Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kama Sutra Harris: Truth Teller

We all know this is true, and Will Chamberlain has the proof. I see the makings of some good campaign ads.


  1. "Harris ... will work her backside off" —Willie Brown

  2. It’s only just begun. A nightmare pick by the purported Biden family selection conference last weekend.

    1. Surprisingly, Don Surber thinks she was a good pick for Biden--Surber likes her laugh. Really.

      I'm with Andrea Widburg on how Harris "presents".

    2. Yes, Widburg gets it right. Surber misses the mark. Unusual for him, but he’s done it before. And he is light years away from the damage she did in California. Widburg:

      There's also Kamala's affect. She presents with a flat, Fran Drescher voice and a naggy, aggressive, snide personality. One has to ask whether American voters want to see on the ticket a woman who reminds men of their hated ex-wife and women of the mother with whom they had issues. While trading on being a woman, Kamala is unfeminine and would force American schools to let mentally ill boys compete on girls' sports teams.

      “Snide”…and her laugh is mirthless. Not good natured. Almost sadistic. My opinion.

    3. There was a reason Harris dropped out before the Iowa caucus. What the Biden management team saw in her except for her skin color and gender - is she really AA? - is beyond me. Probably the best of their erstwhile options after boxing themselves in.

      What is entertaining, however, is Fox News trying to elevate her. While I watch little of the "news" they present anymore, when I do scroll through it is a Harris tongue bath; as if they've collectively forgotten what she has said and voted for in the recent past. The evening hosts are less forgiving and more on target - and they're the moneymakers.


    4. Noticeable change at Fox since the "woke"-ish Murdoch sons took over.


  4. Stupid 18 to 24 year olds are their demographic. The same ones rioting — er, "peacefully protesting" under the cover of a media-manufactured lie.