Friday, November 22, 2019

John Durham, Frequent Flyer (To Rome)

Speaks for itself. Durham's a busy guy:


  1. Last I heard, Joseph Mifsud was resident in Rome, Italy--despite DNC-MSM reports that he's disappeared. His disappearance is attributed to the fact that no media organization is trying to find him. I'm fairly certain he's hiding in plain sight.

    If a tree falls in the wood, and the NYT doesn't report it, did it happen...

    1. Three trips, and from one trip he brought back the famous anti-suicide recording. Gotta be something there. He doesn't have unlimited, unaccountable travel expenses, like Halper.

    2. Presumably transcripts and timelines were prepared, and coordinated with other then-current ongoing activities to ascertain provenance and veracity. And then some much needed face-time to corroborate an understanding of the events that unfolded. A second follow-up the clean up any loose ends. Sounds like a comprehensive investigation of a source and key witness.

      Clearly, what Durham doesn't have, compared to Halper, is unlimited time on his hands.

    3. No. He's a hard charger by all accounts, and he's charging hard.