Friday, November 15, 2019

Oh No! Does This Mean Schiff's Been Lying All Along?

The idea that Eric Ciaramella has been receiving death threats has always been absurd, thus requiring that his identity remain The Biggest Secret Ever. Well, maybe not absurd, if the death threats came from Dems who are clearly desperate that he not be cross examined. But absurd if we're to suppose the threats came from GOPers, who would like nothing better than to cross examine Ciaramella and would gladly provide him with round the clock security in order to have that opportunity.

This is funny, and shows what happens when you deal with nut cases like Mark Zaid and Ciaramella--they go off narrative and expose your game:

No credible threats, but government security detail provided nevertheless? Who knew obtaining a government security detail was seemingly so easy? Hmmm. Could it be that the security detail is to shield Ciaramella from any inquisitive reporters? It's all a lot of nonsense:

Sadly, this sounds about right:


  1. Of course Queenberry rules Republicans are abetting and abiding the monsense--they're afraid of getting called out by the Dem media. They might even get name-called by Dems and the media...

    1. I'm not happy about that. I understand they think what they're doing is the best approach/tactic, but I don't like it and I'm not convinced.

    2. Spectators on the sidelines don't effect the outcome of the game. Meanwhile, GOP pols have been elected to enter the game, yet they remain passive on the sidelines.

      Apparently GOP pols wouldn't shut down a brothel if it required going through the front door to make the arrests--too afraid of media headlines "GOP pols seen entering brothel"...