Monday, November 18, 2019

The American Empire And Its Enemies

Most of us live within what we consider to be a republic. In that republic the citizens vote and elect representives who will pass laws, carry out the executive functions of government, and appoint judges to administer the law. All three of these "branches" of our constitutional order are charged with upholding the Constitution.

Of course, that outline is increasingly seen to be hopelessly simplistic. For conservatives it's an ideal to be restored. For "progressives," it's an instrument of oppression that stands in the way of a fundamental transformation of American society (Obama's words)--this constitutional order is to be resisted and ultimately overthrown.

The Impeachment Theater, flowing from the Ukraine Hoax, has revealed a different America--one that few of us truly feel that we belong to: the American Empire. For most Americans our foreign policy is intended to safeguard our security at home, not to police the world in the name of a non-national ideology of Globalism. And yet, what's being revealed in the Impeachment Theater is that there exists a confederation of interests--both within the government as well as outside (but very much connected with) the government--that view America as an empire. These interests are broadly bi-partisan--think: Uniparty, as sundance at CTH famously says. They are also broadly "progressive," even among the non-Dem members. Their focus on Empire is designed to "fundamentally transform" the world in the interests of a global order of their making, just as the progressive project on the domestic front is to transform American society in fundamental ways. The two projects are, of course, closely related, as we see in the growing effort to bind American domestic life to globalist norms, regulations, and laws. This effort even enjoys significant support within the progressive wing of our legal establishment and judiciary.

In these terms, Impeachment Theater is all about waging a scorched earth war against the enemies of the progressive transformation of America. Those enemies are personified in Donald Trump. Because Trump's rise and governance has been strictly in conformity with our recognized constitutional order, the forces of progressivism have obtained little traction in their "resistance" to Trump and to his conservative vision. Thus, we have--in contrast to all previous impeachments--the remarkable spectacle of serial coup attempts being run against a president, based in foreign policy rather than in domestic politics. This dynamic is what has forced this confederation of globalist interests to emerge into the open.

To identify and fully describe this confederation of interests that acts on the international level would be the work of a book, and far beyond my abilities. Nevertheless, the unprecedented scope of their claims is on full display--witness after witness has attempted to convince the American public that they, unelected bureaucrats of what Alexander Vindman calls "the Interagency", should be running American foreign policy, not the president. For this reason, it's well worth our while to take at least a cursory look at some of the interests that are behind this.

My launching pad in this regard is a longish article by Aaron Klein at Breitbart that focuses on the connections between one of the key players in the latest coup attempt--Eric Ciaramella, a CIA analyst--and one of the major non-government players on the international stage, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation:

Emails: Open Society Kept Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Updated on George Soros’s Personal Ukraine Activities

On the domestic American front Soros has been a key funder not only of progressive politicians (his current focus has been on district attorney races) but on a wide range of "social justice" causes, including groups that fomented civil strife in the wake of the Trayvon Martin and of Michael Brown deaths. However, Soros has been extremely active in Ukraine--indeed, Joe diGenova has recently stated that Soros' goal is to basically "run" Ukraine, for his own benefit. Given the centrality of Ukraine to the whole range of attempted coups against Trump, that alone should raise red flags. Read Klein for the details, but the point here is the close connection between Soros and globalist operatives within the US government.

How does this work? Klein provides a very insightful example. He points us to Ciaramella's complaint, which repeatedly cites a non-government organization, without identifying this organization in terms of its support:

One key section of the so-called whistleblower’s document claims that “multiple U.S. officials told me that Mr. Giuliani had reportedly privately reached out to a variety of other Zelensky advisers, including Chief of Staff Andriy Bohdan and Acting Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov.” 
Even though the statement was written in first person – “multiple U.S. officials told me” – it contains a footnote referencing a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

What is this OCCRP, and who funds it?

