Sunday, November 3, 2019

Briefly Noted: Eric Ciaramella, Tashina Gauhar, Dana Boente

A few brief, but nevertheless important, stories today.

First, Larry Johnson makes a compelling case that, given Eric Ciaramella's known contacts, it's highly probably that Ciaramella was part of the John Brennan's "Task Force" that ultimately produced the Intelligence Assessment that was so instrumental in launching Team Mueller and maintaining the Big Lie of the Russia Hoax: Growing Indicators of Brennan's CIA Trump Task Force. Peter Strzok, of course, was the FBI rep on that Task Force and did further duty running back and forth, to and fro, and amongst and between Brennan, Comey, and Clapper. That Task Force is also a central focus of the Barr/Durham investigation--as it should be. Presume that Durham has had his eye on Ciaramella for some time now.

Next, CTH relays rumors of a possibly significant personnel move at DoJ: Tashina Gauhar is said to have left. Gauhar worked on FISA applications during all relevant periods of the Russia Hoax. And what's especially significant about her move is the timing:

Rumor in the DC grapevine is that a few weeks ago Tashina Guahar [sic] was quietly removed from her position as lawyer for the DOJ National Security Division (in charge of FISA applications).  This removal happened immediately after IG Michael Horowitz submitted his first draft report to Attorney General Bill Barr for classification review.   Ms. Gauhar now reportedly works for Boeing.
If confirmed, Guahar’s [sic] exit in advance of the IG report could indicate helpful participation, or DOJ Main Justice may be providing cover to protect Tash Guahar [sic] as they did with SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.

Sundance is absolutely correct that the timing of Gauhar's departure most likely indicates that she has been kept on while cooperating with internal investigations related to her duties. Which is to say, the Russia Hoax, especially from the FISA standpoint. Gauhar would have had contact with anybody who touched a FISA application at DoJ, and with many at the FBI.

Bearing in mind that another DoJ/FBI attorney who worked in that field, Trisha Anderson, testified that the Carter Page FISA was pretty much pushed through over the heads of everyone else by Andy McCabe and Sally Yates, it's interesting to go over a list of people we know that Gauhar would have interacted with on a regular basis and concerning whom she would have been questioned:

Sally Yates, David Laufman, John Carlin, Trisha Anderson, James Baker, Andy McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page.

We also know that Gauhar was among the DoJ attorneys who persuaded Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, so we can add two more names to that list:

Rod Rosenstein and Dana Boente. 

Dana Boente, of course, is the top in house counsel at the FBI for Chris Wray, but before he did that he was at DoJ as Acting AG and Acting DAG. He also signed off on a renewal of the Carter Page FISA.  No doubt Boente has also had long, interesting conversations with DoJ investigators.

You can imagine that both OIG and the Durham team have been very busy.


  1. If this "singing " theory is right, would her departure now be a shot across the bows of recalcitrant holdouts, that the train is ready to barrel out of the station?
    To the contrary, if DOJ Main Justice is working to provide cover to protect Guahar, how would that letting her go now accomplish that, esp. if Horowitz already had his crack at her?

    1. No, I doubt "holdouts." Just the main targets. I'm sure they've been well aware of who's cooperating, and know that they're turn will come.

      "if DOJ Main Justice is working to provide cover to protect Guahar"

      Pay no attention to silly talk at CTH.

    2. CTH has all sorts of talk, but its Ristvan's views fit well w/ yours, esp. on the directions of Barr, and Mitch.

    3. ristvan once said he was a lawyer. His comments are few and seem to fit with MW’s as well as with my limited understanding of the law. He is definitely not one of the sillies...

    4. I don't hang around there, except to read the main posts. I'm not ristvan.

  2. "... the timing of Gauhar's departure most likely indicates that she has been kept on while cooperating with internal investigations related to her duties".
    Sundance used to say the same thing about Bill Priestap, Bruce Ohr and Lisa Paga, they are still there because they are cooperating. Yeah right.

    1. I can't give you chapter and verse on this, but I believe that if you make the decision to cooperate you can be required to stay with your agency. The reason is that OIG can only investigate actual employees, not people who have separated. Once that cooperation thing is done, they can resign or they may be fired. Strzok for example was fired, but Lisa Page was allowed to resign (my recollection). That probably had to do with cooperation v. non-cooperation.

      No doubt we'll be learning more in the next few months. My belief is that more was accomplished investigatively before Barr came on board than we're aware of, and I'm eager to learn more about that.