Thursday, August 13, 2020

Recommended Read 8/13/20

We've read a lot about "Brady material" in the Flynn case. Here's an article about a Texas murder case. Fascinating read. It's four years old:
How Michael Morton’s Wrongful Conviction Has Brought Others Justice


  1. Result, the Michael Morton Act has passed in 2013 by Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry. Yes, the same governor who not only slayed a coyote while jogging (yes, I have seen joggers carrying) and had to turn himself in on a bogus criminal indictment.

    The Republican Governor Mark Clements had only been in office 5-6 months when this occurred.

    It should be noted that the Texas Governorship only became consistent Republican in the 1990s with George W Bush. The Texas Legislature didn’t flip till the early 21st Century.

    Reforms like this is what’s needed all over including federal and in Flynn’s case, especially so.

    Lawyers, especially defense lawyers, are derided ... until you need them.


  2. Good read, and I’m glad he reconciled with his son.

    I’m surprised with legal / prosecutional immunity anything happened to the prosecution.