The OCCRP is a self-described investigative journalism organization. It is funded by, among others, Google, Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Rockefeller Fund, and an agency of the State Department. Moreover, the actual OCCRP report cited in Ciaramella's footnote is to a “joint investigation by the OCCRP and BuzzFeed News ...” BuzzFeed, of course, was the chosen "news" organization for the leaking of the Steele "dossier." So this is what our taxpayer dollars are used for--to jointly fund progressive investigative projects that target the POTUS. Because he's an enemy of the globalist progressives' plans to leverage the American Empire for their own ends.

Klein goes on to note that Ciaramella has, in the past, worked closely not only with John Brennan but with two other significant players in the Russia Hoax: Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice. Space won't allow a full examination of Nuland's and Rice's backgrounds and activities, however ...

Let's start with the fact that they are both alumnae of The Atlantic Council. In fact, they are only two of quite a few former associates of The Atlantic Council who have shuttled in and out of US government positions and among other NGOs. The Atlantic Council is a key organization in advancing the globalist agenda. Its openly avowed aim is to influence policy, and to that end it "creates a meeting place for heads of state, military leaders, and international leaders from both sides of the Atlantic." Yes, note that well: military leaders.  The Atlantic Council derives its funding from "many military, financial, and corporate concerns." Military concerns support the Atlantic Council? That means, like, governments, right? Yep. So, presumably those militaries that are involved--and count on it, that includes the US military--are involved in the Atlantic Council's stated goal of influencing policy. So, the Atlantic Council's "meeting place" for "heads of state, military leaders, and [various but unidentified] international leaders" is a place for leaders of the global Deep State to get together out of the public eye and shape policy. What? You thought that happened in open debate in Congress and political campaigns?

I hope you noticed what's going on here. The US government is helping to fund the people who wish to influence its policies. What's the point in that? This is one point: This lavish funding of an international lobbying organization for globalist interests provides jobs for members of that club.

Readers probably won't be surprised to learn that among other financial supporters of the Atlantic Council are ... Burisma and George Soros. Which kinda explains why Soros has ready access to our State Department--and very much so to Victoria Nuland. Here's Klein:

Besides Burisma funding, the Atlantic Council is also financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Google, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc., and the U.S. State Department.
In one of several instances, Breitbart News reported, itinerary for a trip to Ukraine in August organized by the Atlantic Council reveals that a staffer on Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a meeting during the trip with Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, now a key witness for Democrats pursuing impeachment. The Schiff staffer is also an Atlantic Council fellow, while Taylor has evidenced a close relationship with the Atlantic Council.

Son of a gun! Talk about a globalist, progressive rogues' gallery!

So, that's just one little peek at how globalist progressives network and cooperate to take out the opposition. A very little peek, as in a tip of the iceberg peek.

Now, as I mentioned, there's no space to summarize Victoria Nuland's careers. However, for those who are believers in a bipartisan Uniparty, her activities are certainly instructive. The following is gleaned from Wikipedia. It will at least provide some small idea of the scope of the interlocking networks, of just how much money is involved. The scale of all this is something that can only be imagined.

[Nuland] is the former CEO of the Center for a New American Security, (CNAS), serving from January 2018 until early 2019, and is also the Brady-Johnson Distinguished Practitioner in Grand Strategy at Yale University, and a Member of the Board of the National Endowment for Democracy.

Center for a New American Security? Ah, that would be one of those bipartisan DC think tanks--Wikipedia says it's bipartisan, and I accept that. Who funds it?

Among the organizations top donors include Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Open Society Foundation, Airbus Group, The Boeing Company, Chevron Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Raytheon Company, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, the United States government, BAE Systems, BP America and Exxon Mobil Corporation.

So they don't lack for money. One presumes their employees are well paid and enjoy in kind benefits of, well, one sort or another.

As for the National Endowment for Democracy, that's

a U.S. non-profit soft power organization that was founded in 1983 with the stated goal of promoting democracy abroad. It is funded primarily through an annual allocation from the U.S. Congress in the form of a grant awarded through the United States Information Agency (USIA). It was created by The Democracy Program as a bipartisan, private, non-profit corporation, and in turn acts as a grant-making foundation.

That's another one that you pay for. Of course it's bipartisan. Its board is a who's who list.

