Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Malone Comments Re ADE

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA "vaccine" technology runs an interesting Twitter feed. Unfortunately, much of what he writes is geared toward professionals in his field and is, thus, over my head. Yesterday he published a tweet that referenced ADE--Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Critics of the mRNA gene therapy medications have focused on this phenomenon. ADE is a real thing, but the question is whether it has or will occur in human populations in the context of Covid-19. Here's the Wikipedia summary in that regard:

ADE was a concern during late clinical stages of vaccine development against COVID-19.

ADE was observed in animal studies during the development of coronavirus vaccines, but as of 14 December 2020 no incidents had been observed in human trials. "Overall, while ADE is a theoretical possibility with a COVID-19 vaccine, clinical trials in people so far have not shown that participants who received the vaccine have a higher rate of severe illness compared to participants who did not receive the vaccine."

Thus, the question, as a practical matter, becomes: Are we out of the ADE woods or does it remain a possibility. Highly reputable scientists insist that it does remain a possibility, but I'm not aware that any of the scariants are part of that phenomenon. Or, not yet.

In this regard, here is Malone's tweet on the subject. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what he's saying. See what you think. This lack of information and of transparency is a huge part of the problem we face. It seems to me that authorities whose job it is to push information out and to inform the public--a theme that Malone emphasizes continuously--have been and remain determined to hide the ball from the people most concerned.

I'll paste that in in text format:

This is a "self own" that vaccine durability is poor. It is during the waning phase of vaccine-induced immune response that the risk of ADE is highest. Evidence? you say? See Dengue vaccine development, ADE, and the risk associated with waning immunity. QED.

Does this relate to what we're seeing with regard to so many vaxxed people turning up with the Dread Delta scariant? I don't know. I'd like to see more on this subject.

ADDENDUM: There's a thoughtful article at AmThinker today--COVID Authoritarianism Has Changed Our Polity. I'll quote an excerpt from the end that raises the issue that has so many thinking people concerned. It's clear that the Covid regime has, at this point, virtually nothing to do with public health. It's become a new cult of sorts, one that is supposed to lead to some sort of Brave New World. A global transformation or, if you will, a Great Reset:

If the government can force vaccination for what is, to you, an incredibly unthreatening risk, what can’t the government do?

We’re outside the realm of government policy based upon the “collective good,” and have reached the realm of government policy based upon what the government believes is “for your own good.”

If we accept that the government should be in the business of coercing Americans to accept the physical injection of an experimental vaccine, which carries unknown risks, to inoculate them against a virus that represents an infinitesimal risk of serious harm or death to the vast majority of healthy Americans, why shouldn’t the government be in the business of telling us what shouldn’t be introduced to our bodies, given new scientific evidence?

The government is already working with social media companies to determine what we should and shouldn’t read, as Jen Psaki reminds us.  Why shouldn’t the government also tell us how much we can eat, drink, smoke, work, or exercise?  After all, the constantly evolving and often wrong “science” says that there’s an optimal level for all of those things.  Why shouldn’t we be made to “follow the science” by our government betters, for our own good?

Make no mistake, the COVID pandemic, with the media and technology infrastructure that was in place in 2020, is an authoritarian’s dream. 

The reference to 'often wrong "science"' brings to mind what a government adviser in England openly admitted:

Government Advisor Admits Masks Are Just “Comfort Blankets” That Do Virtually Nothing

“But now it is entrenched, and we are entrenching bad behaviour.”

Entrenching bad behavior? Or is it, entrenching blindly compliant behavior? We know that next to none of the current regime is about the science, and we also know that a main object has always been to conceal the truth--Wuhan, anyone? So it's natural to ask: What really is it about?


  1. What Malone says makes sense to this non-biological science guy (physics was my area of study). Basically, he is saying that the risk of ADE increases as vaccine efficacy fades.

    If we think about how and why mutations take hold, it is during their replication that a mutation which may confer protection can happen. When vaccine efficacy fades, the vaccinated populations will have replicating virus in their bodies that will constantly be challenged by an immune response that was primed with the vaccine. A mutation that occurs in this environment that takes advantage of this vaccine induced immune response could result in a version of a mutation that prefers the vaccinated over the unvaccinated.

