Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Coup, Coup, Coup

Three good reads today, all relating one way or another to the coup-coup crazy Dems' anti-constitutional efforts to seize total control since Trump's unapproved election victory.

Thomas Lifson leads off with a startling article on the Dem strategy, working off recent public statements by Pelosi and Hillary. As Lifson notes, those statements give the game away:

Dems no longer even bothering to hide their strategy to steal the election

The statements themselves could be termed 'unhinged', except that they unquestionably reflect thinking and strategy at the highest level of Dem organization. Here they are:

Hillary: “We’ve got to have a massive legal operation, I know the Biden campaign is working on that… Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.”
Pelosi: "One thing I’ll say to the American people: Do not pay any attention to Donald Trump. It is his goal to scare people from voting, to intimidate them by saying he’s going to have law enforcement people at the polls, to welcome, in fact, Russian intervention into our election, ... the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with their allies in the Congress of the United States ... enemies of the state."

That's right. Pelosi labeled the Trump and the entire GOP as "domestic enemies", "enemies of the state."

Lifson ties it all together into a three step plan to steal the election through mail-in voting fueled fraud, lawfare efforts to sow chaos, and direct street violence with the same end in view.

Can't happen here? Read Lifson. Look at the reality around you.

Byron York has a new book due out on September 8th, Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment's Never-Ending War on Trump. A major theme of the book, judging from its page at Amazon, has to do with Trump's early decision to cooperate fully with Team Mueller to get the Russia Hoax behind him, based on an explicit understanding with Mueller that Mueller would move expeditiously--and then double-crossed Trump and Trump's lawyers. It's almost as if Team Trump had never heard of the Deep State. That part of the story is excerpted today in:

The search for collusion

From York's account it appears that Trump--who had been through many legal battles--thought that he could come to DC and do deals to get things done for the country in a way not too different than he was used to doing. When Rod Rosenstein stabbed Trump in the back Trump still thought that approach would work with Robert "Bob" Mueller and his team of leftist legal barracudas. In this Trump was poorly served by at least some of his team, who somehow believed Mueller to be an honorable man, someone they could trust. Go figure. Had they never heard about search functions on the internet? Did they really think conservative warnings about the nature and makeup of the entire Russia Hoax and Mueller Witchhunt could somehow be ignored or wished away through cooperation? Did they truly think Rosenstein had acted all on his own? The answer to all those questions appears to be, Yes.

“There was more trust in our relationship [Dowd and Mueller] than in any in my entire career,” said Dowd. 
The question of trust — that is, could Mueller and his team of prosecutors be trusted — was perhaps the most discussed issue on the Trump side in the early days. Not everyone agreed on Mueller’s worthiness of such trust. One of the skeptical ones was Jay Sekulow. “It wasn’t a personal thing,” he recalled. “I didn’t have the relationship with Mueller. I had met him probably three times in my life. This was John’s call. John had the experience and the relationship with him.” 
On the other hand, [Mark] Corallo, a Mueller fan from the Bush years [!], strongly supported the trust strategy. He even staked his position on it. “When I took this job, I said, ‘I won’t be a part of any personal attacks on Bob Mueller,’” Corallo recalled telling his colleagues on the legal team. “He’s a friend. I’m loyal. And I believe he’s going to do the right thing.” 
Corallo paused a moment. “Now, in hindsight,” he continued, “maybe I was wrong.” Others would come to think that, too, as the investigation wore on.

Trump's team--knowing that all the issues Mueller looked at were baseless hoaxes--thought they could have it all wrapped up by the end of 2017. Trump himself pressed the issue, realizing that his ability, especially, to conduct foreign policy was being seriously undermined. Then came the culminating late December, 2017, meeting with Mueller, when the scales finally fell from their eyes:

When the meeting began, Dowd outlined the team’s position. “We said, ‘Look, we kept our end,’” Dowd recalled telling Mueller. “‘Are you going to hold up your end?’” 
The next moment marked an enormous change in the course of the investigation. “Well, you know, if we’re going to square our corners,” Mueller replied, according to Dowd, “we ought to really talk to the president.” 
A probe into collusion was one thing — an investigation into the actions of people affiliated in some way with the campaign. But a probe into obstruction of justice was something else — it was an investigation into the intentions of the president of the United States. The next year of the investigation was basically a fight over the president’s testimony. 
Dowd remembered asking Mueller and his team what questions they had that only the president could answer, that met the standard under Espy. ["A 1997 ... case that held that prosecutors ... had to show that the information they sought from the president was both important and not available from any other source."
“I never got an answer to that question,” Dowd said. “I probably put it to him nine times. But I never got an answer. ...” 
The phrase “square our corners” stuck in Dowd’s mind. “That’s when I first knew we were going to get the stall,” he continued. “And we were f---ed.”

