Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Puzzle: Why Did ABC Kill The Epstein Story?

We've all read (I hope) the new stories strongly suggesting that Jeffrey Epstein--pedo-purveyor to the rich, famous, and reckless (unafraid of blackmail)--was murdered in jail, rather than committing suicide. You may wonder why we haven't heard more about that. Probably for some reason like this:

Of course, ABC says the reason they didn't go with that story was because it didn't meet their "standards" of journalism. To which Don Surber responds (Item 2):

Those are the same ABC standards that aired a tape of military training in Kentucky as a "Slaughter in Syria."


  1. Puzzle: Why Did ABC Kill The Epstein Story?

    George Stephanopoulos comes to mind as an answer. Probably not the only answer.

    I read more fake news in the local paper this morning about George Hale. The man hasn't even testified and a summary of what he is going to say is being given.

    Incredible. It upsets me so much that I am going to see my preexisting physician. Do you understand the reference?

  2. Occam's Razor - the executives in charge of all the major news organizations are partisan Democrats who proactively manage their news product so as to damage Republicans (even if it requires manufacturing fake news) and assist Democrats by censoring news that may be harmful. It really is as simple as that.

    Once upon a time, recognition of obvious reality was common and virtuous attribute of most people. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

    1. They cover a story, with a pillow, until it stops moving.

      Rob S

  3. ABC/Disney/Bob Iger (CEO)… No question that Iger would have quashed this story. His protestations to the contrary, he may end up running for president at some time (as a Dem, of course). With pressure from the “palace” about Andrew’s very obvious connection, caught in photos and other evidence that Virginia Roberts Guiffre has), and her ability and willingness to talk about Clinton, Dershowitz and well-known others (and with the backup of other victims), ABC had to be shaking in its boots just thinking of this during “Hillary’s election”…

    And we don’t have a fearless media when it comes to exposing Democrats… That gets done on the internet.

  4. What? "Award-winning" ABC News suppressed a major story? But I thought journalism was all about "integrity" and fearlessly informing the public without favoritism.

    How perfectly ironic that the only way the public learned of this is because somebody did some "unfair" reporting on the "reporters".

    1. “That there has been so little coverage about ABC avoiding the Epstein story demonstrates again that mainstream media too often make news judgment based on sociocultural or political implications rather than journalistic values,” DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News. "The news consuming public should ponder the implications that a major broadcast news network spiked what appears to have been a newsworthy development..."

      Been pondering the implications for years.

    2. Right. I'll ponder that for about 2 seconds.

  5. The House of Stephanopoulos did what...

    Well, knock me over with a feather. Repeat after me: media is entertainment.