Sunday, November 24, 2019

Is Alexandra Chalupa Behind The Russia-Hacked-The-DNC Hoax?

Well, we're gonna find out, right? If senators are on to this, you have to suppose that John Durham is, too. And we know how interested he is in the origins of that story and who dreamed up the ICA. Paging John Brennan for comment!


  1. And you know who was pals with Chalupa - as someone said, he “had her to the White House" on more than one occasion? Good old Whistleleaker Eric Ciaramella… This crowd was really crocheted together….

    On another note it was just reported that Secretary of the Navy Spencer, who criticized President Trump for his stance on Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and threatened to resign if PDJT overruled the Navy re Gallagher, got a pointed tweet from PDJT saying (paraphrased) “this matter was not handled properly from the beginning. Get back to work!” And then PDJT went hands off. Then Secretary of Defense Esper stepped up and fired Spencer. Sweet.

  2. Spencer had it coming. I'm glad Trump and Gallaher prevailed. On another note, 60 Minutes did a story tonight on Guccifer 2.0, you know, in case anyone thought the Russians weren't guilty, well, here was the rebuttal. I have to give 60 Minutes credit. If I didn't know better, they might have had me going.

    It's all part of a campaign to diminish the effect of what's coming from the IG, Durham and Barr.

    1. The problem, I think, for this campaign is that only the true believing NeverTrumps are listening. They're not convincing anyone who's not already committed.