Friday, November 22, 2019

FISA Report: "It's Historic!"

That's what President Trump says he's "been told" about the forthcoming OIG FISA report. Who told him that? Presumably that's what Bill Barr told him, when Barr and White House Counsel Pat Cippolone met with Trump recently in the Oval Office. Recall that the conversation, as viewed through the windows, appeared to be "animated," and Trump delayed his flight to Louisiana by 45 minutes. Historic, never been anything like this before, gonna be criminal charges, the leak about the FBI lawyer is the tip of the iceberg. Trump was saying all this.

More highlights:

Also: Barr is a "great attorney general, we maybe woulda ended this thing long ago if he'd been in there." This was "an overthrow attempt of the presidency."

"Durham will be coming out" shortly after OIG's FISA report.

Does the criminality go all the way to the Oval Office? To Obama?

How high did it go? "Personally I think it went all the way. Because for Brennan and Clapper and all those losers over there, for them to be doing things, let's see what it all says, it's impossible, Susan Rice, ... No, I think this went to the highest levels, I hate to say this, I think it's a disgrace, they thought I was gonna win and they said, How can we stop him? They wrote up the phony, the fake dossier, the disgusting fake dossier, and they tried to have it put out prior to the election."

Like any Trump interview, it's hard to follow a single thread for long, but you get the picture. I don't think he's overselling this.


  1. For those of us who have been following this and investing a lot of our time, this is a moment to savor. Not savor as in taking enjoyment, because it is a shame that it has come to this. But to savor, first, for a reward for our patience, prayers, etc.

    But also to savor as a possibility, that we can restore our country. It won't be easy. But at least we can say that we did our best. Not that I did anything great as Mr. Wauck and other patriots like Dan Bongino, Rush, Mark Levin, Sara Carter, Jeff Carlson, and so many others, including commenters here.

    My emotions go up and down depending on the news. Today has been an 'up' day.

  2. Yeah, Joe, and we can savor the privilege that we've been able to go online, to learn from folks like Mr. Wauck, M. Levin, Surber, J.H. Kunstler, and Taibbi could contribute.

    In WWII, my dad could only wait for the daily paper, or sometimes hear on the radio, about the world-shaking dramas regarding Hitler's approach to Moscow, Japan's attack on Pearl, Nimitz's defense of Midway, or Ike's crossing of the Channel.
    But we can, at our fingertips, read guys like those listed above, and read helpful comments from e.g. many folks on this site, and at CTH and others.
    And so, we here may get a fairly good grip, on the western world's first Cold Civil War, now likely entering a decisive phase, not only here, but in the U.K., Italy, Ukraine, etc.
    It's a helluva time to be alive.

    1. Thanks, aNanyMouse. You are right in what you said. And I could easily name 100 more people like Sidney Powell, CTH, Joe DiGenova, Victoria Toensing, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity. The list is extensive.

      They know who they are, the ones who stood tall. They have my respect and gratitude.

  3. There is no way Obama was not involved.

    The issue is to what extent and how far will the DoJ go.

    This involves collusion by the various parts of the US government to interfere in a US presidential campaign and sedition once Trump became president elect and finally president. It truly is a coup.

    And, no, the people of the United States can hamdle the facts even if we demand full consequences to all involved.

    The United States has long been run without regard to the Constitution in substance and only has had a an appearance of constitutionality.

    Trump is bringing us back.

  4. I do eagerly check Meaning in History several times a day now. You are becoming a "must read." I really appreciate your informed experience in providing appraisals of what is happening.

  5. Thanks to everyone for all the kind remarks.

  6. "I don't think he's overselling this."

    As my wife and I have been watching and learning to understand Trump over the last 3+ years we have had a bit of a learning curve.

    In the beginning we found many of Trump's assertions excessive and seemingly outlandish. An example might be his assertion following the election that he had learned that Obama had had him "wiretapped". We thought "That's crazy! Obama wouldn't have wiretapped Donald Trump!" Obama himself (or his people) denied it. Of course it later turned out that Obama absolutely did 'wiretap' Donald Trump.

    We began to think, increasingly, and listening carefully, that there is seemingly always a big element of truth in what Trump appears to blurt out. A big element of truth.

    I'm betting that Trump knows what he's talking about.

    1. I think that's true. And I think he's smart enough not to oversell these things--over time that would backfire.

    2. I think what we have experienced is a monumental moment when some people in our government said this is wrong and actively worked as much as they could or felt as they could to stop the truly illegal, unconstitutional actions of our government.

      From Admiral Rogers on down, it has become clear we were not a constitutional republic.

      Oddly, and thankfully, the people of the US elected Trump, which includes myself.

      He is the perfect person for this. No other politician or those seeking the presidency could have withstood the forces aligned agsinst and still effect change that he promised.

      Currently, I do not see another Trump to help continue to bring us back as a constitutional republic.

    3. Cassander,

      I did believe Trump when he said it. I could see Obama doing it. He changed too many rules before he left office. I can't recall what it was but it was about the NSA database or unmasking, something along those lines.

      Yes, I did believe Donald, even though I agree with you that he makes outlandish statements. There's a method to his madness. He's crazy like a fox. One step ahead. Whatever cliche you want to use.

      I hope that David French, William Kristol and George Will aren't reading this because I have to say that I love the President!

  7. TexasDude, we may not need to see another Trump as such, if Barr etc. can show all fair-minded people, that the preponderance of Dem leaders, and MSM wheels were up to their necks, in the most monstrous plot in the history of modern democracy.
    For a Lefty nightmare scenario (this assuming no big moves by Barr),
    see , on a Tucker Carlson 2024 run.