Monday, August 3, 2020

Scott Adams: Is The Dem Presidential Nomination Open?

Dan Bongino's tweet may be sparking a lot of speculation. Scott Adams has had a good track record of getting close to the true dynamics of what's going on, so his thoughts are worth considering:

So, actually, we did kinda see that coming, but it's interesting that a shrewd guy like Adams is taking it seriously.

Here's another pretty shrewd guy, Don Surber:

The selection of running mate was supposed to be made for Biden by now. 
Its delay is curious. 
The plan of course is simple. Nominate Biden, select a black woman for vice president, let the Bernie Bros write the platform, keep Biden in the basement until Election Day, win, and have him resign shortly after the inauguration.
Presto! The First Black Woman President! 
Ah, but if Biden cannot make it to November 3rd, Democrats have a major problem. ... 
But Democrats don't have a handy-dandy white guy to run. If they did, they would have nominated him instead of a sleazy, demented Biden who was never very bright to begin with. 
Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo are waiting it out for 2024 because the reality is no sensible politician wants to take on President Donald John Trump. He is a political wood chipper. 
On top of that, the women of color in the Vice Presidential Beauty Contest are not that good. 
Liz Peek wrote, ... "Because 55% of voters think 77-year-old Biden is in the early stages of dementia, many will expect that, if elected, he will not serve out his full term. At the least, he would be a one-term president, meaning that his VP would be the probable candidate running in 2024." 
The veep must be presidential. This is no time for another Joe Biden. ...

Dems have a major problem on their hands. And it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

And, for good measure, Surber adds that Biden insiders are turned off by one of the erstwhile favorites for VP, the multiply flawed Kama Sutra Harris.


  1. Bernie got to see Biden up close...perhaps he stayed in as he did not just for leverage on the party platform.

    We have to be cautious about the Bongino reporting. Such news from friendly sources always carries the risk of wishful thinking and bias to slip in.

    Scott Adams does raise an interesting question though. The delay in and of itself raises his point. It's the sort of question that the US press would obsess over if the party roles were reversed.

  2. Biden was never going to be the Democrat presidential nominee. His job was solely to defeat the Bernie Sanders candidacy and then act as a placeholder until the Democrat Convention, at which time the Soros approved candidate would be revealed. This was all planned months ago at a meeting in San Francisco. It will soon be announced that Biden is withdrawing due to health reasons and the media will roll out a pre-written narrative lionizing him as a great patriot making the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the country.

    1. Maybe this is what Clinton and Lynch were talking about on the tarmac four years ago!

      "Wheels within wheels..."

  3. Rarely, lately that is, does an incumbent President not get elected for a 2nd term.

    Biden is the sacrificial candidate.

    The Democrats used all of the US government short of a junta (close in some ways in that regard) against Trump and he still stands with numerous accomplishments.


  4. Is Kamala Harris even eligible to be VP or president. Both her parents are not natural born citizens. Her mothder never became a citizen.

    Rob S

  5. "But Democrats don't have a handy-dandy white guy to run. If they did, they would have nominated him instead of a sleazy, demented Biden who was never very bright to begin with" - My 21 year old soon to be college senior son just tossed Mark Cuban into the ring in my household after I explained this blog to him... Said he'd vote for him.

  6. For the Democrats, the damage is already done. If they continue this path going into 2024, we will win again. I know I shouldn't count my chickens but I can't see how the GOP will lose this one. I predict a huge win.

  7. When you post tweets like that, they do not format correctly. The text doesn't wrap to the column, but goes all way off the right side of the page. I'm not sure of the cause. I've tried a couple different web browsers and it happened with both of them. It's happened a couple of times before when you posted tweets.

    1. That's unfortunate. That does happen for a very small number of readers. We had a discussion on that and I'm not sure right now what, if any, solution there is. All I'm actually doing is using the Twitter embed code. Maybe I'l take a poll to see how common it is and if anyone knows a solution.

  8. Interesting how whatever evil the Dems try always rebounds back to them.

    They tried to paint Trump as a senile fool, and talk of the 25th amendment, and now they have precisely that for themselves.

  9. I'm not ruling out the idea that shortly after the convention, Biden falls down three flights of stairs (so to speak) and, from out of nowhere, the Dems' very own YAS QWEEN SLAAAAY herself, Michelle Obama, graciously steps forward to sacrifice her bliss for the good of America, along with her running mate: The Oprah.

    Be honest: the odds of this sequence of events playing out is not zero. Now, I think they get murdered at the ballot box if they do it, but it might also be a way to shield Barack from whatever Barr & Durham have coming?

    Interesting times, indeed.