infections reported (18th March 2020). 99.5% have no or only mild symptoms. Here we already see that it is false and dangerous to talk about 10,000 “patients”. They are not seriously ill. ‘Infection’ is not identical with ‘disease’. Of the 10,000 infected people, only 50-60 were severely ill. And 30 died to the present day.

“So we have an apparent mortality rate of 1 COVID-19 positive case per day. Up to now.

“According to the authorities, the looming worst case scenario that must be prevented is that we would have 1 million cases and maybe 3,000 deaths in 100 days. This would mean 30 deaths a day.”

Q: The aim is to prevent this “worst case scenario”? All current emergency measures aim to slow down virus spread to save lives.

Prof Bhakdi: “Yes. But we are looking already at the worst case scenario – with 30 deaths a day. 30 deaths a day may sound like very much. Keep in mind that every day, 2,200 over 65 year olds depart from us, here in Germany. How many are not known, so let us just assume 1% (which is surely too low).

“This would translate to 22 a day. And these die every day. The only difference is that we do not talk about “Corona-deaths” Because we know that these viruses are normally not the major cause of death. So what we are doing in the moment is to prevent these these 22 being replaced by 30 COVID-19 positive patients. This is what is happening. We are afraid that 1,000,000 infections with the new virus will lead to 30 deaths a day over the next 100 days. But we do not realise that 20, 30 or 40 or 100 patients positive for normal Corona viruses are already dying every day.

“To avoid COVID-19 entering the scene instead of the other Corona viruses, extreme measures are installed."

Q: So what do you think about them?

Prof Bhakdi: “They are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous.

“Our elderly citizens have every right to make efforts not to belong to the 2200 who daily embark on their last journey. Social contacts and social events, theatre and music, travel and holiday recreation, sports and hobbies , etc, etc, all help to prolong their stay on earth. The life expectancy of millions is being shortened. The horrifying impact on world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients who are in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society. I can only say that all these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide because of nothing but a spook.”

(A note on the YouTube translation: No comments have been altered in either the spirit or meaning of the language. Where sentences have been altered in the translation, this is a common requirement for German to English translations. This is due to German having a far larger and wider vocabulary than English, so these minor alterations are normal so as to be able to simplify sentences to make them comfortably understandable in the English language. The only fault in the translation is that the following important point (for the UK) has been left out (probably due to closed captions timing in the subtitling - a common problem with YouTube subtitles). This point is that the apparent mortality rate in England is 0.3% (at 1:39 to 1:43 in the video).


UPDATE: I found this video that's quite in depth: Are We Being Told the Truth About COVID-19? | Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. It's an hour long. You need to be patient because, while Bhakdi speaks excellent English, it's not his native language and he speaks slowly. However, what he's saying works very well with some of the links in the comments below--and I think everyone who supplied those links. 


  1. This is my 30,000 feet overview on this Covid-19 hysteria

    I think the 40+ years of the continuous drumbeat about global warming, climate change, climate disaster, climate apocalypse etc. etc. has laid the ground work for a majority of the population to be scared and hysterical about a looming disaster of an overheating earth that does not really exist. The solution to the "climate crises" and Covid-19 is exactly the same, just shut down the economy and all will be well in the end. Al gore and Greta must be thrilled. There was an article in the Johns Hopkins newsletter (now deleted) that highlighted overall death in the US compared to previous years is about the same. The death rates for 2020 for heart disease and diabetes are sharply lower all of a sudden as Covid-19 death rates are up.
    Just shifting statistics makes it all look like a disaster.

    Hopkins retraction article here:

    Original article here:

    1. Who Benefits from it all?

      The Climate Crisis - From the Paris agreement China does not have to reduce anything CO2 wise till 2030 (highly doubtful they have any intention of doing anything after that date anyhow), while the rest of the Western world commits economic suicide by crippling their economies due to much higher energy costs. The renewable energy heroes such as Denmark and Germany have triple the energy cost per household as the US. No matter what China wins that one economically.
      Covid19 - Lockdowns everywhere, economic stagnation. But not in China, they seem to be doing better then anywhere else. It's a great mystery. China wins that one too economically.
      2020 election - Biden wins, China will win that one too economically as he will want to normalize relations and re-enter the Paris agreement, that alone is a China win.

      While the left has been screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, China comes out the winner in the end. The great head fake accomplished.


    Seen this? Complete. Evisceration.

    1. Yes. In fact I posted the transcript not long ago.

  3. "...the overreaction has been fueled by falsehoods and unscientific hysteria."

    Actually, it's been fueled by $$$$$$$; Lots of it.

  4. Don’t know if anyone has already posted a reference to this guy (if so, my apologies for the redundancy), but Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP and Chief Scientific Officer for Pfizer (!), is another prominent scientist dissenting from the current Covid-19 regime. Like Bhakdi, he says the advice being given to govts is ignorant of how the human immune system actually works. Despite going into some technical detail, his sense of moral outrage makes the presentation all the more compelling.

