Thursday, July 8, 2021

Blockbust Dialog Between Tucker And GG

It turned out to be more of a dialog than just an interview. Greenwald explains what's going--what's been going on since WW2--lucidly. I really like that he refers to the US as a National Security State in which the Intel agencies hold the whip hand over the Legislative Branch that's supposed to be conducting "oversight". Look, few of us feel much sympathy for any of our rulers, including members of the House and Senate. Nevertheless, if we are to preserve some minimal degree of freedom, we have to have some sort of workable system. As it is, and as this dialog makes absolutely clear, things seem to be spiraling out of control:


  1. McCarthy is now on Laura, about Pelosi's 6 Jan. committee.

  2. Awesome Tucker. Now do IC interference in 2020 election. According to my math that was way number 6-to-Sunday to get back at POTUS Trump. Mark A

  3. I was watching the Trump press conference about his class action lawsuit against Big Tech.

    I noticed a couple of his comments:

    He mentioned how big tech was bullying and threatening the supreme court "they're playing the ref - suddenly different decisions are coming out"

    He mentioned, now that they have the Fauci emails, it shows collusion with the gov't, so they are no longer a private company.


  4. With all the three-letter agencies converged, it feels to me like the train has left the station. Trump had what may be the last chance, but he may have--logically--concluded that forfeiting the health and well-being of his family was not worth it. That, and the fact that he had a veritable Eiger Nordwand to overcome tennis shoes and winter:

    Let us remember how Bluto snatched away PDT's final thin reed of hope at the end:

    Finally, here's to the next Republican president:

  5. Thanks PD Quig - epoch time video is excellent.

    Now to watch the other video on Barr with You mentioned in another thread:

  6. P.D. Quig - Wow on the YouTube video starting from 42 minutes. Thanks!

    I had no idea it was this bad, and I thought it was bad.

    Barnes alleges:

    1. that Barr had video proof of ballot stuffing, in a state ballot harvesting via banned, and deliberately suppressed that.

    2. That Barr’s Father write a Sci Fi novel with underage rape. And hired Epstein.

    3. Bush Sr. Funeral was used to push Barr, by Bush 2.

    4. Barr did an amazing job of gas lighting Trump. Lots of smoke, no action besides closing the mueller investigation. Leaks were used to make it appear lots of action was happening behind the scenes. Barr used the excuse of impartiality and restoring the Doj as a reason to ignore specific requests from the Trump WH to investigate voter fraud.

    5. Durham has a history of burying politically hot potatoes. Whitey Bulgar was only investigated because he was already outed. He investigated cia torture at Guantanamo and white washed it.

    6. Guilliani did not know election law and took Barnes ideas and made it appear to Trump he was an expert. And later got bad advice, that led him into problems. Combine this the portrait from Patrick Byrne.

    7. Trump was surrounded with his election counsel that seem to be deliberately ineffective.

    8. Bill Barr oped on Mueller was aimed at Trump.

    9. There was a huge campaign when Barr was nominated to keep conservatives from criticizing him. To do so would be attacking Trump…

    10. Barr suppressed information on the Hunter Biden investigation, and kept it from leaking.

    11. Book deals, such as Barr’s and the Obama’s, are used as political payoffs.

    1. Does "Trump was surrounded with his election counsel...." refer mostly to pre-, or post-election?

    2. Ray,
      You've summarized it well. It is just so incredibly deflating to hear and read this stuff. Trump was completely sabotaged by some very clever, very evil people who knew exactly how to play him. Barnes has some great sources. It was all a vast Deep State conspiracy and Trump didn't stand a chance, but Barr was the primary weapon. Remember the pictures of Barr just after the election coming out of meetings with McConnell and Haspel? All smiles. THAT was when I told my email list that Trump was a goner.

      If you want a fairly succinct wrap-up to the Trump era, check out this Twitter thread:

    3. "2. That Barr’s Father write a Sci Fi novel with underage rape. And hired Epstein. "

      While he was the principal of a school which had young girl students.


  7. Things are pooping in PA.
    Biden to speak there 13 July "to discuss voting rights", and
    "Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania has ordered counties not to comply with a Republican state senator’s request for voting data to be used in an audit of the 2020 election.", see

  8. The U.S. as a National Security State?

    A press release from the United States Capitol Police stated that the Department is “ in the process of opening Regional Field Offices in California and Florida …” with plans to expand into multiple locations around the country.

    Federal control of law enforcement is the hallmark of a dictatorship. This is a huge step in that direction. Our Republic was overthrown last November. Now we think we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Only by an Act of God. Jesus Christ, that is.

  9. You Know Who has a post on "Andrew Weissmann Says the Quiet Part Out Loud", where AW is shown referring to the NSA unmasking Tucker to DoJ, as if it were *routine*, despite that being conduct (almost certainly) being brutally illegal.

  10. I saw that, and typically You Know Who made factual mistakes. He shoulda done a search like this one:

    For example:

    First, Andrew Weissmann comes from the DOJ-National Security Division (DOJ-NSD). More specifically, in that division Andrew Weissmann was in charge of the section that used FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act), or FARA-951 as a weapon against their political enemies.

    All of that, no matter what you or I may think of Weissmann, is factually incorrect. Not just little mistakes. It's completely made up.

    Even if You Know Who didn't want to search on this site for accurate information, you could at least get some from Wikipedia.

    "In 2005 Weissmann worked as special counsel again with Mueller, before heading into private practice at Jenner & Block in New York after the special counsel completed its mandate. In 2011 he returned to the FBI, serving as General Counsel under Mueller.[8] From 2015 to 2017, he headed the criminal fraud section at the Department of Justice."

    1. Correction. I left out "". This was a direct quote from You Know Who:

      "First, Andrew Weissmann comes from the DOJ-National Security Division (DOJ-NSD). More specifically, in that division Andrew Weissmann was in charge of the section that used FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act), or FARA-951 as a weapon against their political enemies."

    2. Thanx for the heads-up.
      I gather that the criminal fraud section is totally separate from the NSD.
      If so, this was indeed a rookie booboo by CTH.

      I can still imagine, that he may be right on the larger point, about NSA unmasking of Tucker to DoJ.
      What a shame, that he inflicts Own Goals, upon what may be his larger points.