Thursday, July 22, 2021

Zero Covid

While keeping an eye on comments I've been trying to put together material for a post that will address what a number of commenters are pointing to this morning: the full court press by the medical establishment and much of the political establishment for universal vaxxing. This despite many warning signals that all is not well with the Covid response.

One way to approach this is offered by an article by Jordan Schachtel (also carried by Zerohedge:

'Zero COVID' Catastrophe: Participating Nations See New Records Across The Board

Here's what Schachtel is talking about when he references "Zero COVID"--it's a type of scientistic faith or even a cult, the chief tenet of which is that a virus can be eliminated in a matter of months through draconian social controls, including new gene therapy "vaccines":

Zero Covid, the idea that heavy-handed government edicts and population controls can permanently eliminate a coronavirus from a country, is now failing spectacularly everywhere it is being tried.

You might not read about it in western corporate press agencies, but Zero Covid nations are seeing explosions in Covid-19 cases across the board. The widely praised “success story” countries that followed the radical ideology that is Zero Covid have not only failed to contain a virus, but are now witnessing the uncontrolled spread of that virus in their population centers. The governments committed to this pseudoscientific, totalitarian adventure are scrambling for options, and responding by locking down their nations and further violating the rights of their citizens. The lid has flown off the Zero Covid pressure cooker, revealing the shortcomings of such a reckless ideological endeavor.

Schachtel then goes on to examine what's going on in Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, and New Zealand. He concludes:

Every country that has embraced the radical notion of Zero Covid has ended up failing to contain a virus and/or failing to accept that the costs of attempting to contain a virus have been exponentially worse than the benefits of containing the virus. The promised “cures” have been infinitely worse than the disease. There are no longer any “success stories” involving nations using tyrannical means in an attempt to stop a virus. Zero Covid, as any rational person could have predicted a long time ago, has failed in spectacular fashion.

That's fair enough as far as it goes, but it deserves to be explored further. For one thing, the selection of countries doesn't do justice to the broad sweep of the coercive efforts being deployed. Renewed attempts at coercion--fueled by appeals to scariants such as Delta--are being ginned up in England and France. And, as commenters here have noted, this campaign--combining disinformation with threats--is very much in evidence in the US.

An article at LifeSite examines this phenomenon:

Why ‘the pandemic of the unvaccinated’ is a lie

There’s little logic in anything vaccine-pushers say nowadays.

The article begins with prominent examples from recent days, beginning with Zhou's identification of 12 (subsequently doxed) persons who he said are "killing people." His spokesman, Mis-Information, and others have called on private corporations to "cancel" these persons. The common denominator is the demand that all must participate in a risky medical experiment:

For days, the mainstream media have been playing a loop of reports that 99% of COVID-19 deaths are among unvaccinated people. Besides there being no data —there’s actually evidence that the opposite is true – it’s become the basis for a stream of dehumanizing propaganda that labels half of the American adult population and most children who haven’t taken experimental COVID-19 shots as “variant factories” and “incubators” of disease.

It’s frighteningly similar to early Nazi propaganda that referred to “filthy Jews” as spreaders of disease and stirred up irrational fear and hatred of millions of people in German society. It was a government message used to justify quarantining a people, starving them, and then annihilating them.

“Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated – and they’re killing people,” Joe Biden told reporters on Friday.

Rochelle Walensky, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said something similar earlier that day: “This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

A lot of people have wanted to take off their masks for a long time and they oppose masking children, too. They’ve been forced to cover their faces by ‘freedom of choicers’ like Sebelius, to accommodate their neuroses and leftist desire to control others’ behavior, especially if isn’t sexually deviant or morally abhorrent behavior.

Two days later, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, announced that “99.5% of deaths right now from COVID-19 in our country are happening in the unvaccinated.” The only solution, he said, was for everyone to get vaccinated.

But, as if to demonstrate that they're solid citizens of the Great Reset crowd, at least some GOPers have rushed to join the chorus. Thus we learn, regarding the only current alternate to Trump in 2024,

In his most direct effort to encourage people to get vaccinated, Governor Ron DeSantis said 95% of the new COVID cases are those who are not vaccinated.

And then there's Mitch, seemingly threatening a renewal of lockdowns:

Leader McConnell


Get vaccinated!

These shots need to get into arms as rapidly as possible, or else we're gonna be back in a situation this fall like what we went through last year.