    1. Sorry, Mark. So much has happened, I forgot that you already posted this. Should have guessed I got it from here. Thanks for all your hard work.


    This is interesting.
    Tom S.

    1. Especially when considered in combo with the original Johns Hopkins study.

  6. Another good read from "Imprimis " ( Hillsdale College pub. ) titled " A SENSIBLE and Compassionate Anti-Covid Strategy " by Jay Bhattacharya - Professor of Medicine at Stanford Univ. and Co-Author of the " Great Barrington Declaration ".

  7. Just to clarify, in case someone might want to cast me as a Climate Change denier and therefore not worthy of dialog, I do believe in Climate Change!
    But to me the question of "Do you believe in Climate Change?" as a qualifier of someone's intentions is about as meaningful as "Do you believe in Sunrise?" Sure, the answer to both is: I do, it happens every day, since the beginning of time.

    /sarc - 20,000 years ago both Milwaukee and Detroit were buried deep under a mile thick of Ice. If drastic climate change had not occurred since the last Ice Age we not be having these problems in the 2020 election that we are having today. - /sarc

    1. "the answer to both is: I do, it happens every day, since the beginning of time."
      But, when they ask "Do you believe in Climate Change?", their game really is, to conflate the *fact* of "Climate Change", with Leftist dogma on (specifics of) Climate Change.

      Lefties love to (surreptitiously!) equivocate or conflate concepts (e.g. Climate Change), as if there couldn't be such conflation (so as to help them exploit whatever prejudices they have inculcated in the audience).
      Previously I've referred here to Wittgenstein's thinking, incl. on the extent to which people get "bewitched by language", e.g. by neglecting the extent to which words can shift meanings, so much that there need not be "an essence" to (the meaning of) any of a number of key concepts.

  8. What should be really frightening is that just this article and conversation alone is reason enough to...

    A. Have this blog shut down

    B. Have you publicly labeled a propagandaist.

    C. Have all of our emails shut down.

    D. Have all of our social media accounts blocked or suspended

    E. Labeled as right wing extremist

    F. Depending on the country, have you arrested.

    G. Cost you several professional licences.

    H. End your professional career.

    All of this based on a WHO mathematical error in the beginning of decimal places that they now fully admit to, the evidence scientifically backs, but no one wants to actually accept.

    I thought this was being developed in the US specifically for the US election, it sure has worked well for it. Now I think their going to use it as a filtering mechanism to quell post election non compliance because they seem to be upping the game when all evidence points to this bring less impactful than the flu.

    Regardless of why... It should flatly smack any sane persons BS button with a sledgehammer and I'm not sure any level of paranoid "reaction" could be called an "over reaction".

    Something is SERIOUSLY F'ed up here... I don't need any more historical data to back that statement up. What I am far more worried about is their end game because it's bleak!

  9. Feels like I’m in Wonderland...

    And politics behind what happened to Hcq?

    Or the science behind “masks”

    Or the science behind the do as I say, not as I do, elite on Covid restrictions such as mask wearing.

  10. I don't mean to hijack the thread but... Two things...

    Mark will you consider auto posting a "daily thread" for off topic posts? I hate hijacking.

    And my original thought that lead me to that. What are you hearing about Executive Order 13848?

    I've seen some bat-S crazy ideas out there on it but in a side conversation with Jan Dyer she seems to believe that when the DNI gets around to publishing the report were going to see possibly both China and Iran smack dab in the middle of the election.

    I've read the EO a few times trying to wrap my brain around the gravity of what it says and allows to transpire. Staying away from the "crazy" it would seem there in lays the power to pretty much seize the assets of several different entities and personal property of any possibly involved.

    It would seem to give challenge to not only Dominion but many many other organizations operating in the US.

    That is of course if the nanny state actually backs the president and doesn't use the report as a means to further bury anything that transpired... Fat chance... But the DNI seems to honest for the moment.

    1. Let me give that some thought.

      I'm simply skeptical that we'll find foreign powers involved. I think the fraud was the usual American stuff.

    2. Have you read this?

      Pretty persuasive....

    3. EO 13868 for the underinformed - like me - who knew of the EO issued in September but not by number:

      Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

  11. I highly recommend the “Triggernometry” YouTube channel (which has the Bhakdi interview). Another excellent channel is “UnHerd.” Here is a sampling of their interviews that mesh with Mark’s post:

    Oxford epidemiologists: suppression strategy is not viable

    Dr. Michael Levitt: Covid panic will shorten lives

    Prof Tim Spector: Hopes of vaccine will lead to more lockdowns

  12. Quick comments:
    1. This is the best piece I've read on Covid. Highly recommended:
    2. This guy is a Californian who moved to Puerto Rico and works in pharma. He designs new drug tests. Best Covid follow I've found. Great data:

    1. Mark, thanks for the link to the Bhakdi video.
      Watched the whole thing, pretty right on from my perspective.

      Fred B
      (I am the Anon from the first comment here and the HOAX restore post email a while back)