Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Major Development In The Flynn Case

This afternoon there was a major development in the Flynn case. The government--meaning, the USA for DC--filed a motion to abate the schedule that Judge Sullivan had set for the Flynn case. I take it that this was by agreement with Flynn's attorney's--my reasons for believing so should be apparent from Sidney Powell's tweets. However, what I'll do is paste in CTH's copy of the motion as well, because it highlights the most relevant section.

As sundance notes, the most likely conclusion to be drawn is that some issues regarding the Brady material requested by Flynn are addressed in the forthcoming OIG FISA report--which the motion specifically references as a reason to abate the schedule that Judge Sullivan had set. It also seems likely from this that DoJ may have intervened here to suggest this abatement, since one presumes that the USA would not otherwise be aware of the relevance of the OIG FISA report to the Flynn case. I would expect that Judge Sullivan would grant this agreed motion. At this point I won't speculate as to the ramifications of this. You can see from Powell's tweets that she doesn't seem displeased to see Flynn's case formally connected to the various investigations of FBI misconduct by OIG and, by extension, John Durham.

ADDENDUM: Here's my thinking. At a minimum, this delay will allow the judge to make his decision based on much more information about the background to this case than he has at present. Official information, not just assertions in the pleadings of the two parties. IMO, this can only be good for Flynn.


  1. I have an off-topic observation for you to weigh in on. I check Comey and Brennan's Twitter feeds and their tweeting seems to parallel each other's in terms of a period of activity by one and then the other weighs in.

    They don't appear to be addressing the same topics. Is it just coincidence, nerves, one-upmanship? Any thoughts on your part are appreciated.

    Since I have read about a Comey v Brennan finger-pointing contest, it has piqued my curiosity.

  2. General Flynn's case is the Hillary email, Russian Collusion Hoax, anti-American, seditious coup against President Trump.

  3. Was Barr running an investigation (or culpability trap) into potential malfeasance at the AUSA office prosecuting Flynn? IOW, if the AUSA had successfully obtained a conviction against Flynn and then it was revealed that this result was orchestrated via intentional corrupt malpractice by a rogue element within DOJ, then this expose´would send shockwaves through the cadre of Obama holdover Fifth Columnists in the Executive Branch. Every one of them would now have to think twice before committing some new act of treachery. Without a doubt, if successful this ploy could be the fastest and most effective corruption remedy imaginable.