A tough lesson to learn in the twilight years of a distinguished career: Get it in writing. Thank God for Bill Barr. I'm sure Trump does every day. Read the whole article.

Finally, the third article relates to the SSCI "collusion" report. The one that Kim Strassell said wasn't worth wasting much time on. She was, of course, totally correct in that assessment. Nevertheless, John Solomon has done the homework and dug out a perfect example of SSCI and Mueller perfidy--two arms of the Deep State working in tandem. Yes, we've seen this one before, but Solomon provides the details in a handy package:

Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with Obama officials, memos show
Obama State Department considered Konstantin Kilimnik a ‘sensitive source,’ Senate report now identifies him as Russian intel officer.


  1. Bob Mueller - aka “Gestapo” Mueller - is/was/will always be a dirty, corrupt bastard masquerading as a respectable prosecutor.

    Go look up what he did vis-a-vis Whitey Bulger. His law license should be revoked & he should be publicly humiliated.

    Mr Barr, Mr Durham - the ball is in your court.

  2. Enemies of the state... that is creepy scary language to use against Trump and his supporters. I guess Trump and his supporters need to be rounded up is the next thing we will hear.

    1. Lest anyone doubt the meaning in context, it was about how Republicans
      "intimidate by saying law enforcement will be there, diminish the role of the postal system in all of this.
      It’s really actually shameful. *Enemies* of the state."

      I, too ,am aghast about how Corallo & Dowd could have been so blind, while Sekulow could see so clearly.
      I'd be fine if Jay runs DoJ, when Barr retires.

    2. "Trump and his supporters need to be rounded up".
      One wonders how much more of this RINOS need to see, before they'll face music, that this would end up for them the way it ended for Danton, Saint-Just, etc. in 1794.

  3. I think Rod Rosenstein thought the Trump-Russia collusion accusation was plausible and that therefore Trump might have to be removed from his elected office.

    Therefore, Rosenstein wanted Robert Mueller to prepare the groundwork for luring President Trump into an obstruction-of-justice situation that would enable Congress to impeach and remove Trump from his elected office.

    I think also that Rosenstein eventually changed his mind about all that. Rosenstein was glad when William Barr became the US Attorney General and enabled Rosenstein to remove himself from the situation.

    That is my theory of the crime.

    It's likely that we never will know for sure what happened in regard to Rosenstein and Mueller.

    1. When Rosenstein testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in June, I fantasized that he would reveal new information about what happened.

      His testimony left me with the impression that he simply had trusted Mueller to conduct an honest investigation. Maybe that is what essentially happened.

      If so, however, he should explain sometime in the future how his own thinking about Mueller's investigation evolved.

      We are so lucky that Barr has become the Attorney General. If not for Barr, the Mueller investigation still would be going on. And there would be no hope that the public ever would learn anything more about what happened.

  4. On Corallo & Dowd etc., let this be a lesson to all.
    Unless you would trust a (e.g. "moderate liberal") non-Trumpster with your life (as I do my girlfriend, and daughter), assume the more-or-less worst of them, and make them *prove* their sanity/ decency to you, far more than Corallo & Dowd did here about Mueller.

    So much have Hollywood, Mad. Ave., etc. bastardized this culture, that prudent adults must be far more "defensive" than in prior eras, at least when the stakes are anywhere what they were in this case.

    1. While "Trumpsters" (i.e. Deplorables) have at least a clue about the human condition (as do most libertarians), most of those to their "left" have (or purport to have) much less clue, and thus must be handled more carefully.

