Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What If?

This is obviously speculative. Nevertheless ... it's true that there are connections between personnel in both events. Or plots.


  1. Dots...always dots!

    I'm gonna go take another victory lap on cynicism.

  2. some fyi

    "I don’t think mass slaughter was part of the plan, however — the Norwegians would never have co-operated with such an operation. I think the intention was to let Mr. Breivik put together his scheme, and then roll it up at the last moment before it was executed. There would have been a prominent arrest, followed by maximum media publicity for his manifesto.

    However, just before the plans matured, Wikileaks released a damaging series of documents showing some of the things [agency name redacted] had been up to in Europe, which forced them to shut down their presence in the American embassy in Oslo and withdraw Mr. Breivik’s handlers. The Butcher of Ut√łya was then let off his leash, and the rest is history.

    Whether mass slaughter was intended or not, the plan was a great success. The Counterjihad was hobbled, the spread of sharia proceeded apace, and the Obama administration became a servant of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Biden administration is, in effect, Obama’s third term."

  3. SWC is asking tbe wrong question. The right question is whether the FBI SAC was brought to DC to plan and coordinate the 1.6 shenanigans, not to investigate them. He was brought in months before the event.

    At this point in the soviet system we have, safest to assume the worst and be astounded if i turns out merely bad instead of horrific as expected.


  4. Why not both? You coordinate them first and then investigate them, you will know precisely where to look and what not to reveal.

    It's like the RNC/DNC "bomb" plants. Pelosi never mentions it as something to investigate the FBI does not want to reveal all the info around it, as not to jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. What's up with that? What if the bomb plant (most likely fake) was to be used to blame the Jan 06 rally for having to evacuate the congress (guilt by association, it must have been Trump supporting rally goers that planted those bombs, who else, that would have been the MSM take on it)? But then the actual breach of the Capitol building by the crowd, made using the bomb plant story obsolete. Just wondering out loud