Tuesday, November 12, 2019

And Meanwhile: Durham

Yes, John Durham is out there and he's busy. Thomas Lifson has some fascinating coverage of Durham today: Australian media reporting that US Atty Durham has interviewed Alexander Downer.

Follow the link for the details, but ...

Durham has interviewed Alexander Downer, the Aussie "diplomat", intel operative, and Clinton errand boy. He has also interviewed Erika Thompson, the Aussie intel operative who was involved in the Papadopoulos setup, as well.

Sky News of Australia "interviewed" Downer about all this, and Downer was defensive and decidedly mum:

In an interview with Sky News on Sunday, Mr Downer dodged questions about his role in spurring the Russian collusion investigation. 
Mr Downer said he would not talk about the meeting in London’s Kensington Wine Rooms in 2016 which set off the chain reaction resulting in the investigation. 
“There is now in the United States yet another inquiry into this and (Australian Prime Minister) Scott Morrison has said Australia will fully co-operate with that inquiry so that’s what the government is doing and so the plan is to say nothing during the course of that inquiry,” he said.

Full cooperation--that's what we want.

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