Friday, August 28, 2020

UPDATED: Giant Conspiracy or Recreational Rioters?

That's the question Steve Sailer is asking in the wake of the bustdown on the RiotKitchen206 convoy near Kenosha yesterday.

What he means is, we've all heard about the Soros funding for Antifa/BLM, but is there a simpler explanation? Could it be that this is simply driven by the desire for sociopathic recreation? Sound familiar?

So is this a giant Soros-funded conspiracy? Or is it a bunch of Recreational Rioters who drive cross-country to get in on the latest riots?

For my part, I say, Why choose? Couldn't it be both--a marriage made in ... Hell?

Still, Sailer does seem to have their number:

My impressions are that white Antifa rioters seem disproportionately to be:
– pedophile
– transgender
– drug addict
– general criminal
– punk rocker
– enjoy vandalism and violence
– working or lower middle class by background
– physically unattractive
– firebugs: people who enjoy starting pretty, pretty fires

By the way, who thinks that the tip that the Kenosha PD received about RiotKitchen may have, ultimately, come courtesy of Bill Barr? Me too. I'd bet that FBI agents are putting in a lot of extra time gathering intelligence on the funding and infrastructure and membership and organizational structures behind the latest Summer of Rage.

But here's the thing. As Andrea Widburg--quoting Noah Pollak--pointed out this morning: “Ordinary Americans intuitively understand that they’re being held hostage.” By a bunch of sociopathic losers whose basic message is, Vote for your senile uncle or else! Or, to paraphrase, The rioting will continue until your wokeness increases.

I just don't see that going down well with the general populace, but at this point I doubt that the Dems have much, if any, control over this.

UPDATE: Bonchie at RedState puts it elegantly--Panic Is Setting In Among Democrats, Desperate Pleas to Biden Begin:

Back in the real world, these are desperate pleas by those who can’t accept the reality of their own party. This is who the Democrats are. They represent mob rule, violence, destruction, and forced submission to right-think. Joe Biden is the leader of this party and he’s coddled these elements the entire way. He can’t now walk away from them. 
That’s dilemma for Democrats. Even if Biden wanted to, he can’t put this cat back in the bag. There is no universe where he can go to Wisconsin to give a speech on law and order while denouncing the rioting. Instead, he’s left to make weak, flaccid statements that don’t call anyone out directly as he tries to toe a line that can not be toed.


  1. The Dems are working overtime to allow Biden and Harris to pretend like they were always against the violence. Yeah....just like we've always been at war with Eastasia.

  2. I, too, have noticed these general qualities among the BLM/Antifa fiery violent love-festers. Particularly the "physically unattractive" trait. I believe we need to reconsider phrenology.

  3. Doesn't providing support to rioters constitute acting as accessory after the fact?

  4. Sailer also has some interesting opinions on the Black (formerly black) miscreants and adds to our bank of information about Jacob Baker:

    Five years earlier, Blake had been involved in a similar resisting-arrest incident in which, after pulling a gun in a bar dispute, he was pulled over and charged the police. Back then, it turned out that he did have a gun in his SUV.

    Fortunately, the police in 2015 brought along Dozer, Racine’s most celebrated police dog, who sent Blake to the hospital with a bite wound.

    The guy has a history. Now his family is in a twit about his being shackled to his hospital bed. He’s in custody, folks...

  5. They like to talk about themselves a lot…

  6. there were articles back at the onset of the "peaceful protests" that some young women were paid $200 and drove a few hours to 'protest.' Also, somebody has set up the bricks, etc. frequently found at the 'protest' sites... I'd say it's both!

  7. Second City Cop Blog hears buses went from Chicago. And a tweet in the comments showed a state police escort.

  8. All the crazy people,
    Where do they all come from?
    Where do they all belong?

    1. They belong to the democrats. My Dad was part of the greatest generation. These clown will be considered part of the dumbest generation.

      Rob S

    2. Buried in the church along with their name...

    3. What do I care?

  9. Some years ago Antifa had a website. It included notice boards for various “events” across the country so that interested persons could go and join in. I’ve not seen anything like that in the last few years…