Friday, November 8, 2019

Ciaramella Scrubbed Social Media In Prep For Starring Role

Paul Sperry notes today that Eric Ciaramella, the Deep State operative posing as a "whistleblower," scrubbed his social media in preparation for his role in Adam Schiff's ongoing Impeachment Theater:

Monica Showalter has a nice discussion of this scrubbing phenomenon among public spirited leftists:

These things take time and organization. They also signal that far-left radicals know that their Internet past stinks. They're loaded with things that would discredit them if they were found out - things such as talk of violence, talk of Trump-hate, and crazy socialist dictator worship. They want to portray themselves as Little Miss Muffets, so scrub a dub dub... 
One wonders if Congress is ever going to get a chance to ask young Eric why those social media posts disappeared and who told him to do it. 
One suspects the answer would be interesting. One also notes that suddenly, Ciaramella doesn't want to testify to Congress.

I have no idea why Showalter brings up "Little Miss Muffets" in connection with social media scrubbing. However OANN recently attempted, unsuccessfully, to contact Ciaramella, both at his parents' home in CT as well as at Ciaramella's digs in Dupont Circle. So, no luck getting an explanation for the scrubbing from the horse's mouth.


  1. "So, no luck getting an explanation for the scrubbing from the horse's mouth."

    It probably wouldn't look much different than coming from the other end.

    1. Hillary got away with it, so why not any other Dems... Still too many Queensberry Rules Republicans ensconced in GOPe.

      Message to GOPe: Media only pats you on the back when you're a loser, when you criticize Reps, and when you agree with Dems.

    2. "It probably wouldn't look much different than coming from the other end.

      One of the most salient points that could be made.

      +1 for that.

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    1. Correct. I see I responded, but had forgotten by today.

  3. Scrubbing their tracks away so that they will look as innocent as Little Miss Muffet, who was just sitting on her tuffet, doing nothing but eating her curds and whey, when along came a spider… Little Miss M, the epitome of innocence.

    Speaking of the antithesis of innocense, bits and pieces on Ciaramella just keep coming:

    Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella has been working on defeating President Trump since before the 2016 election. He infiltrated the White House through his handler, former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and used his time there to leak classified information and start fanciful rumors, including the now-debunked lie that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered President Trump to fire former FBI Director James Comey. If you don’t recall that rumor, it’s because it was only lightly covered since mainstream media, as unhinged as it is, was easily able to verify it was another Ciaramella lie.

    Some have said that his credibility is no longer important and he’s not relevant now that the inquiry has moved to other witnesses, but here’s the thing. It’s within the basis of machinations that we find the flaws in the overall system. Just as the Steele Dossier was not credible yet was used to bring forth the Mueller investigation, so too does Ciaramella’s lack of credibility cast a deep, dark shadow on the whole impeachment inquiry. It’s a house built on a foundation of sand.

    About lawyer Zaid:

    The whistleblower’s lawyer, Mark Zaid, is either a powerful pawn or one of the architects of the entire impeachment debacle. He’s had his sights on President Trump for a while, but his 2017 Tweet about the “coup has started” marked the first public acknowledgement from a Deep State asset that plans were rolling towards an impeachment conclusion. He went on CNN 11 times since that Tweet, noting in a subsequent Tweet that the news network would play a major role in making sure President Trump didn’t finish his first term in office.

    Were Ciaramella and Zaid destined to meet or have they known each other for a while? Zaid’s advertised business is the representation of whistleblowers against the government. Maybe he helps set them up to do their blowing?

    1. Check out the UPDATE re

    2. Right I saw that. And this comment made me wonder whether they might have already known each other:

      His apparent interest in "Disney girls" and solo trips to Disney combined with his often juvenile tweets (including 'threats' to have alleged contacts in the IC illegally dig for dirt on a critic), suggests that it could be even worse than just deeply weird.

      Two weird fish in a very small DC bowl...

  4. "Two weird fish in a very small DC bowl..."

    Bebe you need to expand your vision. Think of all the actors, congressmen, media types, football players, CEOs, and others who get caught doing weird or perverted things.

    These weird fish run the world.....