How bipartisan is Nuland? This bipartisan:

During Bill Clinton presidency, Nuland was chief of staff to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott before moving on to serve as deputy director for former Soviet Union affairs. She also served as the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney and then as U.S. ambassador to NATO.

You're probably wondering what she's been doing since the Orange Barbarian took DC by storm. Rest easy--Nuland appears to have landed on her feet after leaving the Obama DoS:

Nuland left the State Department in January 2017, amid the departure of many career officials who left in the early days of the Trump administration. As of April 2019 she serves as a nonresident fellow in the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution and senior counselor at the Albright Stonebridge Group.

We've all heard of Brookings, but Albright Stonebridge? Here's a hint: the Albright in question is Madeleine Albright. So, we're talking BIG money interests here:

Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) is a global business strategy firm based in Washington, D.C., United States. It was created in 2009 through the merger of international consulting firms The Albright Group and Stonebridge International.
The firm advises multinationals, financial institutions, industry associations, and non-profit organizations on a variety of matters including international government relations, market entry and risk assessment, regulatory affairs, stakeholder engagement, partner development, and shared value programs.

Funny, huh? Among all their concerns they didn't include making life better for the little people. Taxpayers and such. Go figure!

My point is this. People who move in those circles believe they run the world and that they're entitled to run the world. It's their empire. Donald Trump isn't one of them, and they don't want him to be one of them because his ideas on how to run the world are fundamentally opposed to theirs. This is what Trump is up against. As far as they're concerned Trump is the enemy at the gates, and they'll stick at nothing to stop him.


  1. This all rings true enough.
    For some related insight, into what's popping in the D.S. (e.g. on why it has failed to cream Trump), see C.H. Smith on its divisions (between the Wall St.-Neocon-Globalist etc. majority camp, and "rogue Progressive" smaller camp), at .

    He describes the "rogue Progressive" camp" as being "largely based in the military services and fringes of the Deep State, that sees the dangers of a runaway expansionist Empire, and the resulting decay of the nation's moral/political center."

  2. "itinerary for a trip to Ukraine in August organized by the Atlantic Council...staffer on Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a meeting during the trip with Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor...Schiff staffer is also an Atlantic Council fellow, while Taylor has evidenced a close relationship with the Atlantic Council."

    Boy Howdy Gowdy, talk about collusion! At what point is all of this a criminal conspiracy? And when does our vaunted FBI open a criminal investigation? Or is the FBI a co-conspirator?

    1. Hopefully Durham and his team are all over that.

  3. Iran recently announced the "discovery" of a very large natural gas resource. Not really new news, the exploration drilling and reservoir modeling was done years ago.

    Europe desperately needs NG and there are two primary pipeline routes from the Mideast to southern Europe. One goes through Syria and the other goes through Ukraine.

    Soros hired Obama to overthrow the prior Ukrainian president so he could insert his cronies into power. As such, he now owns the Ukrainian corridor through Barisma and other holdings. He can dictate transfer pricing and tariffs if only the Ukrainian pipeline is built (think transportation monopoly like the old railroad robber barons).

    To assure this potential monopoly, massive amounts of weapons were transferred from Ukrainian armories to several faux insurgent armies in Syria. This instigated a prolonged low-grade war that, until recently, effectively killed off the Syrian pipeline option.

    Obama, Biden, Kerry, the Clintons, and many others (including Republicans) were handsomely rewarded for their assistance.

    As if to pour salt on this wound, most the funding that Soros used to implement this business endeavor can from stolen US government foreign aid funding.

    1. The amount of effort being put into this whole Ukraine thing tells you there's just got to be one helluva lot of money at stake. And scandal.

  4. The MSM is now catching up to the Ukraine scandal and the rabbit hole goes very deep. My guess is that the arms transfers from Ukraine to the Syrian rebels will soon become a big part of the story. And now that Trump has ended US support for the fake war to stymie the Syrian pipeline option, this project has recently resumed engineering and planning. Soros has likly lost billions on his failed Ukraine gambit.