Fauci tried to pin the blame using a combination of geography and political orientation--never mind that the least vaxxed group in the country appears to be young blacks:

Why are we having red states and places in the South that are very highly ideological in one way not wanting to get vaccinations?

But Americans seem not to be buying into it. Many simply tune it all out, as background noise, but if you ask:

A Trafalgar Group poll revealed that the vast majority of Americans reject mandatory vaccines.

When asked whether respondents felt that “taking COVID vaccines should be mandatory,” or be a matter of “personal choice,” 71.4 percent said it should be a “personal choice. A paltry 21.8 percent agreed with the idea that vaccines should be “mandatory. About 6.8 percent stated they were “unsure.”

Still, the drumbeat continues, with a heavy emphasis on coercion--as in this widely reported story:

Australian MP Says Unvaccinated People "Need To Be Controlled And Restricted"

OK, he's only an MP, and allowance needs to be made for the fact that he's in Australia, which has followed a "drastically stupid" lockdown policy, but he's saying nothing that higher ups aren't also saying throughout much of the West.

Now, all this would be disturbing, even if there were no other agenda in play. However, while smart people can be taken in by ideology, the lack of transparency, the deliberate manipulation of data to feed a narrative, gives one pause. For example, while we keep hearing that "it's a pandemic of the unvaxxed," little to no evidence is presented (I'm quoting from the LifeSite article again):

The trouble is, a lot of vaccinated people in the U.S. – tens of thousands of them – are getting COVID after their 94% effective shots. By April 30, the CDC reported that there were 10,262 COVID “breakthrough” cases among those who had been fully vaccinated at least two weeks earlier. They didn’t include those who had received only one shot or count those who had the second shot five or 10 days earlier.  

And they knew this was “likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.” But rather than try to determine the real numbers, the CDC announced that they were no longer going to count cases of the coronavirus in the vaccinated if they didn’t wind up hospitalized or dead.

How convenient.

Other countries--England and, especially, Israel--are also reporting large numbers of the vaxxed coming down with the disease. All of this, and especially in light of the alarmingly high rates of serious injury from the gene therapy vaccines, should raise concerns about this rush to vax the world. Something more than public health has to be in play.

What IS in play?

Yes, it's the Great Reset. The connection has been apparent for a long time. After all, didn't the frontman for the Great Reset, the space alien appearing Klaus Schwab, 

write a book about the connection? He did: Covid-19: The Great Reset. And isn't he a proponent of chip implants to control the populace? Yes, he is.

There's an excellent article that delves deeply into this connection authored, improbably, by a former SEIU organizer: Joaquin Flores. It's been republished at Zerohedge, and I'll excerpt from it at some length--but be aware: there's a lot more at the link:

Klaus Schwab 'The Humanist' Versus Klaus Schwab 'The Terrorist'

The rising technocratic dystopia may appear to carry forward the legacy of social-democracy, though perversely, and therefore the utilization of Green parties and social-democratic parties in Europe to implement these is both predicted and rational.

There are two men named Klaus Schwab, no doubt.

One man named Klaus Schwab is seen by the true-believers, fachidiots, the liberal intelligentsia, the institutionally refined population, as a man who deeply cares about humanity. It seems they believe his warnings to be earnest even if uncannily and strikingly prescient. The World Economic Forum after all, must have been established out of great concern for humanity since it is propped up chiefly by the most humane institution in human history, the International Monetary Fund. This Klaus Schwab is a humanist.

So perhaps this is precisely the case for the true-believers; those who accept at face value the new Schwabian ‘distinction’ we are asked to appreciate between a shareholder capitalism and a capitalism 2.0, a stakeholder capitalism.

Then there is a second man named Klaus Schwab, who is seen by the rest of the world and the thinking people within it, for the monster that he is. A grimacing Klaus Schwab who appears on smartphone and tablet screens to warn of impending doom, no going back to normal, new pandemics which will strike very soon, and a wave of cyber-attacks. This Klaus Schwab is a terrorist at large, a character who like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates appear like a central casting dispatch of Bond villains.

For people who haven’t traded in basic social intelligence for social credit realize that if the person who is issuing warnings of catastrophes is best friends with the very same people who will go on to create those catastrophes, those aren’t warnings. Just like for Fauci who said in 2017 that a massive pandemic would strike within Trump’s term. Those are not warnings, they are threats. Schwab is the one delivering the threats; Schwab is the terrorist.

