Monday, November 11, 2019

The Daily Kos On Bill Barr's Path Forward

I feel a bit like Bill Barr, myself, today: I'm trying to "get my arms around" a lot of stuff. But I'm taking a break to share an excerpt from the indispensable Don Surber's Democrats prepare indictment spin.

Surber is talking about Dem fears that their absurd Impeachment Theater is about to get squashed by Reality--yes, the capital "R" is intended. According to the Daily Kos, Barr is preparing a comprehensive All-Conspiracies-Report--a report that will gather all "Trump conspiracy theories into one package. The Daily Kos is preparing the spin: It's all just to divert attention from Orange Man Bad! So here's Surber's conclusion:

Daily Kos, citing no sources, reported,
     "Barr and his associates have been racing to complete this report so that it can be dropped on the impeachment inquiry before the holidays. Major parts of the report apparently remain unwritten, but the fact that the publicity campaign is getting underway in advance of the report’s completion is not exactly a sign that this is going to be a contrite nothing major found report. And Barr has been at the center of forwarding Trump’s conspiracy theories and supporting attacks on the intelligence community. He’s already said, 'I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. I think spying did occur, but the question is whether it was adequately predicated and I’m not suggesting it wasn’t adequately predicated, but I need to explore that.' 
     "The report coming back could declare no evidence to support Trump’s conspiracy theories and say that Barr found that spying to be adequately predicated. Don’t count on it. And don’t count on there not being indictments."
Democrats are afraid because they know there is no such thing as adequately predicating political spying. This is Obama's Watergate. 
Whether Barr is up to the task remains to be seen. I doubt it, in part because I think he wants to live. 
Chuck Schumer said the intelligence community can get back at you six ways to Sunday. We have only seen three of their ways.

Actually, of course, there could be adequate predication for spying on a political campaign. The problem for the Dems, in the case of the Trump campaign, is to persuade a doubting public that the Steele "dossier" was "adequate predication." Yes, go ahead and laugh.


  1. If anyone thinks that it'll be hard to persuade a doubting public, that the Steele "dossier" was adequate predication, just wait 'til Sullivan springs Flynn (on the Feds' B.S. predication), esp. if the judge also really spanks Mueller's DoJ pals.

    1. I'm working on that. I think it's more and more likely.

    2. Sullivan overturning the Flynn verdict will not only be huge, it will almost be necessary, if the Barr report is to get any traction in the media.

      We all know their aim and inclination is to bury it, if that is at all possible. Right now, they're probably rehearsing how to do it.

      Sullivan, no matter what reservations he harbored about the case against Flynn, ruled against Flynn. He was also appointed to his present position by Clinton.

      Should he throw the case out, Dems and their media stooges will have a near impossible task to paint the man as a Trump lackey. They will also have taken a shot to the head on the sleazy methods employed by Mueller & his gang.

      How Sullivan decides matters greatly because MSM and their Dem handlers have already laid the groundwork, as has been covered here, for dismissing anything Barr does. The Flynn case getting tossed hampers that effort.

      Sullivan knows this better than anyone. Is he, deep down, a Roberts? Or is he a man with a spine, and a sense of right and wrong?

    3. I agree. I think the Flynn case could have an enormous impact on the public consciousness of just what went on with the Russia Hoax.

  2. A few quotes from the Kos article and my reactions:

    "Barr’s effort to create a comprehensive, all-conspiracy-theories-combined report seems to have delayed delivery of the long-expected findings from Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz."

    --I wonder if there will be a 'Barr Report'. I'm thinking there will be a Horowitz Report, followed by prosecutions. Hopefully plenty of prosecutions. Historians can write the Barr Report.

    "The investigation he and Durham are conducting is now a criminal investigation, and is 'pursuing potential crimes.'
    But not crimes in the sense of the hundreds of connections between the Trump White House and Russia. Or crimes in the sense of Trump’s obstruction of the Russia investigation. Certainly not crimes in the sense of Trump directly lying to investigators in the written answers he provided to the special counsel’s office."

    --Funny how the Left falls back on the allegations of the Russia Hoax. As if they were really true.

    "There are going to be claims of serious wrongdoing. They are going to be aimed at not just creating a distraction to derail the impeachment hearings, but to provide “evidence” that Trump’s requests for investigations by Ukraine were justified. The question is going to be whether they are merely awful and damaging to the nation, or absolutely incinerate the rule of law."

    -- As I think another reader has observed, Kos has it exactly backwards. Impeachment Theatre is an attempt to distract from the monumental conspiracy of the Deep State.

    Hail Mary.

    1. Yes, it's an illustration of the fantasy world Lefties live in. "Crimes in the sense of connections to Russia." Crimes, in the sense of ... connections? And if one wants to talk about connections to Russia, look no further than the Dem inner circles.

    2. Cassander--I had a conversation a while ago (after Mueller report was digested) with a NYT editor (not a national political editor) who didn't take kindly to my asking "what evidence" when he continued to claim Russian collusion by Trump. He insisted there was evidence "out there," apparently yet to be revealed.

      These people are effectively delusional. They believe their narrative is correct--is reality; Trump's is all conspiracy theories, and therefore discredited.

    3. It's a faith, a gnostic faith, searching for the ultimate duality of Good/Evil. Rather like global warming. Or climate change. There's a deep inner need that must be satisfied and can only be satisfied with that dualistic construct.

  3. Like the Clinton era, I didn't realize the DailyKos still existed. I guess they pop up for every impeachment...

    1. Marcy Wheeler is also still at it, authoritatively explaining away reality.

    2. And creating her own alternative universe.

    3. As I understand it, Kos has had an ideological Emergency policy in force since the 2016 conventions, such that readers' comments doubting the Party Line are purged.
      Under such circumstances, I rather expected that they'd keep the faith on the Russia Hoax.

      As it happens, I got to speak in person with him years ago (as I had with other characters, e.g. Harry Browne, Conyers, Greenwald, Henry Hyde, David Irving, Ron Paul, & Andrew Sullivan).
      I can't say that he struck me to be a cretin, so I'm somewhat taken aback, that he couldn't even match Greenwald's ability to face music on Trump/ Russia.

    4. Do you mean here, Kos on his readers' Heresies, or something else?

    5. In general, but of course with ref to Kos/heresies.

  4. I've met many people who seem to live in their own alternative universe. I see many of them on CNN and MSNBC.