Monday, August 17, 2020

Dems, Gangs, Dementia

Two (or so) good reads today on important topics that don't get a lot of coverage.

The first is by Monica Showalter at American Thinker. The title doesn't do justice to the content. What the article is about is the coalition of street gangs and a faction of the radical Left that is behind the rioting in Chicago.

The article itself is heavily dotted with links to support its story line. The Left faction Showalter is talking about--no surprise--the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who now control six wards (all but one controlled by Hispanic aldermen). Mayor Lightfoot herself is far Left, but this is a power struggle between rival Left factions, and the DSA has enlisted the support of gangs, which is what is giving the riots the traction they've attained.

A couple years ago, I was struck by a long article that ran in Chicago Magazine in 2011, describing how Chicago's Democratic politicians are working hand in glove with Chicago's gangs.  The fact that the police could never touch them based on their connections to Democratic political power was why Chicago's violence was so high.

If the situation was bad in 2011, imagine what it's like now. And you can also imagine that the DSA will be replicating these tactics around the country.

The second good read is by Don Surber: 25th Amendment won't save us. Surber is working off an article by Sally Zelikovsky that appeared at American Thinker, The Real Problem with Joe's Dementia.

What Surber does is argue that the notion that the Dems--in the unlikely event of a Biden victory--will probably not be able to pull off a quick switcheroo, dumping Slow Joe via the 25th amendment and substituting Kama Sutra. Here's a sample of his discussion, which I found fascinating:

More likely, he would serve 6 months or more as president. While the assumption is he would be a meat puppet for Obama, remember Zelikovsky's description of her father. Biden would be in charge and more likely in charge of his wife instead of the president who passed him over in 2016. Would Jill, his wife, want to give up that power rapidly? Edith Wilson controlled her husband, a bedridden President Wilson for his final two years as president. 
The second problem with the 25th Amendment is the requirement of a two-thirds approval by both houses of Congress. Maybe Republicans would roll over and allow the old switcheroo. Certainly Romney will do whatever Democrats tell him to do. We know this because that is what he does now. 
But a two-term President Harris would be worse for Republicans than a one-term demented president. Schumer may need as few as 10 Republican votes to remove him, but Republican opposition might delay this just long enough to cripple her presidency just as Democrats kneecapped President Trump's.


  1. A bit O/T, but you may be amused by a map, proposing for most of the blue states to join Canada, while most of the red states to becomes "Jesusland", (h/t a reader at Taibbi's site today) see .

    There I added some commentary:

    ... any bid to implement that map will need adjustments, for this bid to be sustainable.
    The list of segments (of states) which would refuse to join Canada, would include:
    eastern WA (?) & OR, and western MN & PA, northern MI, and southern IL.
    Likewise, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, northern Ontario, and eastern B.C., would move to join "Jesusland".

    1. ...thereby eliminating their claim to energy independence.

      And also eliminating food independence, which they neglected to discuss.

      Funny how they celebrate dominance in things that aren't real: software, debt, and fiction.

    2. I'll bet that their numbers on per-capita GDP are hugely goosed by (tax) revenues from Jesusland, and by Fed-printed $$.
      And, I'll bet that their balance sheets are sewerage, compared to those of Jesusland states.

  2. All things considered, I'm very glad I live in Jesusland.

  3. For more on (parts of) the DS vs. Jesusland, see , on
    "It's Do-or-Die, *Deep State*: Either Strangle the Stock Market Rally Now, or Cede the Election to Trump".

    C.H. Smith is a shrewd analyst of publicly-available info, and claims no first-hand knowledge of the DS.

  4. Were this process to go to a vote for all states and provinces, I'm fairly certain that Alberta would end up in Jesusland. More oil and grain for the midlands. Just a thought....

    1. Likewise with Manitoba and Saskatchewan, tho those places have much less oil, and maybe less grain.

    2. Years ago we spent time in many parts of Canada when we were racing formula cars. Alberta to Toronto to St. Jovite. No, no and NO.

    3. Just playing along...

      Maybe there should be more than 2 new Nation-States. They don't have to all be contiguous, do they?