    To date, there is no evidence of this happening, but the point Malone seems to be making is that until recently, ADE was less likely to occur with a vaccine that was very effective in preventing infection. The real proof of whether this becomes a concern will be now, where we have variants like delta that appear to infect the vaccinated at more significant rates.

    So basically, we're not out of the woods on ADE per Malone's informed point of view. We're just heading into the woods now.

    1. OK, so that might explain why Pfizer apparently got quite alarmed at some of the Israeli data and applied for booster authorization.

    2. That could explain Pfizer's response, yes. Of course, the Chi-coms do not seem to worry at all about their rather ineffective vaccine causing this issue. Dang, those Chi-coms really suck, don't they?

      Probably the best strategy now is just to go for herd immunity through infection for the rest of the populations (the strategy abandoned by the UK after first considering it). The most at-risk populations have had their vaccines, and we're not going to eliminate this thing with vaccinations alone. In fact, we're probably never eliminating this--best we can hope for is widespread immunity through combo of vaccine and infection so that it just becomes a seasonal cold like other coronaviruses are.

    3. "best we can hope for is widespread immunity through combo of vaccine and infection...."

      Yeah, and Denninger today elaborates on why:

      "You either had Covid now, or will get it, like it or not. It is as certain as winter.
      Further, if Delta arose, it won't be the last one. Worse, we now know, conclusively that these vaccines are *not sterilizing*, which means every vaccinated person is a viral *mutation factory*, and won't know they have it in many cases.
      We also know it does *not block* transmission, as was just demonstrated on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and in the Texas Delegation.

      You cannot out-vaccinate a mutating virus; the reason is quite simple, as the virus passes through people and mutates faster, than you can modify vaccination formulas.
      I warned early on, that the use of non-sterilizing vaccines was *known dangerous*, back when IPV came out for Polio, and is why Sabin's OPV formula, which is sterilizing, was universally used in conjunction with IPV in the US, until polio was no longer circulating here.
      In fact we kept using OPV in the United States, for another 20 years after the nation was declared polio-free. Why? Because not doing so -- using non-sterilizing IPV alone, when polio was still circulating in the population -- was damned dangerous, as it placed *evolutionary pressure* on the virus, that could cause more disease rather than less, and we knew it."

    4. How many of us have gone years and years without flu or a cold, then get one? Of course that happens, despite what we presume is decent immunity built up over the years. And it looks very much like the usual story. They want to immunize disease out of existence. Good luck. The cure is worse.

  2. I remember from early this year or late 2020 a Dr. Merritt, an ortho specialist who brought up the ADE phenomenon and vaccines. She can probably still be found on Rumble (deleted from YouTube). Her views are not positive toward the current government’s method of treatment

    My looking into that back then was, in layman terms, the body sees a wild form of a virus after vaccination and says “we know you, come on in” then before the body gets to fight the invader, it has now caused the cytokine storm and all the body’s system failures come in a rapid domino cascade.

    This article is from a very brief search, selected because I could basically follow along without getting too confused

    1. Even Wiki agrees ADE was an issue during the animal trials. The human trials, as we know, didn't run their full course before 'emergency' authorization--which means the human trials are still ongoing.

    2. And will be ongoing until 2023 by my understanding. The reason the animal trial were halted was because they all had to be euthanized because of the cytokine storm.

  3. This is the consequences of the stolen 2020 elections. The government has installed a new President and will (at least in their own minds) control all future elections.

    Without any appreciable push back, and so far there hasn't been, this is our future.

  4. And there it is, more "dots".

    Malone's tweet... I don't follow him but if I understand the context correctly I would say that's simply talking out of both sides of ones mouth.

    It's a problem in science, the corporate world and acidemia today. They advocate on everything but use aloof projection to cover their butts... Grow a pair, pick a side.