      If you must try to babysit these latter folks, it pays to take into account the extent to which so many of them are so jangled, and under baleful influences, that, even if they don't outright intend to deceive, the "demons" within them may "drive" them to betray you anyway.

    2. Never, never, never trust the police.

      Rob S

  5. The democrats plan has been fairly obvious for a while now and I'm glad some like Lifson are beginning to sound the alarm. Judging from the crazy talk like Pelosi's and now Hillary Clinton telling Slow Joe to never concede, the fear is evident that they will lose in a fair election. They want chaos for as long as possible after the general election; anything to continue their never ending war against Trump and his legitimacy. They care not the damage done to the nation and its institutions; their motives are as clear with the coming vote fraud as they were with the Russian Hoax and impeachment.

    I'm not sure how this will end or how the upcoming fraud will be dealt with. At least Trump recognizes what is arrayed against him and is taking what steps he can to call out the democrats and thwart their efforts. If the remaining days of the RNC go as well as the first day, it will be interesting to see if the independents' perceptions of the democratic party change. Then there are the debates - if they happen...


  6. Dems Hillary and Pelosi sense the shifting tide and momentum and strike out when backed in a corner. It’s only going to get worse.

  7. I think this will play itself out in the context of what Durham comes up with and how Barr handles that. Right or wrong, if Durham fizzles out, it's going to empower the loonies on the left and make for a close race and lot's of cover. If Durham comes thru and Barr gets aggressive, it might put crazies on their back foot and discredit enough to where lot's more folks can see thru the smoke and mirrors. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

  8. By cooperating so much, the Trump team showed how biased the Mueller Team was. A lot of rope a dope, I don't think it was intentional, but it worked out by discrediting Mueller and his team.

    Shame on how Corallo & Dowd were betrayed by Mueller, but I am not surprised. The GOP seems to have lots of these trusting Charlie Brown types, with a Lucy (Democrats) taking the ball away at the last second, repeatedly.

    Trump has done an amazing job of getting his enemies to show their true faces / intentions.

    His tweet is so true "Donald J. Trump
    My twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.

    Wow on Pelosi and Hillary's comments. I would not have believed possible, this is so outside the norm.

    What is terrifying, is there are still 69 days to the election, and I am sure it will get even crazier!

  9. "I am sure it will get even crazier!"
    Once the Mueller Coup failed, it made this election a fight to the death.
    Why shouldn't the Dems' military wings (antiFa, BLM) direct street violence toward DJT voters, before, during, and after the voting?

    1. Doris funding, Lawfare, Lincoln project all primed.

    2. The Civil War starts soon after the election is over. It may require the good citizens of this country to come to her aid.

      Rob S

  10. Great. Now that the Left's gameplan is out there to see, what do we patriots do with the 70 odd days left until the election. Assuming there is no landslide for Trump that would wash away even Democrat perfidies, how should our side be prepping? I assume Trump will take care of the army of lawyers to fight back. Can we send officers of questionable loyalty on overseas rotations for six months? Can Trump assemble a Praetorian Guard of sorts beyond just secret service agents? Should Trump watch election returns at Ft. Hood? Should patriots book rooms near DC for election night? It's entirely plausible that Democrats will try a military coup in the fabricated chaos of November.

  11. Came upon this article explaining why Bannon was arrested.

    Seems to explain the politics behind Berman's firing, but it didn't really help matters.
    Audrey Strauss is just as bad.

    Surprised, I wonder if Barr lost that one.

  12. Read this yesterday:

    and watched Kenosha riots, BLM compelling DC restaurant patrons to participate in the socialist salute under obvious threat of physical violence, and listened to Democrat "leadership. The civil war is in full motion. There is no going back.

    One thing becomes obvious, the instigators, the tactical leadership, has orders to push the idiot front ranks out until a group of "normals" feel sufficiently threatened to use fire arms to repel the perceived threat. They are determined to engineer a massacre for the optics. Likely, sooner or later, they will succeed.
    Tom S.

  13. "determined to engineer a massacre for the optics."
    Yeah, this goes back to the Leninist Model of guerilla warfare, which aimed to provoke the Reds' foes into "repressive" conduct, which agitProp could use to inflame the masses vs. the incumbents.