Thursday, November 7, 2019

UPDATED: More On Who "We" Are

It seems that "whistleblower" attorney is a deeply weird individual. Per Zerohedge:

Is 'Whistleblower' Attorney Into 'Disney Girls' And Visiting Amusement Parks Alone?

The answer appears to be: Yes!



  1. Here's more evidence that the Whistle-Blower is Eric Ciaramella.

    On October 21, 2017, a book review written by Ciaramella was published by The Washington Independent Review of Books. The book review identified Ciaramella as follows:


    Eric Ciaramella is a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council. He previously served on the staff of the National Security Council, where he was responsible for U.S. policy toward Ukraine. The views expressed in this review belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of the United States Government.

    [end quote]

    However, shortly after September 6, 2019, that paragraph identifying Ciaramella was removed from the webpage, at Ciaramella's request, according to the publication's editor Holly Smith. (No cache copy dated after September 6, 2019, has been recovered.)

    On September 9, the IG Inspector General sent the first letter about the Whistle-Blower to the House Intelligence Committee.

    1. Actually, the best evidence is that Schiff named him:

  2. Deeply weird is an apt description. His apparent interest in "Disney girls" and solo trips to Disney combined with his often juvenile tweets (including 'threats' to have alleged contacts in the IC illegally dig for dirt on a critic), suggests that it could be even worse than just deeply weird.