  5. From Denninger today on the jab etc., at :

    But if you believe it works, then it doesn't matter if I took a jab or not, as you're safe.
    So why the screaming?
    We *all know* the answer: You fear you may have ****ed up, so you want *everyone else* to drink the KoolAid too.
    That way, if it turns out you did, it's not just you who takes the dirt nap; a bunch of others go with you."

    From Denninger yesterday, at

    "We've been told everyone is highly-susceptible to Covid. False. We knew this conclusively in March of 2020, after Diamond Princess.
    We discovered why in June, scientifically, and it was peer reviewed a couple of months later, and published in Nature. 80% of the population *never was* highly susceptible. That's why the entire crew and passenger manifest on Diamond Princess didn't get deathly ill.
    This doesn't mean you can't get it, any more than it means you can't get a coronavirus-caused cold, if you had one before. You can because the virus mutates, and your immunity is not perfect.
    But it does mean, that only a small percentage of the population was ever *highly-susceptible to severe* disease. The bad news is, that there's no reasonable way to know if you're in the 20%, or the 80% as a "starting point" for personal risk assessment, since testing for (it) is slow, expensive, and nobody has been doing it on a mass basis -- nor will they.

    Incidentally if you take the alleged "SEIR" models published all over the place, which claimed 2 million corpses would occur in the US, all of which presume everyone is 100% susceptible with no pre-existing resistance, and divide by five you get..... just about the number of people who got turned into corpses.
    This is a very inconvenient mathematical fact, because it proves all the mitigations were either worthless or harmful. Isn't it interesting that elementary school arithmetic is studiously ignored? Gee, I wonder why?

    We've been told the shots were *fully and extensively* tested. That's a lie. There's a slide in the FDA slide deck, that was "fast-skipped" through, on the screen for less than 2 seconds. It lays forth a whole plethora of risks that are unknowns, and the studies were underpowered on both time and people, to catch them. Again, we've been lied to.

    It is a fact, that a coronavirus has never been successfully vaccinated against in the past. This is not singular in terms of viral family....
    ... Do remember that Fauci has promised us an HIV vaccine for nearly 40 years. None has been forthcoming; the either didn't work, or caused serious problems.
    These trials have taken years to detonate in people's faces. Not all cause harm; some just prove worthless.
    But some have caused harm, and it has frequently taken years to find out."

    1. As the person who invented mRNA technology on which these gene therapy shots are based, Malone’s tweet says that “this is a self-own that the vaccine durability is poor”. A self-own is something that “unintentionally embarrasses oneself or harm’s one’s own interests”. An admission of a weakness or flaw.

  6. Rand P. is on Hannity now, on his clash with Fauci today.

  7. A personal anecdote worth relating:

    I came down with some pretty strong covid symptoms last Thursday and into Friday, tested positive Saturday and began my Ivermectin-led protocol right away. The local clinic would only give me two days of Ivermectin and none of the other goodies recommended by the Covid masters of the universe over at, so I had to go to to get the services of the fabulous Dr. Miguel Antonatos, using the Medici smartphone app the website directs visitors to.

    All of it was done over the app for 55 bucks flat. Prescription sent straight away to the pharmacy of my choice (or to a mail-order pharmacy in NJ that will send you months of Ivermectin for next to nothing, if your need isn’t immediate). Then used the GoodRx app (Gold trial subscription) to get the cost of the 55 x 3mg of Ivermectin pills (enough for two full, 5-day treatments) down to $85 from the over $300 the bastards at the pharmaceutical companies are trying to charge and that insurance won’t cover since the other bastards over at the FDA won’t approve it for Covid. Awesome. God bless America.

    Anyway, felt horrible at the time I took the Ivermectin, then felt like a million bucks the very next day.

    My wife got the same symptoms a couple days later, felt like complete hell last night, took her first Ivermectin dose before going to bed and feels perfect today.

    Our 20-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son finally felt bad enough today, after feeling only mild symptoms for two or three days, to go ahead and take a round of Ivermectin. They both are starting to feel better already and will undoubtedly be 100% tomorrow or the next day.

