Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Here's A Guy Who Gets It

He gets what I've been saying all along--most recently in Clinesmith Is Lying About Lying:

Not only had Carter Page been in contact with Russians at the direction of the CIA, but he had also--as recently as 2013--been doing so at the direction of the FBI itself. He had been a cooperating witness for the FBI in a very important case against Russian IOs--one which, unlike virtually all other such cases, actually resulted in a prosecution. That case culminated in early 2016, just before Page joined the Trump campaign. It might be one thing for the FBI to somehow misunderstand and misrepresent Page's relationship with "another government agency," but how to explain away such a misrepresentation of his relationship with the FBI itself?

This guy gets it:

What are the chances that a couple of months after the Buryakov spy ring is busted in the Spring of 2016, the Rooskies would make Carter Page, the guy who busted said ring, the linchpin of the world’s most audacious double-naught spy caper? 
1:55 PM · Aug 25, 2020·

Really. Think about that. The whole thing is ridiculous. 


  1. -->Really. Think about that. The whole thing is ridiculous.<--

    Well, the whole hoax/coup enterprise is audacious to begin with.

    Supply the Feds with a so-called foreign intelligence product, leak to the media repeatedly from various sources through various channels, and deep-six Trump's candidacy. Having failed at that effort, get an "official" investigation launched to handcuff the president, fomenting charges of illegitimacy in an effort to get Trump removed.

    If you wrote a TV miniseries with that storyline, you couldn't sell it to anyone, much less get it produced. It's too far fetched. Leaked to the MSM, it's the gospel truth.

  2. Ridiculous? Audacious?