Friday, November 29, 2019

Dems Are So 1960s

I've had this post--empty but for the title--sitting in my drafts for at least a week, probably longer. I ended up using the material I was gathering--about Nixon and Watergate--in Turning Over The 2016 Rocks. But just now I was reading Don Surber who quoted Glenn Reynolds' latest: Dems shouldn't be surprised when another election passes them by.

In the course of the article Reynolds makes this observation about "the army of leftist activists whose nonstop craziness is moving moderates into the Trump column day by day":

Like I said, it's fantasy role-play, in this case by people sad that they were born too late for the 1960s. ...
I could go on and on, but pretty much any random day's survey of the news makes my point.


  1. What's that big white space at the end?

    1. Me leaning on the Enter key? Nothing racist intended, I assure you. :-)

  2. Probably looking @ a repeat of 1968 or ‘72. They went off the deep end with Humphrey & McGovern too. Moreover, their collectivist mindset is actually more 1848 Marxian than 1960’s.

  3. Ah, the '60s. The first time was history, the second time (now) is farce. And just as The Resistance is ignorant of history, they're silly buggers, and don't know it.

    By not being crazy, they might have had a chance--but that's far too optimistic. Their craziness is their identity and self-definition--lacking that, no one would pay them any attention. They're a substance-free act.

    As I've often described it, the Me Generation was succeeded by the Look-at-Me Generation--attention-starved adolescents who never grew up.