Why is it so hard to understand that the WEF only does what’s in the interest of the IMF?


... ultimately, the old idea of social capitalism has come back in a new incarnation, a new branding, from the WEF – stakeholder capitalism and capitalism 2.0.

A critical difference that cannot be underscored enough, however, is that there is no long-term plan for the ISA (Ideological State Apparatus) of stakeholder capitalism. They simply use the term ‘capitalism’ to maintain social and ideological continuity from the present incarnation of monopoly capitalism. But the aim is to manage a strictly post-capitalist society. This is however not the one envisaged by the left, but rather one which develops new coercive and depopulating technologies along a misanthropic path towards the transition of the plutocracy into a technocracy.

I hope you're still with me, because toward the end of the next lengthy excerpt you'll see our current state of affairs coming into focus:

The WEF does not really need to listen to and hear the population’s actual problems, it can rely on an academy filled with professional critics which the system’s own academies produced, which use a concoction of ideology and speculation to synthesize something resembling a recognition of the population’s problems. This created the illusion that the system was pluralist, when it was practicing a high form of demagogic social psychology and sociology.

The technocracy of the modern plutocracy, as it transitions to a new kind of oligarchy, is similar to fascism in that it takes many of the tropes and discursive framings of anti-capitalism and social justice but in a way that punches downwards as fascism-in-power did, and weaponizes them in the interests of the decidedly anti-social and unjust technocratic leviathan.

The technocracy is different from fascism in that it uses the actual left, and clearly not the populist right. This is evidenced in Trumpism in the U.S. or Le Pen in France, whose base opposes the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, business closures, and prison-like quarantines of the Covid-19 Great Reset. Here, the rising technocratic dystopia may even appear to carry forward the legacy of social-democracy, though perversely, and therefore the utilization of Green parties and social-democratic parties in Europe to implement these is both predicted and rational.

Worse still, center-right parties are also part of this scheme, and when they also move in lockstep with the Great Reset agenda, they can even receive positive press from the center-left (cultural left) establishment media which defines most of European and Western media at present.


Yes, I see that as a reference to the GOPe.

And yet again, these are all political parties that, with the rise of neo-liberalism and globalization, in the aftermath of the destruction of the USSR, have for three decades (or more) taken up the mantle of corporate-public synergy – in the actual tradition of various fascisms, while not acknowledging so.

To refine this point with clarity: fascism and social democracy share a nearly identical conception of political economy (corporate-public synergy). ... the technocracy founds itself on that shared political economy of fascism and social democracy as a starting point, ...

Adding to this, the social media corporate technocrats who are committed to the Great Reset, use the imaginary threat of ‘the far right’, and now ‘vaccine hesitancy’, to pursue a censorship policy indistinguishable from totalitarianism (of either far left or far right).


Because regular people no longer possess political power in systems where corporate rule has replaced constitutional republics, the devastating costs will be pushed downwards.

There we are. Behold the Covidian dystopia that will, they hope, give birth to the Great Reset. This is why there's no letup. This is why every seemingly new figure like DeSantis must be coopted. What is to be done?


  1. Fox now has Collins on, w/ no expert refutation, lapping up softballs from (is it) Baer?

    Denninger today has another quite long post, on e.g.

    < you still let these ghouls mask your kids, demand you stay home, and then con you into taking jabs they lied about, let them lie about "no effective treatments", and deliberately not make *reasonable inquiry* as regard adverse effects of the jabs, despite there being plenty of scientific evidence published before they were rolled out.
    ... very early on, we knew that ventilators didn't work.... when the first few dead were autopsied, we found out why: Covid-19, when it goes badly, is not just a viral, inflammatory disease. It causes *thrombosis*...."
    ... a couple reasonably well-known to me got hit by the 'Ro in the early months, both elderly and quite morbid. He was dead in five days, while she never even sneezed, a flat *impossibility*, for two people who are married and sleeping with each other, if *everyone is susceptible*.... >

  2. What is to be done? I hope everyone who criticizes Trump for what he failed to achieveme reads this post and begins to contemplate that Trump most certainly understood most if not all of this when he came down the escalator. He certainly politicked as if he understood the compromised GOPe, the media, the demoRats, Obama, Clinton, International Organizations and the coming of the Great Reset fairly well --- MAGA? America First? Build a wall on the southern Border? Reform Nato? defund the WHO? Rally main street America to the cause? Seems to me like a person with some pretty clear not to say prescient vision. What is to be done? Stand up and be counted - back and encourage Trump with everything you've got. Worried about your reputation? That he might fail or wreck something? As opposed to our current course? Worried about what people will think of you? History will be the judge of that, and right now how do you think History will judge you? Better because you didn't stand up for that Tin Horn Tycoon Trump when it came time to choose? Mark A.

