Thursday, August 13, 2020

Important: FISA Search Of Carter Page Premises

A FISA warrant is usually associated with the collection of electronic communications. However, they often cover much more, such as surreptitious physical entries to premises used by the subject and searches of those premises and everything in them. Carter Page has complained of such searches, including the seizure of sensitive or possibly embarrassing items, that he says were unrelated to any legitimate investigative purpose.

Undercover Huber reminds us:

Has everyone fully internalized that *after Mueller became Special Counsel*, the FBI physically broke into locations used by Carter Page, under FISA warrants that even the DOJ now says lacked probable cause, and the searchers broke FBI procedures too?
3:12 PM · Aug 12, 2020

"After Mueller became Special Counsel" also means months after the Danchenko interview completely debunked any probable cause value that the Steele "dossier" was claime to have. Peter Strzok knew about the Danchenko interview and he became the lead investigator on Team Mueller. Who else should be presumed to know? If I'm John Durham, I really want to know. For example, did Andrew Weissmann know? Who else?


  1. Hey, it’s like Kamala was running it.

  2. What?! A Mueller operation knowingly and intentionally engaged in unlawful conduct? Say it ain't so!

  3. -->"Peter Strzok...became the lead investigator on Team Mueller."<--

    Strzok was Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division--do I have this right?

    Shouldn't supervisors supervise? And investigators (special agents) investigate? Shouldn't an agent be the lead investigator?

    It's the old story, "who watches the watchman?"

    Or is it the practice of the FBI to hand out titles as rewards that secure higher pay?

    (It happens in the private sector too, as the only way to justify higher pay levels. But then it backfired as those so rewarded turn into dead wood, so bonus incentives have became a more frequent practice.)