      I could imagine Jesusland to include eastern Washington, Oregon and California. As well as San Diego. And BC and the Yukon north of Vancouver. And Alaska.

      A Coastal Pacific nation could run from Los Angeles to Vancouver, with perhaps a land bridge across Southern Oregon and Northern California to give Jesusland a port and access to the Pacific. I would give Las Vegas to the Coastal Pacific nation.

      I agree that Manitoba and Saskatchewan would likely want to be part of Jesusland, along with Alberta.

      I would create a new nation state of Eastern America, consisting of New England, New York and the Mid-Atlantic, including DC. It could include Northern Virginia, too. And Southern Ontario. Quebec could have its wish and become independent, with any part of Francophone Eastern Canada that wanted to join.

      What to do with Chicago and Detroit? I'm tempted to say they can choose. Join up with Eastern America and continue to fail, or join up with Jesusland and start the process of re-invention. Who could possibly want to assume Illinois' debt?

      Of course this is all just for fun, but it does re-inforce my thinking that a possible and even likely result of the dissent and disagreements that we see today (short of the formation of Jesusland) may well be a refocussing on state's and individual rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments, especially as opposed to increasingly concentrated, but divisive, federal power.

    4. They don't *have to* all be contiguous, but, as the saying goes, good fences make for good neighbors.
      Countries lacking defensible frontiers tend to end up fighting their neighbors, much more than do those with defensible frontiers.

      Jesusland must keep Chicago and Detroit, even if that requires huge expulsions of Lefties, akin to what the Czechs and Poles did to the Sudetenland, Silesia, E. Prussia etc. after WWII.

      Chicago in particular, would be too important to
      Jesusland, as it first became the Second City for the soundest of geo-economic reasons.
      Its rail network is the most extensive, of any town on the planet, and became so, because of its location at the SW edge, of the largest stash of fresh water on the planet.
      This stash, in turn, being next to one of the best stashes of fertile land on the planet.

  5. Moochelle apparently gave SloJoe a glowing endorsement last night while we watched our Angels beat the Giants. She is known for her unfailing ability to judge character as witnessed by her choice of a husband and this endorsement (h/t James Woods):

    1. Did you read this, this AM? I did read some things before taking a mental health morning.

    2. Just read it. There was nothing in it that I hadn’t read some time ago, including the part about homosexual choir director Donald Young, known to be a friend of Obama’s, who was found murdered in his apartment. An Obama connection was strongly suspected as he tended to take care of anything messy in his life, including primary opponents who ended up with last minute scandals. Wright’s church was said to have a way of connecting gay men with women who would serve as beards/marry them.

      I believe Obama got away with all of this because he was black.

    3. Alright, I skipped it before, but now I've read it...

      I also never heard of Sinclair. Nice how back in '07 the left were celebrating canceling and incarcerating a gay man for detailing a consensual affair.

      It's easier to believe that Obama is bi-sexual than the article's efforts to paint him as merely getting married for political calculation. It's not impossible, of course, but less likely. It also brings his treatment of political opposition into sharper relief, as the LGBT community is quite vicious.

      And...growing up, I had a cat named Toot.

    4. @Bebe; plus her recording done before slo Jo made his VP pick hence no mention of her. Yuck yuck.

    5. Saw that Mark. It grossed me out. Reminded me of the rumors of Michelle and her “manhood”.

    6. I'd read about that years ago, too, but it's good to be reminded.

  6. November 2010 - from the Hindustan Times - about Obama’s nanny:

    With Obama visiting Indonesia today, the New York Times has a story that is just chock-full of interesting tidbits about Obama's time living there as a child in the late 1960s. For example, the Times reports that back then Obama was "chubby" and that some of the locals referred to him as "the boy who runs like a duck."

    Then, of course, there's this:

    His nanny was an openly gay man who, in keeping with Indonesia's relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality, carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who, like the many transvestites who remain fixtures of Jakarta's streetscape, entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball.

    Apparently the NYT didn’t think this was unusual?

  7. FYI everyone, just saw Sally Yates is one of the speakers tonight at DNC- going to talk about restoring independence and integrity at DOJ! I'll think I'll take a pass on it, but ya gotta admit she's got chutzpah!