Sunday, November 24, 2019

Briefly Noted: Recommended Read, Clinesmith And Team Mueller

Before the recommended read, a brief Kevin Clinesmith note: I hope you've all noted that Clinesmith was part of Team Mueller and was forced off by Horowitz for the same reasons as Strzok/Page--his extreme bias. However, before that he also dealt with Carter Page re Page's complaints of death threats fueled by the Russia Hoax. And--coordinated and led one of the Team Mueller interviews of George Papadopoulos. That was in fact a very important part of the Team Mueller effort to oust Trump. This means Durham has significant leverage over an inside Team Mueller player.

The recommended read is a fine big picture article at AmThinker: Attorney General Barr Stands athwart History. Several commenters have remarked on related matters and how central Barr's role is and will be. Nice read on a Sunday morning.


  1. Ya know who else is standing athwart history? Trump. With no Trump, no Barr and rhe "right" side of history would be continuing apace.

    Betcha, though, Buckley would have been a NeverTrumper.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mike. There seems to be some glitch with my feed subscription for Carlson's site--I'm not getting the updates. I'll be out of pocket for some hours today, but you can see from a quick scan why I think this is an important development.