    Our 14yo son just has a sore throat for now, so we'll see how things progress tomorrow. I'm of course hoping he's been exposed so he can get the same natural protection the rest of us are getting.

    But don't pay attention to any of this, of course, since the people on TV say it's not really science.

    Bonus fact: the 20yo daughter was forced to get the J&J jab while trying out for this year's Tokyo Olympics with the rugby team of her native Colombia. Fat bunch of good that jab did her. Hopefully with this incident and never having to go under the needle again, her immune system will eventually get back to something close to natural and normal.

    Parting message: if the censors can’t keep word of Ivermectin from getting out, the Ivermectin will single-handedly force this man-made pandemic to an end (I didn’t even mention it’s nearly perfect effectiveness at preventing sickness when taken as a prophylactic), and surely there will be hell to pay on the back end of all that. Don’t think for a second that maintaining the Ivermectin blackout is anywhere but the tippety top of the censorship priority pyramid for those running the info warfare show right now. It is their Kryptonite, on steroids, and no one understands this better than they.

    1. A pleasure. And thank YOU - for this wonderful platform.

    2. @Brad C,

      I obtained 30 HCQ 200mg, 10 Ivermectin 12 mg, and 30 Zithromycin 500 mg for $180 from the UK based on this treatment protocol:

      Day 1 2 3 4 5
      HCQ 200mg 2 3 3 3 3
      Iver 12mg 1 1
      Azith 500mg 1 1 1 1 1
      Aspirin 325mg 1 1 1 1 1
      Vit D3 5000iu 2 2 2 2
      Zinc 50mg 2 3 3 3 3

      As somebody who has actual experience I would be very interested in the treatment protocol you followed in the above kind of detail!


    3. Things are just a little confusing with differing protocols even at

    4. Hi, PD - no problem. I took:

      1. Ivermectin: 18mg/day
      2. Azithromycin 250mg: 1/day
      3. Budesonide Inhaler (Symbicort) 160/4.5 (120 puffs/bottle): 2 puffs/day
      4. Fenofibrate 145mg: 1/day
      5. Vitamin D3: 4000mg/day
      6. Vitamin C: 1000mg 2/day
      7. Zinc: 100mg/day
      8. Aspirin: 325mg 2/day

      1. Took Alleve (generic) as needed for head and body aches (Alleve works really well for me with no side effects. Bottom line is take something for aches and pains if necessary)
      2. Drank lots of water, did almost nothing but sleep and rest until I felt 110%, which was on Day 3.
      3. Took all pills after a meal. Both Ivermectin and Vitamin D need to dissolve in fat (not your stomach’s digestive juices) in order to be properly absorbed and taken up by the body.
      4. Yesterday was Day 4 of treatment for me, and that’s where I’m stopping. I felt perfect yesterday and again today, so I’d rather just stop now. I’ll be careful about always keeping all my vitamin and mineral levels up from now on, since that’s just common sense, but the meds are now over for me.

      Note 1: I would’ve taken Quercetin 500mg/day if I had been able to find it, though I didn’t look very hard. I also got prescribed two weeks of Fluvoxamine, which is the next best guarantee of getting better quickly after Ivermectin, but by the time I got my hands on that I was already feeling so much better that I didn’t take it.

      Note 2: Different doctors on the Medici app will prescribe different protocols, and I had to use two different ones to get all the above. Still, I’m certain that using either one of them alone would’ve done the trick.

      Note 3: My family members went way more simple than I did: 15mg Ivermectin + Vitamins D, C & Zinc (as above) and so the bottom line seems pretty straightforward:

      1. Ivermectin is the key. That alone will kill any non-advanced case in any reasonably healthy person.
      2. But the other things on my list above all help out a lot, are dirt cheap and carry essentially zero risk, so of course the best route is just to hit the virus with all ya got.
      3. If there’s any worry the case is or could get serious, get and take the Fluvoxamine, also.

      That’s my take, at least. It’ll work. Every time. Ivermectin’s no joke.

