Friday, July 30, 2021

Briefly Noted: Markers On Where We Are

Very briefly. Two stories that say so much about the state of America.

By far the best commentary I've seen on the ridiculous Bezos Post propaganda piece is at Zerohedge:

"The War Has Changed" - Leaked CDC Report Claims Delta Spreads As Easily As "Chickenpox"

The CDC is clearly concerned that it's losing the PR war to convince Americans that they must mask up and get vaccinated. Because less than a week after declaring that it would revive its mask mandate, the CDC has just pulled a classic media trick: turning the fearmongering nob up to '11' by leaking an "internal report" that supports the official narrative (even making it look like the more moderate of two options) while laundering the source of the information by allowing a reputable news org to market the story as an "exclusive".

A slide deck apparently shared widely inside the agency in the weeks after it first lifted the original mask mandate in May shows that the delta variant appears to cause more severe illness in younger patients, while spreading as easily as "chickenpox." What's more, it warns that the vaccine's ability to spread via infecting the already vaccinated means the CDC should impose even more stringent guidance - the presentation called for "universal masking." The document "strikes an urgent note, revealing the agency knows it must revamp its public message to emphasize vaccination as the best defense against a variant so contagious that it acts almost like a different novel virus."

Most critically, the slide deck includes "still-unpublished data" from studies showing that even the vaccinated might be able to transmit the virus as easily as the unvaccinated.

According to the Washington Post, the material in the report was "so alarming" that it prompted the CDC to reconsider its masking guidance, and President Biden to impose his federal employee vaccination mandate (with a few notable exceptions) despite his earlier promises not to do so.

Not only does the presentation include "new science", it also suggests "a new strategy" for communicating the urgency of the situation to the public, noting that "public trust in vaccines might be undermined" when people hear about breakthrough infections. At one point, the deck declared that "the war has changed," describing delta as if it were a totally new virus.

Well, maybe Pfizer and the government should have thought about that before they published obviously inflated efficacy numbers of +90%.


Next, yet another of those, 'What if Trump or one of Trump's kids' stories, from TGP--the title says it all:

“Other Than F*ck Em?” – Hunter Biden When Asked What He Has to Say to People Questioning His Shady Art Selling Scheme

For sheer sleaze it's hard to surpass the Zhou regime. America's disgrace; but it's what our Ruling Elite think we deserve. Will they be proven wrong?

It's all enough to wonder whether James Kunstler is right:

We are spinning into pandemonium. The vacuum of leadership is awesome, as if God himself has split the scene in utter disgust and left matters to the ancient furies.


  1. When you even have Frank Luntz's Roommate, Kevin McCarthy, against it...

    Democrats are basing their new mask mandate on a 100-person study from India. It didn't pass peer-review and uses vaccines that aren't approved in America.

    This is the "science" they are using to try to control Americans!

    1. Good enough for Americans, right?

    2. I saw that bit about their “science”. Embarrassingly absurd. No wonder Psaki has made a run for it and a quiet little black #2 is left carrying the ball with the press.

  2. Maybe God is trying to get our attention…”I’m here, but you’re not supposed to just lie back and float…."

    1. A thought ...

      God ... hmmm ...

      God is fine with slavery, oppression, family violence in all forms, genocide, etc just so long as it’s the societal norm?

      Or .... maybe ... our belief in God helps us to be better, but not always because even adherents are fallen.

      What I am trying to say is that even God abandoned his son and in our major US belief system, that single sin saved humanity.

      Yeah, I’m in a different mood today.

      So, has God forsaken us

    2. God wrote ichabod on the temple in the days of Ezekiel.

      He has blessed America beyond every nation in the history of the world. He doesn't owe us anything.

      And if I'm right and America is Babylon the Great (Rev 17-18, cf Dan 7) then we're in for a bumpy ride.

      But God is faithful to the core of his being. Even if he is calling us to the ultimate in faith, he will not fail to vindicate our suffering and reward our endurance.

  3. Meanwhile, as CDC ramps up the fear again, I guess you’ve all heard about the “first jurisdiction in the Western world” to discard “isolation or testing measures” for C-19.

    That would be Alberta, Canada which is “leading the way” into this next phase, i.e. “the endemic response where we live with a virus in our community”, according to Health Minister, Tyler Shandro.

    He said that CMO Deena Hinshaw had crafted a plan whereby “”Alberta needs to shift its resources towards other health issues, saying extraordinary restrictions are no longer necessary due to availability of C-19 vaccines”, and that “the government agreed with the SCIENCE AND DATA SUPPORTING it (the plan)….”

    You can read about this on Postmedia (The National Post), but not, unfortunately, online.

    Hmmmm, wonder why not.

    “Doctors” are calling it a “slap in the face” and “blindsiding”. Seems to me A LOT of doctors need a good slap in the face (at minimum).