    1. Well said, Mark.

    2. @anon

      I wonder if a practical strategy is to keep a fire lit under ostensibly Red state governors like Desantis? It has worked to some extent w Abbott in Texas. He was much m o....k re wobbly in 2020 than he is now. And it's not because he had a grand epiphany. His political handlers told him he's DOA in Texas unless he gets his Trumpian game in gear. That's why he's been better this year on the Scamdemic, border issues, etc..

      Bottom line. NONE of these people can be given any kind of absolute trust or faith. We've got Jesus for that. Everyone else is flawed and susceptible to being bought, deceived, intimidated, or just plain mistakem. Our job is to demand better and demand a course correction when they stray.

      This is particularly true of Red state governors as our main obstacle now to avoid a federal tyranny of brutal proportions is each state government. To the extent that a big state like Florida or Texas can refuse masking, lockdowns, mandatory injections, and vaccine apartheid, it will blow large holes in the Regime narrative and power play. It also serves as a refuge if we are driven from our own, tyrannical states.



    3. I do think that's going on, the Establishment is forcing them to play ball. However, the whole Covid situation is still developing in a medical sense. I'm transcribing a McCullough interview that will open some eyes. Fall could be hairy in terms of harm. We'll see.

  3. More from the KD post:

    < We also knew, from decades of trying, that coronavirus vaccines had always failed in the past.
    We deliberately did *not look* at the thrombotic profile of the trial participants in the vaccines; specifically, we did not pull d-Dimer and troponin tests (both cheap) on the participants before the jab, and then sequentially on intervals (e.g. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks) to detect whether we were in fact inducing damage similar to the disease.
    ... I remind you that, in September of 2020, the first scientific paper was published, indicating that the "Spike" was quite possibly the *direct* cause of the serious damage, and virtually *all* Covid-19 deaths.
    Several papers followed starting in December of 2020, prior to mass-distribution of the jabs, confirming that the spike was *directly* capable of causing pathology -- that is, severe damage -- without the rest of the virus being present at all.

    ... We also were told that the jabs produced a "robust" antibody response, which, on the data, is true. What either wasn't looked at, or was known and intentionally not discussed, is that the *sequencing* of IgA/IgM/IgG in a vaccinated person was wrong, for someone who had no immune system knowledge prior to vaccination.
    ... The jabs are quite worthless, in preventing either infection or transmission. We knew that after Diamond Princess: 80% of the population, approximately, was resistant before Covid showed up, and either couldn't get infected at all, or if they did, had almost no ill effects.

    ... The jabs may continue to provide some protection against severe and fatal disease from Covid-19 specifically, but the *duration* of that protection is unknown. If you're at severe risk then, on this basis, they may be a good bargain.
    I say *may* rather than "are", for the below reasons which, if they turn out to be true in your case, means on balance you got ****ed more than protected, and now they're a bad deal for basically everyone.
    We do not *yet know* the answers to the other questions, but they are on the table, and were deliberately not investigated.... >

  4. What is to be done? Faithfulness unto death.

    And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast. These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast. They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful. (Revelation 17:12-14)

  5. More KD:
    < Oh, and don't start with "well, its knocking down the incidence of infections." Is it really?
    How is it that India has seen a 90% collapse in case rates, with only 6% of their population vaccinated?
    It clearly wasn't the vaccine over there, was it? Gee, maybe it's *Farr's Law* that caused that. Just like the infection rate here in the US peaked and was falling, before we had any meaningful vaccinated immunity.
    That which happens, before you do something, cannot have been caused by the something.
    This also bears on the current case rate. Look at last summer; seasonality is real.... >


    2. Strange. I have him in my feed reader, but sometimes his posts don't show up there.

    3. Perhaps that's because this post is at his site.

    4. @Anany,

      Ty for the post links to I had started following the blog sometime ago because of them. I don't know why I find the subjects of fuel pumps and economics so easy to co-mingle but it fits into living by ones philosophy.