      Hope that helps some, and any other info I may be able to provide, just ask and you shall receive.

      PS: Here’s a link re Fenofibrate:


    6. Awesome Brad. Thanks so much! Hopefully I'm acquiring everything merely for contingency sake, but my wife (vaccinated) has a comorbidity and with all the breakthrough cases showing up I want us to be prepared.


    7. Thank you Brad for sharing your experience. I hope more people do... just so it gives others confidence in the EARLY TREATMENT protocols. I follow the FLCCC but also Dr. Peter McCullough.

  8. Could this be accurate? Not seeing this anywhere else...but does seem to indicate that events are increasing.

    "For Second Week in a Row: More COVID-19 Vaccination Deaths than COVID-19 Deaths in the US According to CDC and VAERS Websites "

    "Last Week: there were 1,918 total COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

    Last Week: There were 2,092 deaths from the COVID Vaccines — According to the CDC-linked VAERS website."


    1. Here's one for you regarding children not dying of Covid from the Federalist:

      "After studying comprehensive data on thousands of children, the team “found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” Rather than acknowledge this scientific reality, Makary says the CDC continues to use “flimsy evidence” to push the COVID vaccine upon children. "

      This is criminal in terms of coercing a population to take an experimental treatment that potentially has more risk than it does benefit. For colleges take force students (outside of Florida) to submit to these measures should have severe financial consequences for any harm done imho.

    2. @ Frank, I'm skeptical. This is the second time (at least) that this site has made similar claims, but no one has picked them up--including not those who claim deaths are as high as 25K. Given that, I suspect there's something wrong with the way they're running the numbers.

    3. Numbers in this are just further proof of the larger problem that "something" is right.

      We're one of the most advanced technological countries in the world yet we can't manage a data baseline of the most fundamental questions in real time?


    4. The CDC won’t be publishing any truthfull data.
      Not any that doesn’t support their agenda. The CDC, FBI, DOJ and IRS are tools of the globalists and nothing else.

  9. Off topic warning

    Perhaps Mark can confirm whether this is accurate as to FBI surveillance:

    "As a rule of law kind of woman, I have always assumed that if the FBI looked into someone, they had probable cause. But unfortunately, due to a 2008 rewrite by Republican Michael Mukasey of the Attorney General’s Guidelines on Domestic FBI Operations, that is no longer the case. 

    The rule now allows the agency to spy on American citizens without a criminal predicate or even a complaint. The Brennan Center Fact Sheet tells us that an "assessment" is not an investigation, but regardless the government can without any probable cause "recruit informants to monitor the subject, question people without revealing the agent’s identity, search commercial and government databases and conduct physical surveillance of the person’s public movements."

    1. Unfortunately, while she may have "always assumed" that, it has in fact NEVER been the case. Nor would that be reasonable--any LE organization has to be able to respond allegations and complaints. Re the Fact Sheet claim that the FBI can recruit informants to monitor the subject in a threat assessment, I'm not seeing that. I wonder whether there's a mistake there.

    2. Mark, this appears to be the Brennan Center Fact Sheet. The part about the FBI’s ability to recruit informants is in the right hand column under “Assessment”:

    3. I understand that, I've read it. But I've also read the FBI guidelines, which say that agents can consult already recruited informants--not that they can recruit new informants. That's a real distinction.

  10. Any thoughts on the Novavax vaccine which isn't available in the US yet? It's not mRNA. Meanwhile, I appreciated Brad's info about Ivermectin.

    1. I’m also wondering about the Novavax vaccine. It’s based on traditional vaccine technologies and, according to the Phase 3 clinical trial results published in June, it has high efficacy, fewer side effects, a good safety profile, and doesn’t require an ultra-low storage temperature. Big Pharma bully Pfizer is clamoring for approval to give third booster doses and pushing for full FDA approval before little Novavax gets EUA. If we are in such a crisis as the CDC is saying, shouldn’t all vaccine options be on the table so citizens can make an informed choice if they desire to be vaccinated? Something doesn’t seem right about this.