Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Adam Housley On Biden Inc., Wray, Durham

I'm going to do something a bit different. Adam Housley--who claims to have multiple FBI sources able to tell him what's up with the Biden investigations and other matters--did a brief two-tweet thread. That led to quite a few comments, which Housley in turn responded to. Many of the comments mirror the impatience and other things I see in comments here, so Housley's thread may serve as a useful vehicle to address those matters.

What I'll do is first reproduce Hously's thread, but then I'll insert the comments and Housley's responses in Q & A format. I'll also insert some comments of my own. There may be some minor editing. As you'll see, Housley begins with the business about the FBI supposedly "dropping" any Biden Inc. investigation, but the discussion branches out a bit to Durham. So here we go:

1/2 From multiple FBI sources ... No way the computer hard drive provided to the FBI nearly a year ago has been cleared. Once they received it, there were at least 3 investigations opened: money laundering, innocent images, national security. Charges? Still too early to know. 

2/2 The warrant I'm told was changed to money laundering and to even open a case, the agents have to believe there's predication..."has to be enough there". The entire hard drive was cloned….each squad involved got a copy...minus any possible images involving minors.

Also ... John Paul [Isaac] was seen as a credible witness. 

Q: What steps were taken to protect the minors?

A: No idea if there were minors. Any images of anyone remotely close to being younger are removed.

What he's saying here about steps to protect minors is that his FBI sources--who apparently have seen some of the contents of the hard drive--are not directly involved in the endangerment investigation and so would not have had the access to see the images. That's why they could not speak to whether any images were of minors, although it's been reliably reported through Rudy that there were minors involved. 

Q: There would be enough for a public corruption case as well.

A: I was told at least 3 investigations.

Q: Why hasn’t the FBI announced any of this?

A: They wont. They are notoriously quiet about investigations.

Q: only the Director and Deputy Director have statutory authority to leak about ongoing FBI investigations. Will there be more leaks investigations after the election?

A: Zero specifics...they were careful to divulge nothing that would do anything to hurt any investigation. Soooo no...there wont be.

Housley is being careful here to protect his sources, stating that they provided no real details about the investigation so it wasn't really a leak. However, Rudy and Bannon will have plenty to say. Housley also states that there is serious concern that multiple foreign actors have had this stuff, probably IMO for years.

Q: You know right away if it was altered. An entry level NSA or FBI tech can tell you that. Who believes this garbage narrative. FBI is corrupt and no one has confidence in them. I’m sure other agencies helped to hide something this big. MSM is criminal/finished too!

A: Of course they do. Man some of you are so emotional you miss the details. Another concern is now what people do with it. Cleary they know it wasn't altered and that's one reason why it's been announced this wasn't a Russian or foreign plant.

Q: Almost a year is too early to tell? Nope. Not buying it.

A: I'm referring to when they received it. Come on people.

So, it appears Housley has heard that the investigations specific to the Hunter Biden hard drive did not start up immediately upon receipt of the hard drive. There must've been some preliminary discussions within FBI and DoJ and between the two organizations on how to handle this. More on this below.

Q: You have a bad source.

A: Sources.

Q: This is the most preposterous explanation yet. I know it’s not your own explanation, Adam, however you don’t wait until every single charge is flushed [sic] out fully, you go arrest people for obv crimes & hold them until you add charges. This happens everyday in America but not to DC.

A: What you all need to understand is this isn't a defense of the FBI ... it's a statement of facts that I believe to be true from people I know to be truthful. They have the same questions. Was is sat on on purpose? Was it buried under a desk? They all have theories.

It's so irritating when knuckleheads claim to know how major investigations are handled "everyday in America". So many seem to think "Lock them up!" is more than just campaign rhetoric.

Q: Adam doesnt there a come a time when you can have a million good sources and diligently report facts; but when it never amounts to anything and no one is held accountable... it doesnt matter. It's a tree falling in the woods. Groundhogs day.  Its been 5 years of total air

A: Well considering that everything they've told me has come true. Also considering while you folks count 4-5 years, in reality, Durham started much more recent. We will see if nobody is held accountable. It's not on your timeline, or mine. It's about getting it right/truthful.

Q: But FBI also announced they dropped the investigation "because they doubt the story of the repair guy"

A: They didn't announce that.

Jack Posobiec isn't FBI spox. Duh!

Q: I asked once before and I’ll ask again Mr. Housley, honest question, do YOU think that maybe this time heads will roll at the FBI (or former heads)? It’s very difficult to not look at the FBI as being corrupt, and that’s sad for our country.

A: Heads will roll at the FBI. They were going to roll before this debacle.

Q: Your personal take ... you think Wray is about what’s right/truthful?

A: I think he is in over his head and became a protectionist to try and gain favor with agents. It backfired. Don't know if he is truthful/right.

Q: As a foreigner I see:

- FBI is engaged in a extremely large, complex investigation. 

- Multiple countries, involving very powerful people

- Started just when impeachment heated up, AND in an election year

I think FBI is on eggshells, for Comey FUs, and to avoid appearance of same

A: That is one of the theories.

Q: When Durham investigated the FBI corruption in Boston, it took 5 years to bring the indictments. And that case was NOTHING compared to this.

This case is unprecedented in scope and complexity. The web of corruption vast and deep.

A: Bingo


Yes, bingo. However ...

As we'll see, Durham this time around has vast resources, including not only personnel but--very importantly--technical resources he wouldn't have even dreamed of back then. He also has the unqualified support of Barr and Trump. Big differences. Still, all that has to be balanced against the unprecedented scope and complexity. Probably makes the Mueller Witchhunt look minor in scope by comparison.

Q: Do you know many other attorneys and investigators are working under Durham?

A: A lot. Wray complained about the resources being used by Durham.

