Friday, August 14, 2020

Follow-Up: Winning And Losing Issues

To follow up on a post from yesterday--Violence, Schools, Masks: Three Losing Issues For Dems?--it's interesting to note how many of these issues that the Dems have staked themselves to are turning around to bite them.

The Grand Strategy, after the Russia Hoax and Fake Impeachment collapsed, was to use Covid to create a public safety hoax that would could be blamed on Trump: shut down the economy, close the schools, force people into isolation. Problem: While wrongfooted at first, coming off the Fake Impeachment, Trump refused to cooperate. He has managed to identify the Lockdown of America with the Dems, and they have in effect accepted those terms--or have failed in any attempted pushback. Further, they have doubled down by promoting lawless violence and assaults on the protectors of law and order in cities and neighborhoods across the land.

Now check out very recent developments that reinforce trends in Trump's favor.

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell to 963,000 last week, the U.S. Department of Labor reports. The number for the week that ended on August 8 is the lowest since governments began imposing COVID-19 lockdowns in mid-March.

Ouch! And how about the immigration issue? Dems were already losing on that, and now Covid has strengthened Trump's hand:

Poll Shows Strong Support for Immigration Restrictions Due to Coronavirus
The USA Today survey found 81 percent of Republicans, 49 percent of Democrats, and 62 percent of independents all support President Trump’s efforts to restrict immigration. 

On the violence front it appears that the national Dems have lost control almost totally, due in large part to takeover of key local institutions by ever more radical activists.

Carmen Best, Black police chief of Seattle, was essentially forced out by a city council that is 100% non-Black. You can't make this stuff up! Meanwhile, elsewhere in Seattle, BLM marchers through a gentrified neighborhood demanded that White residents vacate and leave their homes for Blacks. I'm guessing that affluent Millennial wokeness won't extend to forsaking their homes for the street. Some long overdue reassessment of politics may be in order.

Meanwhile in Chicago, hard hit by rioting and looting, BLM claims that that's just reparations. Macy's isn't buying that. They've decided to scale back or even close their huge Watertower Place store, an anchor for Chicago's Magnificent Mile. Crain's Chicago Business reported that Macy's was very unhappy with police response times. Are we seeing the death of the cities? Other smaller but still upscale retailers are sure to follow suit, and when that happens the tax base takes a hit as both business as well as affluent residents flee for safer locales. Every day sees news reports of similar or worse in New York. Re Chicago, check this out:

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez said the situation in Chicago is pretty sad at this point. 
"... downtown Chicago has always been a major hub for business and a frequent place to visit by tourists. Now he fears that might no longer be the case.
"'The fear is spreading, the anxiety is spreading and we’re seeing individuals who used to see the downtown areas, like the crown jewel of our city, now wanting to leave, people who live there wanting to re-evaluate their choice in housing options and stores who were just starting to get past the main riots and looting thinking that they may not stay on the Magnificent Mile anymore,' he said.

Meanwhile Dem and Soros local prosecutors are refusing to prosecute rioters--even (especially?) those charged with assaulting police officers. In a remarkable turn of events, the Chicago police union--openly at odds with elected Dems--has called on the Feds to get involved, since Kim Foxx (the Soros States Attorney of Jussie Smollett fame) won't prosecute even violent crimes. From Portland, Shipwreckedcrew reports that the Oregon State Police have pulled out of Portland, citing the district attorney's announcement that he won't be prosecuting violent Antifa and BLM rioters. Way to go, people of Portland--that's the government you elected! How does that virtue signalling feel now, as your local economy and property values sink lower in the dumpster?

And finally, Biden/Harris, apparently betting that the Karen vote will carry them to victory, have called for mandatory masking up anytime, anywhere, outside your home. For "at least" three months. So, in other words, they think they can walk that back after the election. That announcement came just as

Dr. Paul Peterson, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and the director of the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard, explored the serious risks of not sending students back. According to his research, the longer the schools are shut down, the lower this generation’s future earnings will be, and they will never recover.

You can read more about that here:

Harvard Professor: Closing Schools Could Mean 10 Percent Lower Earnings For The Rest Of This Generation’s Lives
On Wednesday, the White House held an event discussing school reopenings with mothers, teachers, doctors, politicians, and subject-matter experts.

In other words, Trump has positioned himself in the vanguard of the movement to save the future for our kids. I call that winning, and especially with suburban parents. Identifying with Karens who want to shelter in place with their kids? I call that losing.

Meanwhile, pivoting back to the Russia Hoax, even the MSM is realizing that attempts to demonize AG Bill Barr have fallen flat. If indictments in "the worst political crime in our country's history" come to fruition, that will intensify all these trends.

Voters are coming to realize that Dem politics are like the lady said about turtles and evolution: It's all hoaxes, all the way down.


  1. Thanks for making my day- great summary. We can't get cocky however!

  2. Some wag labeled the Biden-Harris team as "Sniff and Blow." Crude, yes, but still funny. It's also quite delicious how the Dems, sensing that keeping kids out of school is a losing issue, are throwing the teachers' unions under the bus. I think, too, that Schumer is concerned that the rich folk who left NYC will never return if the schools remain closed.

  3. "that will intensify all these trends."

    Almost certainly *very* true, likely turning a toss-up election into a blowout.
    This election dwarfs anything ever in the history of democracy, esp. in terms of, not only the stakes, but the prospects of mega-events hugely altering the *emotional* landscape, in the last dozen weeks before vote-counting starts.