    If you HAVEN”T heard, I’m not really surprised. The forces of Mordor are not pleased. Let’s see how resilient Alberta can be, shall we.


  4. We have been “living with viruses in our community”. They were called the common cold and the flu. As Dr. Makary so wisely said today (paraphrased) “…they are aiming for eradication. That is impossible."

    1. “…they are aiming for eradication. That is impossible."

      It's like some weird pseudo-scientific cult.

    2. Re all of Wild-eyed Walensky’s so obviously read proclamations, three top flight doctors, after giving her the obligatory credit for being educated and a doctor, said that she was simply reading what the administration put in front of her.

      The medical profession is showing fissures. A good thing.

    3. Forgot this. One prominent doctor said “she should know better”. They never criticize each other. Well, almost never.

    4. “…they are aiming for eradication. That is impossible."

      I think it is more like: They are aiming for absolute obedience of the citizens. And that is possible.

      This Covid-19 response will be the blueprint for the next emergency: the Climate Crises. The conditioning of the citizens will pay off handsomely. Total control.

  5. No mention here or elsewhere if any of the infected previously had and recovered from the COVID. I suspect that if you had it you are now immune.

    1. Everything I've read says it's next to impossible at that point to get reinfected.

    2. I got Covid In Dec-2019/Jan-2020. Flu-ish symptoms lasted 3 months rather than the normal 2-weeks. Plus ongoing fatigue additional 6 months.
      But this past flu season Dec-2020/Jan-2021 I never get sick at all. For the first time in many years. So I didn't get re-infected, or if I did my system easily dealt with it. I did take one dose of Ivermectin in Feb just for fun, so maybe that helped. It certainly didn't hurt.
      Planning on the same this coming flu season.

  6. I used to think the information warfare thing was being over played... Not anymore.

    Every time I blink white is black and back is white and someone is trying to get me to put on a mask or sell me a pillow. Dog far enough and just about everything were being sold today is a half-truth or a lie.

    Left, right, good or bad there is little variation besides profiting from pandering fear or manipulation.

  7. Now they are using as an example of What Fresh Hell Is This? the town of Provincetown (MA) where, they say, a treat percentage had been vaccinated. They partied as only the Gayest Town in America can party and lo, and behold, lots of newly sick people.

    The world is full of questions, but for a gazillion reasons I would not choose Provincetown as an example for America re vaccination.

    1. Correction: a great percentage had been vaccinated.

  8. Replies
    1. He's definitely touching on about a 1/4 of it. I went down the Edward Bernays rabbit hole a number of years ago. Then wove though information warfare because I'm apparently a mental masochist at times.

      What's nothing me greatly as of late is what I see as a the typical split of the right / left but with a growing juxtaposed split of each side as well. To avoid word salad...

      We've always has the right left division and delection game, more and more I'm seeing

      The left calling the left right.

      The right calling the right left.

      By calling I mean calling out or blaming.

      Michael Anton is focusing on the typical deflection of gaslighting for direct intent. That's a pretty obvious thing to look past when you understand it especially in the way he is describing it from a left to right perspective.

      So how do explain the left and or the right gaslighting it's own? Because that's what's happening today.

      Mark pointed out something I've been saying for a while the other day which is there's a growing market for sensationalism. Meaning were seeing silly and ludicrous narratives to sell podcasts and subscriptions to those who will buy into them.

      But I'm also seeing narrative building that doesn't necessarily fit a business modeling for profit. It's intentional to drive political narratives against their own sides.

      Probably sounds about nuts.

    2. This really just shows the limitation of the left-right label.

      This is about elites ruling the rest of us. The left is in play but mostly their purpose is seeding discontent.

  9. @Devilman, Gina and John don't appreciate you noticing such things. They're patriotic mixologists stirring up a killer concoction for their Black Rock friends. Ever wonder what's up with that Chinese defector DIA was supposed to be developing? Gee that was memory-holed like lickety-split. And why didn't DIA guy Flynn mention that? Like so very much else. And how much you want to bet If Trump comes out against forced vaccination and a backlash brews, BLM will mirable dictu find a reason to start "protesting" like all over the country? Mark A.

  10. So, they have suspended Alex Berenson again. Don't know if it is final this time.

  11. When I first heard the study CDC was relying on was based on a small population in P-town, I thought, well, that explains a lot! From stories I've heard from people over the years who have vacationed there in the summer, this is not a representative sample of anywhere in the country except parts of San Francisco, West Hollywood, and Atlanta. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but they parties and other ways to spread germs that are not as common in other places. Which is why some people like to go there for fun!

    Now columnist Andrew Sullivan has written a column saying as much. He is a resident of P-town and believes the minor covid spike was caused by wild July 4 parties, was relatively minor, and is now fine. Not what the left wants you to hear, and they have to tread lightly...or get canceled! haha