Q: Why would the fbi, who you claim is doing an investigation of the laptop info, not protect the young girl in this?

A: Never said they didn't. Gave the rundown of what happened once they got the laptop. Only those directly involved know ... a ton of incorrect speculation by reporters on this. Reporters who need to talk to those actually in the FBI.

In the circumstances--given all the other data on the hard drive, which we hardly have a clue about--it's pretty easy to imagine, as I've pointed out, that the FBI would have been very anxious to avoid any actions that would have alerted Biden Inc. to their investigation. That can be done while protecting minors, but it's a very delicate situation. And this may well explain why it took a while for the full investigations to get going.


  1. related:

    "The former veep’s son also bemoans longtime business partner Devon Archer naming him and his father Joe as witnesses “in a criminal case” without notifying him.

    I get calls from my father to tell me that The New York Times is calling but my old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric. I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho – the fucking spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing. The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner. He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the fucking largest fucking LNG port in the world. And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself. My best friend in business Devon has named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me.

    The recording adds to the litany of e-mails and stories broken by The National Pulse about the grift of the Biden family, including yesterday’s scoop about the VP’s son using White House access in exchange for resort villa stays and artwork."

    >> <<

    Audio recording at link.

    What jumps out at me the the statement that the US Attorney for SDNY called Hunter PERSONALLY about a criminal investigation.

    IS that normal???

    It smells like "Special handling."

    1. I'm not sure it's "special handling." It's unquestionably not ordinary handling. It depends on what the phone call was about. From what we see there all we know is the HB was informed by the USA that he would be a witness in a trial. Witnesses have to be available and they can't be available if they're not informed. This could have been a call telling him, hey, we're gonna be serving you with a trial subpoena. The USA may have done that as a courtesy to the former VP. It's not how it's ordinarily done, but that needn't mean anything nefarious. The trial went off and Archer was found guilty.

    2. Interesting contrast how Hunter got the "Red Carpet VIP" treatment from SDNY, while Gen. Flynn got "the shaft" from FBI and Mueller's goons.

    3. The really glaring contrast is the treatment each received--or didn't receive--re FARA.

  2. Can't remember if I had commented similarly recently... but I am actually coming around to this notion that the big drops come AFTER the election.

    I know the arguments for bringing people to justice and shining light on the Leviathan... I share that anger... but I also think that it would be hard for an American, even an "LIV" to claim they had no idea the body of evidence thats out there.

    As such, Trump 1.0 was about exposing all of this and showing us what exists. We now have wide open deep corruption across the board, double standards, a useless and untrustworthy media, and so on.

    Trump 2.0 is the red pill - its going to get ugly, but America needs to vote whether thats what we really want to happen or not. I do not envy us and it will not be fun.

    Biden 1.0 is the blue pill - you get to go back to a de facto contract with the deep state - we will let you keep doing what you do, in exchange for restoring some peace and quiet. I want my cheap iPhone and my 5% annually on a 401k. Since I am on the Matrix analogies, think of the guy who has dinner with the matrix agent and agrees to be put back in, forget what he saw, and have a decent life. "ignorance is bliss."

    America needs to vote which way we want to go now that its all out in the open.

  3. The information that is already available in the public domain makes it very clear that Biden has been compromised as a blackmail target by, at least, the Chinese and Russians. That makes this case a national security investigation with implications that transcend even a presidential election. If Joe Biden gets elected (likely by virtue of massive voter fraud which he has admitted to publicly) and then post-election, DOJ/FBI comes forth with indictments implicating criminality and blackmail exposure, then you have the makings a Constitutional crisis and civil war chaos to follow. It is utterly and dangerously irresponsible for the FBI to have sat on this and allowed the Democrats to nominate Biden. All the potential blood and harm that may occur post November 3rd is on Wray's hands. And Barr should share in that blame as well.

  4. I recall quite clearly Giuliani advising us that info drops would take place over a five day period. Have I missed those or was it another Giuliani misfire? He had some interviews and some disclosures were made, but perhaps I was expecting
    something more. I understand the big picture is out there and perhaps they think that is good enough for now. Those who are interested certainly can get the picture. Tucker Carlson interview tonight should be interesting but most watchers are already supporters. Every “bombshell” to us does not seem to move the needle elsewhere. It is what is as the lawyers used to tell me.

  5. Everyday people want justice. The legal profession is looked at as if its a tool of the deep state, just like the fbi, cia and the doj. Timelines for thee but not for me

  6. It's unethical for any entity to investigate itself. The government investigating the government will only produce one type of result.

    A political one.

  7. What is frustrating about Durham is that he has certainly has plenty of evidence to get serious criminal indictments against any number of individuals. Waiting until he has every potential crime wrapped up makes no sense to me when he can ways procure superseding indicts later on. If he is waiting to have EVERY crime wrapped up with a bow, will never be finished.

    1. That's a totally simplistic view of what goes on in a major conspiracy case.

  8. Worth a look

    Obama and Hunter pic search results for Hunter and Obama Pic


    >On 4 April 2016, Hunter met with Mr. Obama in Oval office discussing the deal as shown in the above picture which seems to be a snapshot from a CCTV video. 25 hours later, a secret account of Hunter received 1 Billion USD from CCP. It is believed that Mr. Obama also received millions of dollars as award in a form of legal arrangements for his silent permission of South China Sea militarization

  9. Any link between Hunter's kiddy collection in FBI hands and the US Marshall Services "Autumn Hope" rescuing trafficked children? Or just coincidence?

  10. O/T:

    The Tucker interview of Bobulinski deserves a blog post of its own.


  11. Bream's show just reported, that Cruz etc. are urging the Trump campaign to soft-peddle this Biden stuff, and to tout instead the economy etc.

  12. I’m told Mitch McConnell called the President immediately after the Bobulinski interview ended