Saturday, November 23, 2019

Confirmed: Mr. Vindman Is The "Whistleblower"

The sourcing seems impeccable. If Schumer says so, who would know better? After all, he could have called him a witness.


  1. *The* whistleblower or *a* whistleblower?

    This feels like a deflection from the un-defendable Eric C...

  2. Betcha V is the one who gave Charlie the call details. Ya know more direct source.

  3. I just erased an entire comment. Pilot error. No matter. I believe Vindman may have been Ciaramella’s sole source for his whistleleaker complaint. A read of this Washington Examiner article will explain Ciaramella’s reputation for being a very probable leaker. One person said that he was always the guy who knew where the file cabinets were, so to speak. Many did not trust him. Still, he ended up snuggling up to NSA McMaster and surprising many by becoming his staff assistant. That gave him a desk where he was said to have “seen and read everything”. He must have believed he’d struck gold when the little newbie/wannabe colonel Vindman hit the NSC office in July 2018, ready, willing and able to do anything he could to aid the Resistance. Trump-haters both. Here’s Ciaramella. Judge for yourselves.

    1. Yes, I saw that article, and it's a bit mind blowing. McMaster--what a moron.

      I agree Vindman may well have been the only one that Ciaramella spoke to, but I wonder whether Vindman fed a few things from others--Taylor in particular.

    2. Vindman could very well have been the conduit that got info from all over the NSC to Ciaramella. He’d have absolutely loved doing it.

    3. I’d say, from what I’ve read about McMaster (who was never a clearly-drawn figure when he was the NSA), he and Ciaramella may have been following their own version of the same script. Simpatico. Both were not Trump supporters (massive understatement) and both were removed for leaking.