Monday, August 31, 2020

Ratcliffe's Coming Declassification May Mean No Prosecution Of Brennan

That's the main theme of John Solomon's latest article:

CIA conduct during Russia assessment may be next boomerang in probe of investigators 
DNI hints new declassification coming soon. Some want it to be a congressional complaint to the CIA inspector general questioning the Obama intelligence assessment on Russian intentions.

Back in May I quoted a 25 year national security specialist, Fred Fleitz:

... CIA has been concealing a House Intelligence report that provides evidence that Putin and Russia wanted Hillary to win. This evidence was considered "strong" by CIA analysts but was excluded from the ICA over their objections by John Brennan. "Weak" evidence that maybe Russia wanted Trump to win was included by Brennan over the objections of the same CIA analysts.

This is what Solomon is talking about, and it boils down to what Bill Barr has said about prosecutions and wrongdoing: Not every abuse of power is a crime.

Clearly there are those--including myself--who strongly believe that Brennan abused his power outrageously. However, if Solomon is right, then it could mean that Brennan is out of the woods:

If Ratcliffe declassifies the House intelligence panel's complaint to the CIA inspector general, it will signal that Durham does not believe the release would impact any prosecution and could mean no charges are forthcoming concerning the assessment. 
But the release of the report would be significant nonetheless, since both Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee have sided with Brennan and agreed Russia was trying to help Trump win. 
The belated emergence of evidence — such as dissenting analysts — that calls into question a three-year-old finding would be jarring, especially if it occurred before the election.

The timing of this declassification is probably tied to Durham's interview of Brennan. Presumably Durham now has a fixed account from Brennan for what Brennan did. If, as Joe diGenova recently maintained, Brennan will be required to testify against Comey, this could play a role.


  1. Could Brennan still be included as an unindicted co-conspirator even if not
    legally charged?

  2. It's still early and someone under Brennan could reveal incriminating evidence against him. I don't think he's in the clear yet.
    I still think he is the head of the snake (doing Obama's bidding); but was smart enough to let others do his dirty work.

  3. O/T. Per CTH, The Portland murderer, id'd to authorities by his sister, HAS NOT YET BEEN ARRESTED. He is a Antifa/BLM supporter.

  4. If it’s a choice between Brennan being charged and supporting documents being released after the election vs releasing documents now showing the Russian Colluding was BS, and heavily politicized, I would go with now.

    It sounds like Brennan was smart and his actions are in a legal gray area, and Comey and company will be the fall guys. And this will also discredit the Mueller investigation, and the lack of predication opens up more criminal charges I hope.

    The best disinfectant for corruption is sun light.

    There seems to have been a LOT of overseas actors in this Trump coup including Italian intel, Turkish, Israeli, UK, Australian, Ukrainian, and Russian parties. And Brennan’s involvement was what?

    1. It is tending to look that way. We'll just have to see. My supposition is that Barr and Durham are most concerned with DoJ/FBI because, after all, the coup doesn't get off the ground without their involvement. This was a lawfare coup, and the other agencies like CIA have no authority in that sphere. All their involvement can be covered by incompetence, etc.

  5. >> <<

    Brennan briefed Obama on Steele material on 28 July 2016, BEFORE FBI opened CH.

    How did Brennan become aware of Steele material before FBI, and why would DCI brief PORTUS about it?

    1. As it happens, 7/30 was also (I believe) the day that Bruce and Nellie Ohr had breakfast with Chris Steele in DC. Bruce then briefed McCabe and Lisa Page, who then brought Strzok in on it. So presumably Brennan fit in there somewhere. I realize that the story line says that the FBI didn't find out about the dossier till September. I happen not to believe that, based on Ohr's testimony.