Thursday, December 24, 2020

Briefly Noted: Pardon Me--Lest We Forget

Lest we forget what Liberals are all about, the American Spectator has a fine retrospective on the Clinton Pardon Scandal:

Bill Clinton’s Profitable Pardon Business

Trump’s pardons are nothing like this: Bill was giving them out for cash.

Read it all, to remind yourself what grifters we choose to run our country--reminder #1336, or whatever. No wonder DC wanted Trump gone so badly. Here's how it starts:

“I don’t know Roger Clinton. I’ve never met Roger Clinton. How did he know I applied for clemency? That’s not public information. And how did he get my private cell phone number? I don’t give that out, but it was in my clemency application.” Those comments were shared with me by someone who had a clemency application pending before Bill Clinton when he left the presidency. The applicant was convinced Bill gave the cell phone number to his brother.

Roger Clinton told the applicant it would cost $100,000 to get a pardon from his brother. Was the applicant willing to pay? “I didn’t have the money. I couldn’t pay that even if I wanted to,” the applicant later recalled. The applicant, who wishes to remain anonymous due to ongoing business considerations, never received a pardon.

This was the crazy final 18 months of the Clinton presidency. Roger was cold-calling applicants offering to get them clemency in return for cash.“


  1. I wonder if The Grifters have sold out of all the White House memorabilia they lifted during their move back to Little Rock. Keyboard letter “w’s” went for top dollar on Ebay as I understand it!!


  2. Bill Clinton was never an enigma. His behavior in Arkansas was only discreet enough to keep Hillary from killing him (and few people who knew Hillary very well blamed him for his dalliances).

    The problem, then as now, was the lack of honest reporting by the media coupled with a disregard of negative information about any politician who supported liberal causes.

    These conditions have existed FDR or even before.

    1. "dalliance"?

      Is that some new euphemism for rape?

    2. Dalliance = girlfriend

      No one knew about Juanita Broderick's rape until much later when she finally went public 21 years later.