Tuesday, July 6, 2021

This Door To Door Business--We Foot The Bill For Dem Organizing

I'm not sure how to articulate this, so I'm engaging in a bit of stream of consciousness.

The Zhou regime says they're going to be going door to door to try to persuade everyone to participate in a dangerous medical experiment--which, coincidentally, enriches Big Pharma at no risk of liability for injuries. Presumably Big Pharma will morph into--if they haven't already--Big Donors, giving unstintingly to their benefactor: The Dems.

Now, according to American Greatness,

Only 47 percent of Americans are reportedly fully vaccinated despite an abundance of the vaccine.

How many people do you think it will take to personally contact half of all Americans? A lot. This sounds to me like community organizing and vote canvassing absolutely on steroids. Covid vaxxing is what gets their foot inside the door, but as someone who spent his working life talking to people for a living, there's no telling where that will lead. Politics? Sure. Lifestyle views? Why not? Recruitment to activist causes? I think so.

And all this on our dime, because who thinks this army of people going door to door won't be paid? We The People will be footing the bill for Dem organizing.

Am I right or am I wrong?


  1. How long will it take, before a refusal to open one's door to hear this proselytization, will be designated as a criminal expression of sympathy for White Supremacists, or some such?

  2. The REAL purpose is so they can covertly identify where all the "white supremacists" live that they've been screaming about for the past four years, but nobody seems to be able to find:

    1) American Flag in front of house? CHECK!

    2) MAGA hats/tee-shirts hanging inside home? CHECK!

    3) Firearms? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! [If firearm = scary AR-15, withdraw immediately, call 9-1-1, and declare a life-threatening emergency, notify Strategic Air Command, and go to Defcon 5.]

    4) Pick-up truck in driveway? CHECK!

    5) Gainfully employed, self-employed, or actively seeking work? CHECK!

    6) Copy of "Epoch Times," "American Rifleman," or receipt for "straight sex" videos in trash? CHECK!

    7) Resists efforts of government vaccine agents to enter home without a warrant? CHECK!

    1. "1) American Flag in front of house? CHECK!"

      Actually, right on my block there are at least 4 houses where they seem to alternate the Stars and Stripes with the Rainbow flag. I think the message is that theirs are true American values--"who we are as Americans." So it's not so easy to separate the sheep from the goats. It depends on the month.

    2. Interesting re flags. I see something different here. No flags out by anyone anywhere. Strange. People used to out out flags 2019 and before. We're way out in the country so no Blmtifa worries. Is it fear? Shame? A protest?

  3. This is long in the making ... I bought ... ok ... mortgaged ... my one and only house in 1997.

    I told my then new neighbor I was going to put up a US flag. He stated it might get damaged or torn down. Not by him, but by the Democrat neighbors.

    It never happened. Today, Democrat zealotry is out in full force, then it was hidden to a degree, but noticed by others.

  4. I'm going to volunteer for the Ivermectin trial instead of those dangerous spike inducing injections.


  5. If they make it over the gate and past the Doberman, then they are armed and trespassing. That triggers a whole 'nuther line of defense.

  6. Maybe it's time to infiltrate behind enemy lines? Sign up for the door to doors and see what they are up to.

  7. Because Bluto Barr turned out to be a Dem helper bee, I am posting this here. A pretty good layout of Barr’s malfeasance with a headline that should have said “Bill Barr’s re-emergence spotlights total corruption of the Department of Justice”….

    Bill Barr re-emerges, spotlights total corruption of the Department of Justice

    Six months after resigning as attorney general, William Barr recently re-entered the spotlight, reportedly telling friendly news correspondent Jonathan Karl that allegations of vote fraud during the 2020 election are bull. Now that civilian Bill Barr has jumped back into the political fray, it is time to take unflinching stock of the degraded Department of Justice (DOJ) and how it became even further corrupted during Barr's reign.

    In reviewing the attorney general's passivity during his tenure, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that Barr's inaction was born of anything other than profound fear of the progressive, hydra-headed agency he ostensibly led. Indeed, during his nearly two years on the job, the nation's top cop repeatedly gave interviews in which he alluded to criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Obama administration and senior leaders of Obama's intelligence agencies, which spied on the Trump campaign and later sought to remove Trump from office on a variety of increasingly implausible and comically specious pretexts. Yet, despite all of Barr's talk, there was never any accountability for the malefactors.

    More here:

    1. Unless I missed it, I still haven't seen or heard Trump bad-mouthing Barr, like he did to others who left.

      Especially strange, since Barr is the worst of a bad bunch.



  8. Well, maybe you are right, but going door to door and chatting people up about things is complicated if there isn’t some kind of direction given as to how to broach the desired topics, such as voting or other non COVID jab topics. I’d say that there is a significant overlap between the types of people who harbor a strong disdain for government workers who aren’t minding their own business and folks who just don’t want the jab. The road ahead for these Dort to door jab salesman is likely rough and in my opinion deservedly so.

  9. In another Big Bro maneuver, Pelosi is placing satellite field offices for the DC Capitol Police in key regions, e.g. CA & FL.
    You Know Who guesses about the motives, as follows:

    "Something is about to happen; federal agencies are acting in a very proactive manner.
    ... yet another advance move in preparation for, or in defense of, something they are *planning* for.
    Either they are doing something; fearful of us discovering something; or they are preparing for us to react to something, and they are pre-positioning assets to defend against it....."

    1. By what authority can the Capitol Police engage in law enforcement outside of the Capitol - or Washington DC?

    2. By no established Authority.
      But then, by what authority could governors extend lockdowns beyond a specified time frame?
      Until the GOP dares to fight this in court, why shouldn't Dems push the envelope?

  10. Except for the fact that we will pay for this canvassing operation (surely this was suggested by Obama),

    Unless they are friends or delivering a package, those who show up at our door are intruders.I am a world class door slammer.