Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Trump Prepares For The Campaign Season

It's been announced that President Trump has added Dr. Scott Atlas to the Covid Task Force. Follow that link for Atlas' impressive credentials. These details are telling:

In health policy work at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, Atlas has been a leading researcher in health care systems. Atlas's research interests are domestic and global health care policy, particularly the role of government and the free market in pricing, quality, access, and technology innovation. He has written extensively on the evidence about single payer health care compared with the health care system of the United States, and how to reform the United States’ health care system to improve access and quality particularly for lower-income groups using a competition-based system to reduce costs, rather than an expansion of government programs. Most recently, Atlas has been a prominent voice in discussing the scientific issues and policy impacts during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has authored more than 170 policy essays.

And this:

Atlas served as a senior advisor for health care to Republican presidential campaigns in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

It looks like Trump has settled on a heavyweight in the field, and one he can trust. Above all else, perhaps, Scott Atlas is no Anthony Fauci. Trump has, I'm quite sure, known for a long time that he needs to get the Fauci-monkey off his back, free himself from Fauci's dead weight. Atlas just may be the proxy who can accomplish that for Trump going forward on the Presidential campaign trail. Read more about that here:

Trump Taps Esteemed Anti-Fauci Stanford Doc for COVID Team – Huge Game Changer

The last couple of weeks have been frustrating for the sizable chunk of Trump’s base who think lockdowns, untargeted social distancing, and forcing everyone to wear masks are neither effective nor necessary responses to COVID-19 and, in fact, are a much greater menace than the virus itself. 
They believe we ought to finally start listening to the thousands of doctors and scientists that the drive-by media have gone out of their way to silence instead of blindly following the dictates of life-long bureaucrats who’ve been puffed up, pushed, and placed on a pedestal by professional purveyors of fake news like Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo. 
Many of the president’s strongest supporters agree with Tucker Carlson that the measures being hyped the hardest by Jerry Nadler and his fellow Democrats as well as the relentless state of panic the president’s enemies in the press have created don’t merely contradict the data. 
They think we’re witnessing a deliberate attempt to create a climate of fear and inflict maximal misery on the American people to give Biden a shot at beating Trump in November. 
So, a lot of folks in the president’s corner couldn’t have been happier when he called out two of the media’s biggest lies about COVID-19 at a press conference last week.

Follow the link for LOTS more about the significance of bringing Atlas onto the Covid Team. He's the kind of eminent expert who also has plenty of experience with presidential campaigns who can serve as Trump's go to guy, to field questions articulately and on a level with anyone the Dems can present. Here's a video that shows that he's saying all the right things and will make a far better presentation than Fauci. He clearly appears ready to do battle:

In my opinion, the place where the rubber of the whole lockdown issue really hits the road is: school reopening. This could be a giant issue for Trump, as illustrated by the growing alarm and back pedaling among Dems. Read about that here:

Why Democrats Have Started To Cave On Reopening Schools
The pressure to reopen schools is on everywhere now that New York is doing it. This means something else big: Their hard opposition to school reopenings is politically devastating for Democrats.

Trump can position himself as the candidate who once again saved the country--this time by saving our children's futures. This could be a particularly strong selling point to black parents, whose children will be disproportionately hurt by Dem policies.

For a look at that aspect, check this out--can you imagine how this goes down with suburban moms, and parents generally?

Fairfax Public Schools Tell Parents To Stop Educating Their Kids While School Is Banned
A county in Virginia is discouraging parents from hiring private tutors for their children while refusing to provide in-person instruction in public schools. 
“While [the Fairfax County Public School system] doesn’t and can’t control these private tutoring groups, we do have concerns that they may widen the gap in educational access and equity for all students,” said a memo from one of the nation’s largest school systems on Friday. Many parents are working together to hire private tutors to teach their children in small groups at home. 
“We have received some requests from parents who would like to cluster groups or pods of students together with a specific teacher. From both a logistical perspective, and in the interest of educational equity, FCPS cannot accommodate such requests,” the memo continued.

"Educational equity"! In other words, We want to keep all children equally uneducated. That's equity for ya! There are other more inflammatory ways to put it, but that works for our purposes.

Here's where the real learning is taking place. Parents are finally going to realize that the staff of government schools do not have the best interests of children at heart. Not the administrators, not the unionized teachers.

Trump can't lose on this one.


  1. Scott Atlas is a very sharp guy. I've read his work at the Hoover Institution at Stanford U. for a log time.

    1. He seems articulate and not bashful. That's what Trump needs--a proxy to go head to head with the Fauci cabal.

  2. Esp. if the brass in Fairfax can be shown to Dem-dominated, DJT should demand that Biden denounce this policy (of discouraging parents from hiring private tutors), or tar Biden as putting power-drunk bureaucrats over kids.

    1. "If"? That's where half the federal management lives. Take that to the bank.

  3. "where half the federal management lives."
    If most of the voting public doesn't know that, can that be proven to them, e.g. in (part of) a 60-second ad?

  4. Every fundraising email ive gotten from tje Trump campaign for the last week has been sent back with a plea for Trump to stop the face mask bs and bring in these doctors who know what they're talking about. Must be alot of us saying the same thing. This President actually listens to his base!

  5. Re-imagine policing hell! After watching any five minute clip of a BAntifaLM rio...., excuse me, peaceful protest, or listen to any three contiguous sentences uttered by AOC, it becomes obvious what the coming Idiocracy will actually look like (and it's not 500 years in the future). We need desperately to re-imagine education and remove it from the social process queue. It should be educating human beings, not attempting to transmogrify them, by a intellectual process analogous to bonzai cultivation, into economic units or mere vote bushes to be stripped every four years. What happens when the elites move past the social/economic/political event horizon and determine they can maintain their lifestyle with only a fraction of current units, that cultivating vote bushes is too hard and dirty, and that the only logical means of returning the global environment to pristine Pre-Columbian glory is to return humanity to the same level as that age, or less. After all, it will be a kindness to remove the deplorables from their beastial misery.

  6. Oh noes!

    Philadelphia public school teacher worries about 'conservative' parents listening in on Leftist indoctrination