    5. Yeah, devilman, he first made his rep crying foul on the markets, pre-08, and has since branched out to write on (esp. the paleo) diet, the heath care racket, and (last year) the virus.
      Alas, he's renowned for being a hothead, but he's still changed folks' lives mostly for the better, save for his cheap shots at owning of gold.

  6. The inability to learn from mistakes costs us dearly:

  7. India cases and deaths per day:

    Bell curve.

    Be nice to know why. I’m frustrated at all the cherry picking of data for political goals. And changes the test positive thresholds depending if you are vaxed or not.

    And the continued demonization regarding Covid of hcq, ivermectin, immunity due to having Covid, etc puzzles me.

    And something contra the narrative. A tenant of mine in his 20’s has been in the hospital for a month, and he seemed pretty healthy last I saw him. The news shook my wife a lot. My guess is no treatment with hcq etc. and probably incupated. But, I know several people same age group that got Covid, and it was like a bad cold.

    And what of the Runaway Texas Democrats supposedly vaxed, but got Covid.

    And the Democrats just voted to not declassify information on the origin of Covid.

    Not to mention the msm saying mostly that Fauci crushed Rand Paul on the gain of function questioning…

    I feel like Alice in Wonderland.


    More on Ivermectin generally:

    1. Great links on India - thanks!

      I hope charges are filed on ivermectin.

      How many deaths could have been prevented if hcq and ivermectin has not been demonized as Covid treatments? I’m still in a state of shock on this subject…

  9. Another interesting compendium on the efficacy of HCQ

  10. All current COVID vaccines are non-sterilizing which means that they prevent serious disease but do not prevent infection or its propagation.

    This means that the vaccinated still spread COVID asymptomatically. Worse, these non-sterilizing vaccines provide the environment within which the SARS-CoV-2 will mutate, bringing about new variants of the disease.

    There is NO possibility that a non-sterilizing vaccination can bring about ‘herd immunity’ AND the entire medical industry is aware of this.


    1. Right, I don't see any way around that and I don't see any way anyone with a passing familiarity with the field could fail to grasp that.

  11. Big picture... The covid believers jumped the shark and can't let off the gas now.

    If they do, all of it becomes questionable... And "ALL" becomes a uncomfortably large subject.

    We're deep into the exploitation phases at this point and you just can't walk it back.

    Onward and off the cliff we go!

  12. ...more bad news for the vaccinators:

    "The Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccines were wowing Israelis with sky-high effectiveness rates until the rise of the Delta variant. But according to data recently raised at a top-level Health Ministry meeting, the immunization’s effectiveness in preventing serious illness is now at 80% for the general population and 50% for the elderly."

    1. So the major drop in effectiveness is in the demographic most at risk. That's a Bad Thing, right?

  13. The data are too few to be definitive:

    “TrialSite tracked numbers below, and there’s a clear marked increase in COVID-19 infections, seemingly associated with breakthrough infections, but thus far these appear overwhelmingly mild in nature while the death rate is near zero.”

    The U.S. has failed to establish any vaccination monitoring regime aside from the VAERS dataset which is both voluntary and unverified. Uncertainty abounds due to these missed opportunities…

    But yes, those most at risk will suffer the most.

  14. Meanwhile,

    Nonprofit Sues HHS to Immediately Stop Emergency Use Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccines

    America’s Frontline Doctors, a nonprofit, filed a motion on July 19 seeking immediate injunctive relief to stop the emergency use authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines for three groups of Americans: anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has recovered from COVID-19, and those who haven’t given informed consent as defined by federal law.

    The motion was filed against Xavier Becerra, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other defendants in a federal district court in the Northern District of Alabama.

    “The emergency declaration and its multiple renewals are illegal,” the complaint (pdf) alleges.

    According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, when the HHS secretary declares that an emergency use is appropriate, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) may then authorize unapproved use or EUA of a vaccine.

    On Feb. 4, 2020, then-HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared a public health emergency, saying that existing circumstances justify the EUA.

    The complaint alleges that the legal requirements to issue and maintain COVID-19 vaccine EUAs aren’t being met.

    Much more here: