Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is The Regime Panicking--And Should We?

Remember back toward the end of March when Rochelle Walensky, new head of CDC, expressed a sense of "impending doom" if the US "opened up" "too soon"? Well, yesterday, in recommending more masking--despite all the science against it--Walensky expressed something very like that sense of "impending doom". I quote here from Zerohedge:

“The largest concern that I think we in public health and science are worried about is that virus and the potential mutations. We have a very transmissible virus which has the potential to evade our vaccines in terms of how it protects us from severe disease and death,” Walensky said.

“Right now, fortunately, we are not there. These vaccines operate really well in protecting us from severe disease and death. But the big concern is the next variant that might emerge, just a few mutations potentially away, could potentially evade our vaccines.”

[ZH: Remember just a few weeks before she lifted the mask mandate, Walensky warned the world of a sense of "impending doom."]

Walensky advised that the threat of a variant that is immune to the current vaccines is the reason more Americans should be vaccinated in a bid to contain the virus and its mutations.

Ask yourself: How will wearing a mask stop mutations? Please--this is an insult to the intelligence of normal people.

Here's the real context in which to place Walensky's panicked blathering--and, as usual, this slipped release of truth into the debate is being suppressed today. But as I indicated yesterday, this very brief tweet was a complete BOMBSHELL:

This is precisely the well known phenomenon of ADE--Antibody Dependent Enhancement--that is being described. It's precisely what eminent experts in the field of immunology and vaccinology have been frantically warning about for months. Walensky, Fauci, and the rest of the Zhou regime seem to be panicking and have nothing on offer but masks and injections of the very medication that's causing the ADE. This is the fear that's driving events now--but the regime is talking around these issues with nonsense about masks and getting people shot up, rather than giving us straight talk:

But this should not be news to anyone:

What follows is my transcript of a 10 minute segment from Steve Bannon getting Dr. Robert Malone's reaction to events from yesterday. You can watch the video here, but trust me on this--you'll want to read and weigh Malone's words. He is speaking carefully, choosing his words with their likely impact in mind:

Bannon: Dr. Malone we started today with MSNBC, we had Erin Burnett's meltdown last night, we just had Fauci, the reason we wanted you on, you're such a voice of reason. Can you please tell us, what the hell is going on here?

Malone: So, you're right. We've seen a progression of increasingly desperate and abrupt rollouts of information, beginning with Pfizer's alert a couple weeks ago that they think we're gonna need to have a booster after six months, and Fauci reprimanding them, and then the government flip flopping and saying that we were going to hafta have boosters for Pfizer recipients after six months and elderly and immuno compromised. 

Then the bomb dropped last night, and I'm afraid that it's precisely what I've been concerned about, and what I had spoken about on two different podcasts yesterday--so it's pretty ironic. What you heard Fauci say is that the nasal titres are the same in vaccine recipients and unvaccinated. That's a selected disclosure, apparently. Nasal titres are a very poor indicator, as opposed to blood based titres of infectious viruses. What NBC News dropped yesterday was the statement, sourced from an unnamed government official, that the titres in the vaccinated are actually higher than in the unvaccinated. 

What does this mean? Why do you suddenly see this kind of frantic scramble?

This is precisely what one would see if if Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) were happening. What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement? Briefly, it's that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination. Would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of infection [sic, vaccination?]. This is the vaccinologist's worst nightmare. It happened with the Respiratory Syncitial Virus in the 60s, and caused more child deaths in vaccine recipients than unvaccinated. It happened with Dengvaxia, the Dengue vaccine, and it's happened with virtually every other coronavirus vaccine development program--certainly in humans. It's what vaccinologists like myself have been warning about since the outset--the risk of Antibody Dependent Enhancement.


Think back to the earlier interviews with Sucharit Bhakdi, who emphasized that coronaviruses in general are "poor vaccine candidates". This is why.

Why would it [ADE] first show up in Pfizer? We don't actually have the data, but from first principles the Pfizer dose is about a third of the Moderna dose, and it's likely as an RNA vaccine to express much less spike [protein] for a shorter period of time than you'd see with a recombinant adenoviral vector vaccine like Johnson & Johnson. So, we now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at six months and what the data seem to suggest is that those who have received Pfizer--which is probably the least immunogenic of the three, in terms of durability, length of protection--people that are now in the waning phase of the immune response to the Pfizer vaccine seem to be getting infected. Notice that they keep talking about Pfizer and not about the other two. So this is exactly what you'd anticipate. The window of greatest susceptibility to Antibody Dependent Enhancement is in this long tapering phase as the vaccine response declines. 

I think Dr. Fauci is being very disingenuous. I don't know what else to say. I mean, we could say he's lying--whatever. I'm accused of being an anti-vaxxer and promoting disinformation, but to my eyes the government is obfuscating what's happening here. I don't mean to sound alarmist, but what seems to be rolling out is the worst case scenario, where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise. Which is called an Antibody Dependent Enhancement. People have been warning about this from the outset of this rushed vaccine campaign.

Bannon: I just wanna go back and make sure that this is understandable for people. Number one, and I say this every time--not only are you not an anti-vaxxer, you have dedicated your entire life to safe vaccines, is that not correct? At every level of your professional life, both researcher, inventor, commercial opportunities, government--all of that. Your entire life is in support of trying to get vaccines that help mankind, correct?

Malone: I'm the opposite of an anti-vaxxer--I'm a true believer! But I'm also committed to safety and good science.

Bannon: ... The way this virus is structured, the way this virus was rolled out--excuse me, the vaccine--it actually exacerbates susceptibility to the virus, particularly mutations. Is that correct?

Malone: OK, so the mutations is another misleading set of statements from Dr. Fauci. The escape mutants that are escaping vaccine selective pressure are most likely developing in the people who have been vaccinated, not in the unvaccinated. So that [the claim that the unvaxxed are "killing people"] is another convenient lie. But Antibody Dependent Enhancement can be influenced by escape mutants, but what the data are suggesting--if they're validated, I only have this NBC News report from and unnamed government source--but it's easy enough to get titres in patients that have been vaccinated versus those that have not been vaccinated that have been vaccinated with Sars Covid 2, in this case Delta variant. If those data verify that the titres are higher than in the blood with those that have been vaccinated, as compared to those that have not been vaccinated, that would be the smoking gun to validate Antibody Dependent Enhancement in virus replication. That would typically correlate with disease.


Malone is clearly implying that, most likely, this very simple step of getting reliable blood titres--not just the less reliable nasal titres that Fauci mentioned--has already been taken. IOW, the regime knows what the situation is, but they're "obfuscating."

So that's where we're at. These preliminary signals being disclosed by unnamed government officials suggest that we're there--in the worst case scenario that the vaccine community has been warning about since the beginning of the outbreak, because it's been the history of all other coronavirus vaccine development programs, in humans and in most of the animals.

So I don't know what else to say! This is another of those, it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck--it's probably a duck, but we gotta prove it.

Bannon: If you're down in the National Security Conference room today, Fauci and these guys come in, they're having a discussion. They come around the table and you see the evidence as you think it is, what is your recommendation to the task force about what needs to be done now, both from the practical actions and messaging? Let's take the actions first. What would you recommend they do right away? What actions do you think need to be taken today?

Malone: If the data are consistent with ADE, we have to stop the vaccine campaign. We have to pivot to expediting as much as possible drug treatments--which have been largely blocked and suppressed at the FDA level, particularly for repurposed drugs [i.e., HCQ and Ivermectin, for example]. It's not just my experience with the [?] that this [blocking and suppressing] is happening. I hear it again and again and again from other sources. If they're working on drugs, unless they're part of the active trials, which are the NIH sponsored trials, ... [segment interrupted]

Now, elsewhere Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist and vaccine developer who has worked in the past for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has an open letter entitled: Why mass vaccination amidst a pandemic creates an irrepressible monster. This open letter deals in far more technical detail than the Malone interview with the same issue that Malone discusses: ADE. Because of the technical nature of Vanden Bossche's open letter, I don't want to quote from it too extensively here. Suffice it to say that where Malone strives to avoid alarmism, Vanden Bossche is definitely sounding an alarm:

As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists. However, this type of prophylactic vaccines [those based on gene therapy, such as mRNA] are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic. Vaccinologists, scientists and clinicians are blinded by the positive short-term effects in individual patients, but don’t seem to bother about the disastrous consequences for global health. Unless I am scientifically proven wrong, it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster.

You may wish to read the entire open letter. There's a lot there, including the suggestion that induced mutations in the spike protein could lead to transmission to industrial scale livestock facilities. When he talks about a "wild monster" he's talking about a danger of mass death because ADE is creating a vast pool of people (those who have been vaxxed) who will be highly susceptible from the resulting variants. I'm not a scientist, so I offer this for what it's worth. There are disagreements among the opponents of the current Covid policies and vaccines, but they agree on the basics and on the possible serious consequences of following this path.

Now, finally, make sure you're sitting down for this one.

You may recall that Peter McCullough pointed out the testimony adduced by Senator Ron Johnson regarding vaccine injuries. Among other things, McCullough particularly noted that some of these injuries have been cropping up nine months after the injections. Here we have a nurse discussing the current Covid vaccine situation as she is experiencing it in her practice. She states quite frankly that she has never seen anything like what she is experiencing, that there are no protocols for treating these unfortunate sufferers, and that ... more injuries are cropping up many months after the injections:


  1. So many questions. 1. Do they know and if so, when will they fess up? The longer, the worse it gets. 2. Does this apply to all or a portion of those who got vaxxed? 3. If it's only a portion, what are the appropriate tests to identify those that need some other treatment? IgG? Any others? 4. What about all the media suppressed treatments and will they potentially help? I know for a fact that my Step-Daughter's 85 yo grandfather was in the hospital in March 2020 with "Covid". He survived and one of the meds that they sent him home with was HCQ. Sure hope we can find something that help other than the perpetual boosters before things completely sideways...

    Was thinking of that line from the movie Red October by the late Senator Fred Thompson as Adm. Painter:

    "This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it." sigh

    1. Frontline Doctors can get get you prescriptions for Ivermectin and HCQ if you go to their website. Other commenters here have posted terrific instructions on how to. A duck duck go search should do it.

    2. As a dad of four adult children, three of whom have gotten one of the jabs, i am sick at heart. Unfortunately i have warned them about many things this last year that never came to pass, so my credibility is shot. They don't want to hear it. It's heartbreaking to think of what may lie ahead. God have mercy. Zz

  2. @Mikeyinfl, I honestly thought of a different line from the same movie: "You arrogant ass, you've killed us."
    Take a guess about whom I was thinking.

    You ask lots of very important questions that remain to be answered. I fear we will not get enough of those answers soon enough from the "authorities" and "experts" responsible for this horrific mess in the first place. That they are still pushing mass vaccination and futile gestures such as mask mandates in the face of this is not promising.

    It seems like there is some hope in natural immunity and in using the repurposed drugs for prophylaxis. But we sure need an about face, a widespread recognition of errors and the corresponding truth, and a rapid change of direction and mobilization soon. May God help us. He is our only true shield and strength.

    1. "Take a guess about whom I was thinking."
      Can I have arrogant flip floppers for $500 please.

      Seems like this song has been played before.

      Tony F: "I'm sorry, I don't follow deese chickens"

    2. Thanks, Mikeyinfl. This is very interesting and troubling. I would encourage everyone to read it. The whole approach of govt agencies toward the "pandemic" has been especially "leaky" (in keeping with the nature of the "vaccines" themselves) - dismissive of past research, policies, and processes. Funny what money can do.

  3. So if one has been vaxed, what should you do?

    It seems after X months the immunity wears off.

    Does this mean the protein spike is no longer manufactured?

    1. Don't re-inject yourself with that crap. Let your natural defenses deal with the virus. If you get sick, get medication.

  4. ...another thing I'd like to see Senator Paul bring up to Dr. Fauci....the details in the Pfizer contract below. So disturbing...

    Here are the highlights:
    — The contract covers v the manufacturing of vaccines for the original COVID-19 strain but also its mutations. In addition, it covers “any device, technology, or product used in the administration of or to enhance the use or effect of, such vaccine.”

    — The reason why governments (including the U.S. government, no doubt) were downplaying and suppressing other non-vaccine treatments for COVID is because the contract does not allow them to pull out even if a more effective treatment than the Pfizer vaccine is found.

    — Pfizer also cannot be held liable for any delivery delays or missed deliveries. “Pfizer shall have no liability for any failure to deliver doses in accordance with any estimated delivery dates… nor shall any such failure give Purchaser any right to cancel orders for any quantities of Product,” the contract states.

