Thursday, October 22, 2020

Is It The End Of Civilization As We Know It?

I'm sure Sir Humphrey Appleby would think so. Or if not quite the end of civilization as we know, certainly the thin end of the wedge.

While the rest of the nation was reading, appalled, about the Biden Crime Family's crass and criminal monetization of public office, look what our beloved president was up to today:

‘Stunning’ Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service

President Trump signs directive that would potentially pull thousands of federal employees in "policy-making" positions out of the competitive service, making them at-will employees.

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order creating a new classification of “policy-making” federal employees that could strip swaths of the federal workforce of civil service protections just before the next president is sworn into office.

The order would create a new Schedule F within the excepted service of the federal government, to be composed of “employees in confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating positions,” and instructs agency heads to determine which current employees fit this definition and move them—whether they are members of the competitive service or other schedules within the excepted service—into this new classification. ...

Positions in the new Schedule F would effectively constitute at-will employment, without any of the protections against adverse personnel actions that most federal workers currently enjoy, although individual agencies are tasked with establishing “rules to prohibit the same personnel practices prohibited” by Title 5 of the U.S. Code. The order also instructs the Federal Labor Relations Authority to examine whether Schedule F employees should be removed from their bargaining units, a move that would bar them from being represented by federal employee unions.

I don't personally feel stunned by this new executive order. In fact, I believe it's long overdue and a bold first step toward draining The Swamp ...

But federal employee groups and government observers described the executive order as a “stunning” attempt to politicize the civil service and undermine more than a century of laws aimed at preventing corruption and cronyism in the federal government.

So, in other words, it's a stunning attempt to ... prevent corruption and cronyism in the federal government. Not to mention obstructionism.

But, you say, consider the possible consequences!

“If you think about examples of how this could play out, Dr. [Anthony] Fauci could be fired, as well as individuals at the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] who are producing analysis about the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing and the importance of masks,” Kettl said. “You could have people within the State Department raising questions about the administration’s expansion of efforts to engage in crackdowns and change other policies who could be fired. The people counting the number of immigrant children who cannot be reunited with their parents could be fired. There’s no end to it because the biggest risk is that anyone who says anything that would be in opposition to the administration’s policy could be viewed as in a policy-making position, put in Schedule F and fired.”

Wow! It's almost like ... draining The Swamp! How long has Fauci had his sinecure? Eighty years? What a refreshing change it is, to have a president who's a serious person.


  1. About damn time.

    Trump 2.0, other things to do to break the back of The Leviathan:
    ---disperse most agency HQ's into all 50 states
    ---remove any "special" or different benefits for all federal employees, including elected officials. You get medicaid, medicare, and SSN with the same rules we get. period.
    ---conduct audit to close down at least 1/3 of all agencies for overlaps and redundancies. cough-intel/FBI-cough
    ---get rid of ALL of the critical race theory, affirmative action, and other preferences that we all know still exist
    ---every agency must audit the vote and political contribution patterns of every employee and report it to the public as an aggregate output
    ---all unions banned

    there are probably dozens more. GIDDY UP

  2. Gosh, attaching responsibility & accountability to federal government employment really seems to frighten the liberal establishment.

    Happy Halloween, Interagency Concensus goblins. BOO!

  3. "...competitive service...."

    What a joke.

    NYT headlines write themselves: "Trump fakes reversing Global warming by singlehandedly raising the District of Columbia one foot. Cronies and partisan bureaucratic leeches hardest hit."
    Tom S.

  4. Imagine what he could (will) do in his second term. He will finally have the ability to run his own executive branch.

  5. This panicky report is from what amounts to the union newspaper for executive branch employees. Biased as all get out…

    The comment about “the people counting the number of immigrant children who cannot be reunited with their parents could be fired” is an interesting one. This meme hit the liberal outlets this week. How long will it take for them to figure out that those children were separated from their parent(s) back home before they were hauled up here by those who had paid those parent(s) for their children.

  6. The policy would appear to be a slight pushback against the reams of federal political appointees who regularly secure civil service protected jobs before the end of an administration's tenure. Or, at least I hope it does.

  7. Any bureaucrat who refuses to implement the President's directives should be fired or demoted.