Wednesday, August 5, 2020

UPDATE: Ukraine Corruption Backgrounder

I wrote about this, with the input of commenters, back in October, 2019. The material that was cited (via Gateway Pundit, which republishes today) is still highly relevant. Coming on the heels of the FBI search of Kolomoisky related offices in Cleveland and Miami, you may want to refresh your understanding of the relationship of Ukraine corruption to US--and especially Dem--politics:

Ukraine Corruption Backgrounder

Expect to hear lots more about this in the coming months, courtesy of the Trump campaign.


  1. Yes, its very interesting to review what we do and don't know about Obama's relations with Ukraine.

    A reasonable observer (me, for instance) can't help but wonder why the Dems went absolutely, totally bat shit crazy when Trump asked Zelensky to look into some previous bad behavior in Ukraine. And tried to *impeach* Trump for doing it... for basically trying to find out the truth!

    Of course Obama and the Dems have something to hide. In this example, its Ukraine... but its also Benghazi, and Uranium One, and the Iran deal, and Syria, and the Clinton Server, and Spying Against Americans, the Flynn Prosecution and the Russia Hoax...and plenty more.

    Plus, as is becoming increasingly apparent, responsibility for corrupt and destructive trade policies with China and corrupt and destructive immigration policies, all of which have destroyed millions of jobs for working class Americans and contributed to the worst income inequality in the history of this country.

    And then there was eight years more of Endless War under Obama, with the loss of thousands of American lives and a few trillion dollars more in defense spending...and not a single victory to show for it...let alone the achievement of peace.

    Add to this the legacy of dystopian Dem-ruled American cities and states. Race relations in this country became unimaginably worse under the first black president.

    Trump didn't cause any of the foregoing. It was his destiny to step into the middle of it and try to find our way out of it. He is tasked with not only trying to 'make America great again' but defend himself against a continuing coup attempt to prevent him not only from succeeding, but also to cover up the utter corruption and criminality of his predecessors.

    If he succeeds (and it is a tall order) I might predict he ends up in the first rank of our Presidents. Four years ago, when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower, could you ever imagine a sentence which included the names "Washington, Lincoln and Trump"? I can.

  2. Trump sent javelin anti tank missiles to the Ukraine, and these helped a lot. Crimea Was only Ukrainian due to accident of history. In the sliver of East Ukraine be nice of the “Green Men”, everybody knows are Russians left.

    Russia has done that a lot for leverage in a couple of ex Soviet Countries, support succession in an area, than put “peacekeepers” to keep Russian influence. It’s worked amazingly well.

    It’s amazing how much more information is coming out. I keep on getting surprised at the scope of this.

    1. It all started with US intervention to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine, to benefit George Soros.

  3. Check out Shipwreckedcrew's latest article on forfeiture of two buildings allegedly bought with money laundered through Kolomoisky's Privat Bank and a network of shell companies.

    His conclusion is the targets of the forfeiture AND the associated criminal probe are cooperating!

    Biden is, I suspect, in big trouble.

    I wonder what Barr and Mark Levin will talk about Sunday night when Levin interviews him for an hour.


    1. Semi interesting fact: For two years I spent my time writing affidavits for seizure warrants (and some others). I'll definitely check it out.

    2. Forgot link:

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    3. Shipwrecked may be right, but I think he's jumping the gun. Seizure warrants normally are dependent on the the probable cause in a criminal case. As seizure is an in rem action and is civil rather than criminal, the standard is pretty much just probable cause: 51%. Nothing like beyond a reasonable doubt. If the subjects were already cooperating, there'd be no need for a search warrant, unless to conceal the cooperation. Possible, but I think not enough to go on.

    4. My point is, the seizure can go ahead, and the subjects may never be convicted of a thing.