    And to emphasize, the contract states clearly: “Purchaser hereby waives all rights and remedies that it may have at Law, in equity or otherwise, arising from or relating to:.. any failure by Pfizer to deliver the Contracted Doses in accordance with the Delivery Schedule.”

    — Once bought, the vaccines cannot be returned: “Pfizer will not, in any circumstances, accept any returns of Product (or any dose)…no Product returns may take place under any circumstances,” says the contract.

    — There is also the cost. The U.S. government, and likely the Israelis Ehden speculates, were charged $19.50 per vaccine dose, though other countries were only charged 12 bucks. In addition, Pfizer assured that it is guaranteed its money, and that governments cannot withhold or try to credit funds for the vaccines.

    — It doesn’t matter whether the vaccines are effective in the short or long-term, either. “Purchaser acknowledges…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known,” says the contract.

    — All sales are pretty much final, too, as is the exception of the contract. “There are clauses about termination possibility, but in fact, as you saw so far, the buyer has almost nothing that can be considered a material breach, while Pfizer can easily do so if they don’t get their money or if they deem so,” Ehden writes.

    — And, of course, no one can hold Pfizer liable…for anything related to its COVID vaccine. “Purchaser must provide Pfizer protection from liability for claims and all Losses, must implement it via statutory or regulatory requirements, and the sufficiency of such efforts shall be in Pfizer’s sole discretion,” the contract states.

  5. It was suppose stop making your cells produce the spike on their surface. But, it seems they got that wrong, or it didn't work right, or they were just guessing, because in 100% of the people tested the spike protein was still being produced 5 months or more out.

  6. What I find disturbing about the video is that Dr Malone seems to be a man of intellectual integrity who makes no claims beyond what his data will support. And he even tells how to gather data that will prove or falsify his theory. This man isn't a loon in a tinfoil hat.

    As for the question of whether the regime is panicked, well...Mark, if you were career law enforcement then you know flop sweat when you see it.

  7. "could have higher levels of virus and infect others" compared to what? It could be they are saying the vaccinated are more infectious than the unvaccinated, in which case we would have evidence of ADE developing. But what if the statement was a comparison of viral shedding of delta variant in vaccinated people vs some other variant in vaccinated people. The language is unclear. The CDC doesn't help things by being as non-transparent as they are about their announced policy changes.

  8. Our current regime is incapable of panicking, addressing any situation in a normal constructive manner or ever being ashamed of anything. They are very good at shifting the blame, although judging from the reaction of those around me nobody really cares. I was in a NYC hospital yesterday for a consultation and the waiting room TV was hyping the 'insurrection' and the Olympics mess and nobody paid any attention. The 'insurrection' wasn't even in the news in copies of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal they had lying around. The hospital was strong on masking, but once you step outside nobody seemed to be wearing them.

  9. The nurse’s video is hosted on the following site, which has other documentation of what’s happening:

  10. I wonder if this all shouldn't be viewed from the paradigm of a preference cascade, once momentum builds for acknowledging the truth Fauci et Al are going to be swamped by testimonials, the question is when is Trump going to weigh in, lend his support. I can't imagine this charade withstanding athe blow a mea culpa by Trump on pushing the vaccines would deliver. Mark A.

    1. @mark A

      Yes, i imagine Trump is struggling mightily with this very quandary-- as more evidence piles up that these rushed injections may be more dangerous than the virus, the pressure builds on President Trump to address and resolve the contradiction.

      What's his role in this thing? Was he fooled (yet again) by clever, duplicitous advisors (Pence anyone? ) about the nature and efficacy of the jabs? Did they not know but he decided to rush them out anyway because... he wanted to head off the lockdowns etc? (There's a fraught bit of messaging... "I took a calculated risk with your life and health because I believed the Deep State would wreck our economy otherwise.").

      And to further complicate things, we must concede that Trump the man is not one to apologize or take blame easily. He is attack and promote not evade and deflect (which we like for most part but is a problem here).

      I don't see a way Trump gets ahead of this thing. Easiest thing would be to avoid talking about it but we need him to use his megaphone on this if we hope to avoid mass forced injections. So far he's touted the injections as a miracle of his leadership while simultaneously affirming the right to refuse these miracles. Don't think that will fly.