Monday, August 10, 2020

Recommended For Today: Bill Barr; Dem Death Wish, Dems Riot

A lot of people are searching for further segments of Mark Levin's interview of AG Bill Barr, but this intro is pretty excellent:

AG Bill Barr: The American Left is Secular and Only Feels Grace When They're in Power

Barr's opening remarks are an excellent lead-in to what follows.

Don Surber has a longer than usual historical retrospective of US politics leading up to where we are now:

Democrat death wish explained
Glenn Reynolds wrote on Sunday, "There’s some kind of weird blue-state death wish going on."
Indeed. It began with the election of Ronald Wilson Reagan as president.
Read patiently, because Surber builds to stuff like this--which admirably places Donald Trump within an historical context:

Democrats pretty much ran the federal government from March 4, 1933 to January 20, 1981. For 46 of those 48 years, the controlled at least one house of Congress or the presidency. In 26 of those those 48 years, Democrats controlled all three.
Reagan came along and not only whomped Carter, but he took the Senate, a body Republicans had not held in 26 years.
The Reagan Revolution threatened the [Dem] party because he stood fast against communism and high taxes. He dared call the Soviet Union the Evil Empire. He also inspired a generation of conservatives to get involved in politics again. Along with Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Lech Wałęsa, Reagan brought down the USSR, albeit on his successor's watch.
He said Tear Down This Wall and 3 years later, the wall was gone. All 96 miles of it.
All good things come to an end. Bush 43's presidency led to Obama and Democrat control of the House and Senate for the first time since the first two years of the Clinton presidency.
The public did not buy Republican-lite and after 2 years, turned both houses of Congress over to Republicans in the Gingrich Revolution.
Which is why 14 years later, Obama used a Democrat-controlled House and Senate to go hardcore with Obamacare. The Republican takeover of the House in 2010 surprised them. Democrats had thought they would rule for 40 years. James Carville explained it all. When their 40 years became just 2, they panicked a little. But Obama used executive orders to do their dirty work. They were confident that 2016 would return them to full power.
The election of President Trump gave Republicans rare control of both houses of Congress and the White House. But his was a new Republican Party that was hellbent on putting America first. This clashed with the old guard. Paul Ryan and the rest took their ball and went lobbying, turning over the House to Nancy Pelosi in 2018.
Democrats have abandoned incrementalism this time. They embraced a Scorched Earth policy. If they cannot rule America, then there will be no America.

I need to add at this point that, all throughout the supposedly good years for conservatives, the Left was cementing its stranglehold on indoctrination of the rising generations via "education." While America slept. And that leads, via Surber's concluding paragraph, to:

Massive Chaos In Chicago: Dems Riot, Loot, Shoot at Police

And of course that's not just Chicago. One wonders who told Dems this was a smart strategy. Glenn Reynolds must be right. It must be a weird death wish, or maybe the Dem Samson Option--if we can't have the house we'll burn it down.


Renowned European scientist: COVID-19 was engineered in China lab, effective vaccine ‘unlikely’
Professor Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, says that the China Virus definitely wasn’t a freak of nature that happened to cross the species barrier from bat to man.

August 10, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – It will not be possible for the Dr. Fauci’s of the world to dismiss Professor Giuseppe Tritto as a crank.  Not only is he an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology who has had a stellar academic career, but he is also the president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT), an institution founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1997. 
In other words, he is a man of considerable stature in the global scientific community.  Equally important, one of the goals of WABT is to analyze the effect of biotechnologies—like genetic engineering—on humanity. 

And American can be proud that even now, the guy who helped fund this, is still free to propagandize.


  1. The mess democrats have created for themselves is finally emerging into what appears to sane people as crazy, mad, seething hate. How they have convinced themselves "normal" Americans would want what they are selling is beyond me.

    What normal American would want:

    Joe Biden. Mentally addled. Admitted plagiarist. Hair sniffer of young girls and women. Father of a nearly fifty year old juvenile delinquent who is two steps ahead of the law. Quid Pro Quo grifter.

    BLM/Antifa Marxist lawlessness. If the democrats thought this would bring them votes, they must really believe the Soros funded riots are what voters want in their cities and neighborhoods. The Portland mayor finally saw the truth - like Colonel Nicholson in The Bridge Over The River Kwai - when he noted how Trump would use BLM/Antifa film footage to great success in campaign ads that would write themselves.

    Reparations. A true sign of democrat desperation; only offered as a carrot as Trump cuts into the black vote with jobs and rising wages.

    An Obama economy. Even after shutting down the nation, the Trump economy is rapidly rebounding with the stock market once again nearing record levels and most voters' IRAs and investments back up to shut down numbers. While Obama and Biden were content with minimal growth, Trump is all about economic growth - and knows how to achieve it.

    China. Biden would return to kowtowing to the Red Chinese and return American business and manufacturing to China; all the while ensuring his family members were enriched through off the books pay-offs. Forget about any more trade deals except those that would weaken us as a nation.

    Vote by mail. Another insane idea the democrats have endorsed knowing astronomical levels of fraud will occur. But that is exactly what they want. They want election results that can be challenged for months. They want election results they can use to challenge the legitimacy of Trump when he wins.

    It really is a grand mosaic the democrats and the leftwing allies have put together this election. The question is whether there are enough "normal" Americans that prefer a nation governed by laws - not mobs, liars, and grifters.


  2. The Dems' course is a combo of the Samson Option, and a bid to bulldozed Barr into wimping out from prosecuting the Big Ugly perps:
    "Hey, Barr, if you really chase these perps, you can bet your honky ass, we'll Samson Option the place.
    What you see now is just a 'sneak preview', of what we can deploy.
    And note, how our Sil. Valley pals can de-platform any troublesome voices."

    If their prospects of pulling off a mega- Samson Option have limits, these likely owe to the chances of key moderate Dems (incl. in Sil. Valley) balking at such Samson Options.

    1. This chance, of such baling, were boosted by the Harper's letter, which was the first major public (tho admittedly tepid) liberal resistance to The Resistance.
      I have fair hope, that prospective major events, e.g. rulings for Flynn, or guilty pleas/ Perp Walks from Durham, can be straws that break the camel's back, in turning the current trickle (of liberal's public resistance) into a flood.

    2. Typo: "liberals' public resistance" (plural possessive).

  3. Here is the complete interview:

  4. If the Dems are willing to burn it all down or threaten to burn it all down, there is not a thing you can do to stop it. It will happen.

    If this is truly their play, everyone better get versed in CQB, because another civil war will be at hand very soon. In many respects, the overt armed insurrection against the United States has already begun.

    A Texas D